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Update, great news!

June 27, 2023

They approved me to go to a group home now, so all that’s left to do is check out the group homes in person & pick which 1 to move in. I’ll be moved in a group home, away from my family in under a month!

I was told at first I’d probably have to go to the highest level of care group home. My internet mom was worried because she says that’d be the most likely kind to be abusive. That didn’t happen the nurse was wrong, I’m approved for in the middle of / in between the highest & lowest levels of care instead.

My PSW is awesome, I’m really happy I was given him, he’s very kind & funny & we have shared interests & he’s only a couple years older so it’s like having a friend (for the first time!!! Big deal!!!) . I look forward to the next time I see him, it’s been helping me deal with my family’s shit (it’s getting worse as they get more desperate to stop me from escaping) to know I’ll see him again very soon, gets me through the shit day. He checks in how I’m doing because he knows my family is a shit.

My PSW he said he’ll still be working with me when I move to a group home (as long as I want to work with him he’ll be here). This makes me feel a lot less nervous because if I’m being abused by group home staff he will protect me & get me out (he said so). It also makes it quicker to cut off contact with my family if he’s here (I still have to wait a few months after I move to go no contact)

There’s more good news that I can’t talk about for privacy reasons. Everything is looking great, it’s hard to understand this is real, I’m happy!!!!! Can’t say how happy I am!!!! I’ve been hopping and flapping all day and I still hav overwhelming happiness I need to hop & flap out. So happy I might die. I hope this made you happy to read too. I’m very happy!!!!!!!

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