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Relationships are like steroids, don't do steroids, kids

July 11, 2022

Had a talk with a friend about juice and the meaning of gains and this strange parallel kept popping in my mind making me chuckle.

So here it is. Replace juice with relationships and have a laugh.

We both agreed juice is bad for developing minds and bodies. You have enough drive and natural T, to not need external juice. Focus on proper technique, quality food, disciplined schedule and constant progress. Juice just makes you unfocused and leaning into easy mass - most of witch will be just fleeting water weight - because it wasn't put on you with good fundamentals.

We both agree that constant daily doses of juice in small quantities, are more natural - and result in less hormonal swings. So best to keep micro dosing with 5 mg, rather than shoot yourself with a harpoon and let it slowly absorbe - while also taking a shit tonne of other stuff to suppress your bitch tits and shrinking balls - which comes naturally after juicing, when your body just enjoys the confidence, the drive and sex - and gets lazy.

We both agree that juice makes you feel like a man, a good confident man. Ready to take on the world. But the feeling is fleeting and artificial. And when the cycle of juice ends, as all cycles should - you feel like the last bitch on earth. Utterly defeated, powerless, depressed and useless. It's like borrowing manliness from your future self.

We both agree that all progress you get while juiced is just a contract with the devil. Without juice, you can't keep it. If you're lucky - you get out of juicing with what you had and some experience. If not, you might rip a pec or tear a ligament and you fucked for a few years down the line, if not for life.

However, we both agree that after you had kids and done your paternalistic necessities, it's absolutely smashing to juice up later in life. You ain't no spring chicken anymore, and you are tempted to go into a box and just die. And some loving juice gets you right back up and into the gym and the dating pool - but now with money and the confidence to pull off a suit without being try hard.

But juice is expensive as fuck, especially the good stuff. That's why it's always smart to travel abroad to get it. Less laws, less finger wagging and much better quality - even if it's cheaper than the back alley stuff you get at home.

TL;DR Relationships aren't good or bad, it depends on how you use it, how informed you are - and what your priorities in life are at that specific moment in life. Be smart, your future self will thank you. Unless you're a kid. Then just go do the fundamentals and have fun.

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[–]1hatethis 6 points7 points  (1 child) | Copy Link

TRT protocols are not daily and are also not that small. You don’t microdose test and there’s very well documented severe side effects of even TRT level of doses

[–]1zino193[S] -3 points-2 points  (0 children) | Copy Link

Not talking about TRT protocols :)

Let's talk in a year or 2 about the topic. ok?

[–]We_waz_alpha_n_sheet 5 points6 points  (1 child) | Copy Link

Yes, date men and suck the test right out their cocks.
Gotcha, buddie

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