Alright bros.

I’ll keep it short and sweet. Male pattern baldness gets the best of us. I’m in my early twenties and I’m afraid my hair is bad. I’ve managed this far, but it’s looking like before I hit my 30’s, I’ll have to take the lunge and go completely bald (or at the very least shaved). Fortunately I was blessed with the genetics to be able to grow a thick beard.

I know TRP preaches that you “shouldn’t care” what other people think, but I’ve been with my LTR over a year at this point and I am worried it will change my perception to her. How should I go about this? Just shave it off and act like nothing ever changed - maintain frame? I know she nonchalantly mentioned to me one time that she “doesn’t want me to go bald”, but it seems ridiculous to think she would leave me over something as superficial as hair.