28M what i see mostly in redpill is Alpha get the women at their prime and women settle for the betas at the decline of their youth. I know myself im a beta, as most women wanted to settle with me after they have had their fun in the youth but couldnt lock down the guy they have been with, even they were with me they used to weep all over those guys. It was humiliating as well as depressing. Like i was there for those women always but the guy she wanted to be with never didn't wanted to be with them. So i know myself a beta a friendly soft guy. Im at 28 now and im not a rich or famous or a cool bad boy. And just because i know red-pill it doesn't make me alpha guy either. One look at me and any guy measures me as the soft beta innocent guy. I just want to know what a guy can do to get these hot girls at their youth? Not after they have been with many guys. Am i late now to get a such a cool girl at their youth? Im asking this i have no place to ask this