I ranted about this a while back on the Left-Wing Male Advocates sub. I remember it trended on social media after Sarah Everard's murder, a graphic that had the words "Protect your daughter" crossed out and beneath it "Educate your son." This is such a blatantly sexist, misandrist slogan and the fact it's socially acceptable is absolutely disgusting to me. Nothing but male-bashing and not only enforcing harmful stereotypes of men being predators and deviants out to harm women, but also completely ignoring the fact that many women also engage in toxic and harmful behavior against men and also children, animals and even other women. Yet as usual, it's only the men who are told be held accountable. This stupid campaign and slogan makes the genderless issue of violence and toxic behavior into a gendered issue when it's really not, given that both men and women alike can be violent and toxic to one another, and instances of women being so towards men are much higher than believed or reported. Not only that, but it totally absolves women who commit wrongdoing of any sort of accountability or repercussions when women who commit wrong should be held equally accountable and punished just as severely as men who do so. This slogan brought back bad memories of my extremely abusive female third-grade teacher and female bullies I had when I was going to school. Nobody took the time to educate them to teach them being cruel to another person is wrong.

Both sons and daughters should be educated and protected, not one or the other. This campaign is no different from the stupid Gillette ad, completely ignoring the fact that toxic and harmful behavior is something both men and women do. Completely overlooking the bigger issue at hand and making something into a gendered issue, vilifying one group and giving a free pass to another. This campaign isn't only sexist but arguably fear-mongering in a way too, since it again re-enforces harmful stereotypes peddled by feminists that men are inherently out to harm women and that women by default are incapable of wrongdoing. I absolutely hate it, just as much as the Gillette ad.

Edit - also want to add it annoys me to no end when feminists retort when you say to educate and protect both that it's like saying "all lives matter." No it's not, both men and women commit wrongdoings and both need to be equally held accountable when they do so. Yet this stupid slogan only places blame on males and enforces the feminist stereotype of all men being inherently misogynistic and preying on women and that their gender is inherently harmful, and that they need to be educated not to harm women. Even though plenty of women also harm men as well and in much higher numbers then reported or believed, and yet there's no outcry to also educate daughters. It's bigotry and ignorance disguised as activism when it's anything but.