I ranted about this before, not too long ago actually, but felt the need to do so again after seeing this stupid term and reminded of how much I'm sick of hearing about it. I don't deny misogyny exists, it does as does misandry, and both are equally terrible. But misandrists claiming that misogyny exists on a systematic level and is a much more pressing issue than misandry is just more of their BS to minimize the fact of misandry's existance and trying to downplay struggles men face.

For misogyny being something that's supposedly systematic, men and boys still face tons of obstacles and disadvantages that misandrists always like to downplay and marginalize. How badly boys do in schools, men still only being required by law to register for the draft or facing legal consequences for not doing so, the "believe all women" mantra which eliminates due process and puts innocent men and boys at risk of being punished for crimes they didn't commit, almost no campaigns to end sexism and violence against men, constant failure to acknowledge men and boys are also be victims of female offenders (and can be abused, raped, murdered, sexually harassed/assaulted, etc.), there being very few shelters that help abused or suffering men, etc. And of course only men who do wrong asked to be held accountable but not the same for women who commit wrongdoings when both deserve to equally be held accountable. What about things like the Gillette ad or "educate your son" meme, both of which are horribly ignorant and one-sided. For misogyny being something that's supposedly so systematic, men sure get the short end of the stick.

Women at one point weren't treated as equals for sure and had it difficult in the past (and in places like much of the Middle East it's awful to be a woman there for sure). But misandrists always like to downplay the fact that men and boys also have struggles and inequalities and they also face horrible prejudice and discrimination. Yet bringing up misandry is often scoffed at by rabid misandrists who either insists it doesn't exist or isn't as much of a problem as misandry or isn't systematic like misogyny is. It's just another way misandrists and feminists like to play victim and deflect from actual equality for both men and women. Misandry and misogyny both exist, are as bad as one another, and both are equally problematic. Thing is misandry for far too long has gone unaddressed and it needs to be as much so as misogyny. Either neither is systematic or both are, and one has been allowed to be more rampant and problematic than the other largely because it continues to go ignored.