No matter how much misandrists want to deny it, misandry is undeniably and inarguably real and unlike misogyny, has gone largely rampant and unchecked in society. It disgusts me so much when misandrists will usually either deny it exists and or will acknowledge it but claim it's not a systematic/systemic issue like misogyny or on the same scale, even though there's no evidence for misogyny being either systemtic or systemic, or it being more of a widespread issue. It's never given any sort of attention or condemnation unlike misogyny.

Misandrists just always want to deflect attention away from it and see to it men and boys never also get equal attention and help in regards to inequalities they face that have largely gone unaddressed for so long. One has the right to their own beliefs and opinions, but not their own facts and it's an undeniable fact that misandry is real. It's real and needs to be addressed and fought back against more, every bit as much as misogyny. It'll only get worse if it continues to not be acknowledged or fought against. As is, we already see some of it's horribly negative effects of it like with the overwhelmingly favorable treatment female students in schools get which has caused boys to severely fall behind and frequently drop out, the lack of abuse shelters that also help male victims, no campaigns to end sexism and violence against men, it still largely not being acknowledged that men and boys are also victims of things such as violence, rape, abuse, etc. (from women and men alike) and also the "believe women" rhetoric and how men accused by women of improper conduct are often punished without due process even if there's no evidence backing up the accuser's claims. In the U.K. there was even serious consideration of a curfew for all male civilians to keep female ones safe, and if that's not the worst kind of gender discrimination then I don't know what is.

Misandry is not only real but an even worse problem then many realize and as long as misandrists continue to get their way it'll only get worse.