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I did it, walkt to the centre and askt for help

September 10, 2023

I like myself for this

The autism centre i said in my last post. I did it. I was nervous. And really hot cuz it was a heat warning. But I push through it because I had to.

The lady was very nice. I was worryt she wouldn’t be. Especially cuz I was gross dirty. I was expecting her to kick me out. But she was nice. Really nice to me. And she said she’ll help me. She didn’t discriminate . Don’t want to go into how she help me now . Just happy. Waiting for her to msg me update probably tomorrow.

Im still nervous about it. But I’m happier I don’t remember if I said last post that the new mental health (they lump with autism) centre they transfer me to is 4.5 stars a lot higher than where I came from hopeful. (This centre & autism 1 i walkt to are different)

When I’m pushing through something hard I think of my father and the army. And the weird admiration I had as a child.

My. Family don’t know I did this. Keeping it secret because they’ll try to sabotage my help or punish me. Im glad I’m there for me. I want to protect him as long as possible

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Title I did it, walkt to the centre and askt for help
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I'm so proud of you, that sounds great!

[–]6-leslie[S] 0 points1 point  (1 child) | Copy Link

Reacht out to homeless shelter. Going to meet worker there probably tomorrow. Nervous . But over email he seems very nice and accommodating. So hopeful and nervous.

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Oh they were very nice to me. 3 of them came all nice. They even turnt their phone noises off for me and wrote for me instead of talk cuz I have hard time understanding voice. And they were very nice. And 1 of the men has 2 cousins with autism . So he knew how to talk to me and helpt the others. And he knew wha tminexraft was. And he commented on my Minecraft warden toy I was so happy he recognized it flappy hands. They says they’re help me. There going to reach out to everything they said all options including Adult a protection services. Hm

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