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I Got the Job!

September 9, 2022


I have been majorly overworking all year, doing 80 hour weeks, and it's just been a whole lot to deal with. A few weeks ago I decided to make a change, to step away from a client who represented about 60 hours a week of my schedule. I reached out to a few people in my community and just kinda put out a couple feelers with people who I thought would know of some availabilities. I heard back from three of them about jobs in their companies. I did interviews with all three, decided against one, and then did a second round of interviews with the other two. One of them paid very well and the work would expand my current skillset, has a great work culture, and is also very rooted int he community. It have been very excited about that one, but I wasn't sure if they would hire me because my work background is a little different than what they do. I heard back yesterday, and got the job!!!

Today I worked with my existing client and we are going to work on a plan to get them set up well for when I step away in a few weeks, and it's just all so good. I couldn't believe that it actually worked out. I'm a giant ball of emotions right now.

My 80 hour weeks will now become a 40 hour main job and then my little side job which will be much more manageable, so I'm about to reclaim 30ish hours a week to pick up some old hobbies, spend time with my family, and all the self-care stuff that has been missing for a long while.

Just wanted to share the good news with someone because I can't go public with it yet. :-)

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Awesome man, so proud and happy for you!!!!

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Salute to you brother

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OP, I am very happy for you

For others: Take it from people like me and OP, as you get older you will value free time more than money. It is worth foregoing money to get more free time..... We can drop dead or get sick at any moment

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Can only confirm. I'm very happy with my 8 to 2 job. I could switch to a higher paying one with more hours, or take on more part-time side gigs. But I don't want the added stress.

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6 hour a day! Damn bro 👍

May I ask which industry?

I have a sort of 9 to 5 except I walk to work, I never take work home, hourly breaks (not kidding), and PTO is really flexible in a way that is to my advantage. Leaves me with plenty of free time and money's plenty.

I used to be in a bad situation decades ago..... Slowly things got better and better

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I am a primary school teacher at a bilingual K-12 school in China.

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Hell yeaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!

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Congratulations bro! Super excited for you to get more time to relax how you want want and need!

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Well done man! I can't imagine working the hours you had to do. You are a champ!

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