In my study of men in an effort to understand and inspire them for us to build a healthy relationship that gives both of us power; in turn highlighting our unique abilities and strengths, I've learned something. I'd love to get y'alls opinion and start a discussion.

It's about the single-focus mindset of men.

If you believe that (most) men are single focused, you understand that they are basically wired to focus on only one thing at a time. They put all of their focus, attention, and energy into that one thing, whatever it is. They are wholly and fully committed.

I believe this to be true from my own experience and observations.

Which lead me to the conclusion that a man that cannot fully commit is absolutely not a man worth pursuing or even "settling" for. To be blunt, with fear of being mean, they are not a real man (possibly yet).

For example, a serial cheater and/or a man that is non-committal is not worth being with.

When vetting I think it's important to observe this. How is his commitment to his work, family, friends, pets, heck even hobbies?

What do you think? Is this too harsh a judgement, or is it vital to remember?