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Handling rejections during approaches.

January 3, 2022

So I met this cutie at work. Made some small talks and held my frame pretty well throughout. She(21f) says I(24m) is too old. So I hit her with “so what do you find so attractive about older men, the fact that we’re more experienced or that we’re more mature?” She says not all y’all are mature! I said Ig you haven’t found the right guy, what’s your number? She said I don’t give out numbers, I said okay cool and ignored her for the next 10min as I continue working. She later then took off her gloves and showed me her ring 💍, says “this is why” to which I relied “damn”. 5min Later I asked to see the ring again, “damn your mom got this for you?” Which she responses in laughter, and then I said “I won’t tell if you don’t” smirk** and she says “bye” smiling. Now should I continue pursuing or just give it up? If I do proceed what’s the best route? Thanks broski!

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Title Handling rejections during approaches.
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