When we (and a plate) embark into these discussions, I always become as open or indifferent as I can. It's probably my fault following what I've read to a tee but I tried to be open as I can, even my profile didn't specify what kind of relationship I'm seeking for.

11 months plate (quite a long time to plate!) but when she asks the questions, I joke that I'm a gigolo, I tell her that I do chat to other women (it's actually requirement of my profession), I try not to sugarcoat but I assume she reads between the lines

There were times she'd things like "I'll start dating or talk to other men", if I can't fill a weekend with her (I know, it's a pain), but I can't stop her. Especially since I've always believed that I can't control anyone. And that Chris Hemsworth will always exist lol.

But what more can you say in this situation? Without dedication, where does it grow? Is it always going to be plate, then break? On the contrary, I've transitioned 2 plates into somewhat indefinite friends. They're a penpal 90% of the time, but I can always visit them