Ok so I need some advice!!! Here is the story guys I am (m33) have been with my wife?? (F30) for 8 years only married for 2 years. We have 3 kids (m10 not mine biologically) 2(m4 &m6 are biologically mine) she wants to separate! However she does not work nor has she ever worked during our relationship, so she wants me to support her for a year to help her get on her feet! She has not started looking for a job nor will she. Says that she is ok with 50/50 custody but I want it in writing. I told her that I would like to work on things to see if it could possibly work she didn’t say no but didn’t say yes she still wants to have sex with me not seeing anyone else just does not want to have”worry” about me or what I think. I am confused on what I should do in this situation if we are not together I don’t want to live with her for a year and support her while she figures it out I make good money 6 figures but not rich can’t afford 2 places tho what do I do please help will respond if more context is needed