Posted this earlier on Left Wing Male Advocates, and feel it should also be posted here. This was a slogan on a shirt worn by a young female customer at my bookstore job today. The girl looked to be well under the age of 13 at least. What a horrible slogan and what an equally horrible message it sends to girls her age, thinking they can go around insulting boys like this. I hate slogans like this that promote blatant misandry and male-bashing, between this and other similar garbage like "Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them." If a shirt that with either of these slogans replaced boys with girls you know there'd be a massive uproar and controversy. It's bad enough men are bashed and ridiculed in society and how it's become socially acceptable, but now it's extended to boys? Boys who are still so young and impressionable with their whole lives and futures ahead, and they're seeing things like this that are basically telling them they're worthless and deserve to be bashed and hated on? I'm so fed up of this gender wars nonsense and how misandry continues to be swept aside and outright ignored. It's bad enough it's been happening to men so much over the past few years but it's downright disgusting that now the male-bashing is being extended to boys. We wonder why there's a serious male mental health problem when young males see this kind of bigotry against them and nobody does anything to take a stand against it.