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March 8, 2023

My mother hasn’t punisht me , I’m alive, I’m safe

She brought me to the emergency room yesterday (i said ok) to be put in psych ward after I had a meltdown I broke some things I accidentally broke something precious to my grandma and that really upset her she cried

People were waiting 20+ hours so we left eventually she said she bring me tomorrow (today)

But first she callt the mental health thingy telling them I need urgent help and they said the bes t thing isn’t to go to er because of waiting times that they’ll see me in 1.5 weeks they made an appointment mother said they’re the ones who’ll put me in a group home. I’m probably going to a group home soon because I can’t live here anymore Because They can’t take care of me

1.5 weeks That’s how long they sleep me in the psych ward. But worse sensory hell there bad without my bunny daughter so this is better

She wants me to get a brainscan idk if they at the appointment can do quick referral for brainscan or if I have to wait for the other doctor next month for it I don’t get these things my mother does

I think probably have autistic catatonia that was misdiagnosed as depression & psychosis . It explains everything wrong with me, its caused by meds (Risperidone) I was on since a little kid & stress

They’ll find that out. Maybe it’s neither and I have worms in my brains. A nice person is helping me through this she’s very nice I’m glad she’s here for me

My mother is a lot nicer to me. Maybe she changed for real. Well it doesn’t matter much at this point as long as she gets me into a safe group home. I can take my bunny daughter with me

I’m gonna survive to the appointment by playing videogames and listening to my favourite music and eating sweet and sour tofu and rice and watching my plants grow

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[–]parahacker 2 points3 points  (1 child) | Copy Link

That’s how long they sleep me in the psych ward. But worse sensory hell there bad without my bunny daughter so this is better

I feel you there. Psych wards are fucking awful if you have a low boredom threshold, or need external stimulation as a coping method to avoid negative mental processes like psychosomatic itching or phantom pains or similar.

Or heck, even if you don't.

They try to fix that sort of thing with more pills instead of putting anything into the environment that you might be able to use for a suicide attempt; or anything that would 'overstimulate' a neighbor. But in some cases they go way too far with it. If a game boy would alleviate that same symptoms that mind-altering medication would, let the patient have a damned game boy.

Crisis wards are the worst of the lot. They are not well designed to actually care for patients and alleviate pain; just holding pens, basically. A way for the for-profit hospital system to meet government mandates in the cheapest way possible, while the workers themselves are the ones who pay for books and jigsaw puzzles and whatnot out of their own pocket. The goal from the hospital's perspective is to kick you out of there in the shortest span possible without getting sued. It's a fucking travesty; mental health is the hated bastard stepchild of the medical establishment. The patients themselves usually don't pay very well, and there's a critical shortage of psychiatry specialists in the first place.

[–]6-leslie[S] 0 points1 point  (0 children) | Copy Link

Yes I agree with everything you wrote

It’s so bright in the hospital it hurts and the smell of cleaning products and noisy machines and the uncomfortable gown. I need to listen to music if I go a few hours without music I start freaking out , but can’t do that in there no phones allow

I only said ok because she said that it’s the quickest way to get them to help me thankfully it’s not

Where I live there’s really bad shortage of all doctors it’s been that way before the pandemic it’s worse now. Brain stuff is worst probably.

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