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946 Incels got banned. What does that mean for TRP? Meta TheDreadnought1 /r/TheRedPill 08/11/17 02:54 PM
12 How to stop being so ego-invested about getting girls? TheDreadnought1 /r/askTRP 27/07/19 11:24 PM
8 Crazy Politically Incorrect 4Chan Theory: To what degree can it be true? TheDreadnought1 /r/askTRP 29/08/17 11:15 PM
7 About Insecurity and Friendship. TheDreadnought1 /r/askTRP 27/11/17 01:07 AM
6 Should I go for a prostitute to lose virginity? TheDreadnought1 /r/askTRP 26/07/17 09:11 PM
4 Let her be and then be relentless or set boundaries and work on her? TheDreadnought1 /r/askTRP 24/10/17 03:56 AM
4 Plate/FWB said she felt I was using her just for sex, and then admitted she's falling in love with me. What the hell should I do next? TheDreadnought1 /r/askTRP 27/05/19 02:51 AM
3 Direct vs indirect in cold approaches TheDreadnought1 /r/askTRP 05/05/18 12:54 AM
3 How to deal with the fact that I want to do boyfriend/girlfriend stuff but know that I shouldn't get a LTR now? TheDreadnought1 /r/askTRP 26/06/19 03:18 AM
3 Friend going back to crazy ex. Im afraid she's gonna destroy him for good. He's religious and all blue. How to tell him that shit without looking like a lunatic? TheDreadnought1 /r/askTRP 22/03/18 07:46 PM
3 In women's eyes, what differs being "unpredictable" from being just "random"? TheDreadnought1 /r/askTRP 14/05/18 05:17 PM
3 Should I make a move on a girl from an old, solid group of friends? TheDreadnought1 /r/askTRP 02/04/18 06:22 PM
2 Plate/FWB fucks me and hangs out with me but doesn't want me driving her home (?) TheDreadnought1 /r/askTRP 20/04/19 02:37 AM
2 About "the fun one vs the serious one" and drinking TheDreadnought1 /r/askTRP 29/11/17 12:00 PM
1 About Abs TheDreadnought1 /r/askTRP 27/09/17 12:45 AM
1 Day-to-day Daygame or Daygame "Sessions"? TheDreadnought1 /r/askTRP 31/07/19 01:54 AM

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