I’ve found on the internet and when I interact with certain women, despite me not saying or implying anything of the sort my words and actions are assumed to be the most malicious possible and I’m judged on the slightest misstep. If it was just me I’d chalk it up to just the people I interact with or just do some soul searching to see where I went wrong but this seems incredibly common online.

A man makes an innocuous joke that happens to include women it’s taken as misogynistic even if it’s also making fun of men too.

A man gives some advice about his experiences to men or women and he’s seen as a manipulator, liar, grifter, whatever possible.

Man shares preferences and he’s shamed as an insecure fuckboy/incel whatever buzzword someone feels like throwing today.

Does anyone understand why? Is this just a trauma response or what’s going on here?