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#NoNothingNovember Voting Thread

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December 8, 2014

Since #nonothingnovember is complete, we will now start the voting process. Obviously this was an exercise in self control and discipline, so picking a "winner" really wasn't the point. However, there is a prize for the one selected by the community for having accomplished something worthy of attention.

You can enter your name in this thread, and link to any relevant posts/blogs (reddit links ok, they might be autodeleted, but the mods will approve the messages manually).

Voting will be open until Friday, Dec 12th.

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[–]SuperSlavisWife [score hidden]  (0 children) | Copy

Another unofficial entry.

For my #NNN, I made the decision to quit:

1, time-wasting sites: so as to save myself more time, be more productive and spend more time with Jon

2, interrupting people: so as to better my social interactions,


3, getting wound up over everything: so as to stop some of the illness that has "haunted" me since I started working properly and so as to actually make good use of my spare time, rather than get caught in a cycle of procrastination and stress.

I had some trouble sticking to each of them, but have found workarounds, taken them further than I would have even dared on the 1st and intend to continue to make progress with each of them. I am far more productive and happier, I'm making more money, Jon and I are talking more, I'm not half as stressed, the recurring illness is gone and the idea of supporting Jon for a few months on freelance work isn't half as daunting as it used to be.

Records are here:

Week 1: http://yourwifeisevolving.wordpress.com/2014/11/07/nonothingnovember-week-1-update/

Week 2: http://yourwifeisevolving.wordpress.com/2014/11/14/nonothingnovember-week-2-update/

Week 3: http://yourwifeisevolving.wordpress.com/2014/11/21/nonothingnovember-week-3-update/

Week 4: http://yourwifeisevolving.wordpress.com/2014/11/28/nonothingnovember-week-4-update/

Conclusion: http://yourwifeisevolving.wordpress.com/2014/12/01/nonothingnovember-a-happy-low-stress-wealthier-home/

There's not really much more I can say that isn't covered in the conclusion, to be honest.

And thank you very much, /u/KidStrangelove, for starting this. It was brilliant. :)

[–]doctorflorian [score hidden]  (1 child) | Copy

Wow, what a month it has been.

First of all, I am truly grateful and happy about this challenge - and people in the manosphere. This community has been extremely helpful and welcoming to me, and within just a month I made more than one friend and got inspired by many more.

I actually had not heard about this NoNothingNovember when I went to the NYC meet up with Matt Forney - the one Goldmund has talked about below. On that meeting, Kid Strangelove told me about NoNothing, and since I absolutely love challenges, I decided to dive in head first.

I put all the vices that distracted me from my goals on the black list:

  1. Not enough sleep
  2. Sweets and snacks
  3. Social Media (except for posting e.g. the "three things I am grateful for" every day and answering individual messages)

By week 3, I had no desire to follow these vices anymore. They were simply gone from my life.

As a result from not eating snacks, I lost 2.4% body fat (from 25.3% to 22.9%) and saved around $275.

I managed to sleep a minimum of 6 hours per night and never fell asleep during the day time anymore.

And apart from a quick login and posting my three happy items per day, i did not surf on Twitter or Facebook at all.

One evening, I even completely forgot to check my eMail - and read a book instead.

The absence of distraction has allowed me to focus on what truly makes me happy.

One of the achievements of this challenge I am happiest about is that I managed to start my own blog:


I am a scientist and work as a biologist/cancer researcher in New York City. Spending your days in the lab can be an isolated experience with little insight into the "real world" outside the lab. Therefore, I want to show scientists (and non-scientists alike) different career options, talk about interesting scientific breakthroughs and quite simply show people how they can become happy. No matter where they are and what their goals in life are.

I myself have become a much more positive and happier person - through the implementation of simple habits while I started my journey into the manosphere around one year ago.

Shortly after launching my blog, Remy Sheppard (www.conqueringyourlife.com) was very kind and invited me on his podcast:


We talked about life, the manosphere and my experience in the US vs. Germany - and German humor.

As a result, "Bernie and Ert" have become a weekly mainstay on my blog. Plus my friend from Germany, Ripley Schlauch, has started a guest column about personal finance and the famous book of knowledge, the "Schlauchfuzius".

This was all more help that I could have ever anticipated. Without NoNothingNovember, I would not have been as relaxed and positive to accept the help - and I doubt I would have been able to get my blog up and running to begin with.

It helps abandoning whatever holds you back.

As for the NoNothingNovember challenge itself - this is the beginning:


and the end:


I kept a journal for every day. This page contains all the posts:


As I said above, NoNothingNovember specifically and the manosphere in general have been incredibly supportive.

So I'd like to give back! I am accumulating a booklet with people's NoNothingNovember posts to share with the community. If you would like to be part of that book, drop me an eMail at


I'd be happy to include you.

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[–]OwlandtheBull [score hidden]  (0 children) | Copy

Hey guys,

Bit disappointed to get here late. I checked this thread over and over until I got jack of waiting, and now I'm fucking late for the party. Ah well.

For what it's worth, I posted a bunch, and made good progress.

1. No Booze, Phones or Permission: #NoNothingNovember Here We Come

2. Ritual De Lo Habitual, Or, I’m Reasonably Sure Jane Was Addicted To Her iPhone: #NoNothingNovember

3. In Which I Stop Being Such A Pussy. Mostly.

4. Why I Don't Feel Guilty About Failing At #NoNothingNovember

5. Hate = Promotions: How Audacity Pays Off

6. The Golden Rule Of Achievement

7. Who The Fuck Gives Up Booze In 40 Degree Heat: #NoNothingNovember Sucks Balls

8. And The Winner Of #NoNothingNovember Is... Masturbation!!!

There you have it, four weeks of goals and moderate hilarity. I'm currently writing my follow up on how I feel about coming back to my habits... (hint: not all good).

My writing has improved over the month, with was a side goal. I also posted more than a have historically, another bonus.

NNN has been a boon to me, being able to quit two things that I'd been mulling over for several months at that point, and poring over a behavioural issue that was been clarified somewhat throughout the month.

Thanks to all entrants, I checked out a lot of you guys. I didn't like many of the diary-type posts, a bit too dry for me. After browsing down below I've noticed two of the blogs I've been checking out because of #NNN: Goldmund Unleashed and Legends of Men. Both great writers, with great content, and with a solid audience. Good luck guys, I think it will be close to call.

And lastly thanks to KS for the initial impetus, nice one, and good luck with your shanizzle.

[–]HerculestheRed [score hidden]  (0 children) | Copy

My post need not be as long as some of the others. I'll try not to ramble.

My blog is Legends of Men and on my blog I plan to give advice for men based on the lessons and information available from men of the past (former presidents, warriors) and even fictional sources like mythology and literature (Herakles, Beowulf, Superman) and apply those lessons to modern masculinity and how men can be join the ranks of those legends of men that are discussed the very fabric of our culture.

If you want your name to live on after you die, I'm giving you the tools to establish a legacy. NoNothingNovember found me at a rough time in my life and through the process of work and having a goal to strive toward and a challenge to surpass, I learned a lot about myself.

I also took it a step further than some of the other guys here, in that I implemented a 30/30 points system to grade each of my three goals out of 10 each day to keep myself accountable and see how I did. The three goals were:

1) Foregoing of mindless media consumption. 2) Having a clear daily plan and deadline goals to meet. 3) Exercise and write everyday. Period.

So by giving myself a grade (say, 8/10) for each post, I got a combined score of say, 24/30. By doing this, I was able to measure for myself how well I did on a day by day basis, weekly basis, and monthly.

My posts of note are:

*Day 1

*Day 4, Liberals Drove in Droves Election Day in the US, written with a humorist style.

*Day 5, Failures

*Day 6, Insomnia I've had insomnia symptoms my entire life and I thought with getting stuff done for #NNN it would disappear.

*Day 9, Failures pt. 2 The second day in the beginning third of the month where I evaluated my mistakes.

Day 10, Insomnia Solved After a lot of thought and deliberation and reflection, I figured out why I wasn't sleeping at night. That led to my second Legends of Men post (see below*) that wasn't #NNN related, and more in tune with the normal content of the site and what you can expect.

*Day 11, Loving It One of the high highs to accompany the previous low lows.

*[Day 15, "Dead Cat Corpse" or "Why I Exercise"](http://legendsofmen.wordpress.com/2014/11/16/nonothingnovember-day-15-dead-cat-corpse/0

*Day 23, Suicidal Thoughts Never been a cutter or suicidal, but we all have dark thoughts pop up occasionally. This is mine.

*Day 25, Freelancing Where I start my full time job as a freelancer and writer, and redirect my mission statement.

*Day 30, 82.22% The final day and I completed my month long tally and I was at 82.22% out of 100 for the month. Could've been better on a first try, but I had some detrimental days that drug the rest down like an anchor weight.

*#NoNothingNovember: Final Thoughts

On top of those select journal entry posts, I also got a couple posts that were typical of the future site content up.

*Play Chess: Benjamin Franklin's Lessons for Success in Life and Business

*Old Man Success: Henry Ford's Greatest Work Came After Middle Age

Can Insomnia Be Caused By Fear? *This is the one that was inspired by my insomnia issues on Day 10 above.

I know this one is longer than some of the other posts, but each link above, all 12, was a labor in itself and indicative of the rollercoaster ride that was this month for me. Thus, I present both my good and bad sides with you.

I'm aware that this is late. I've been swamped with work, and if I don't get voted, I understand fully and frankly I don't care. Even without the boost in traffic being pinned on TRP would help my traffic and fan base for my site, I'm going to keep doing it.

This month was never about winning the votes and the free traffic. The prizes were great, of course, but the contest was never between me and the other guys here. I did this for me and I love it. I'm thankful to KidStrangeLove and the Manosphere, and I'm glad to be apart of it.

And while I don't mind sharing my experiences with you, if I know nothing of note I still know that No Nothing November was for me. It was my challenge, my triumph, and I'm glad to have it. I'm going to keep going and I'm glad to see so many other guys made a lot out of the month.

Why you shouldn't vote for me: I quit my exercise routine after the month ended and have "plans" to restart it but haven't "gotten around to it." I focused more on building my own brand instead of getting my "final thoughts" article up on time. I posted that article a week late. I'm not a very good writer yet and I'm not in a place yet where what I offer is of significant enough to warrant the top spot. I don't offer enough value to this community to be the winner. If you want to follow me, do it, and in time I'll be giving more back, but as of right now the spot would be wasted on me.

Why you should vote for me: The fear of putting out bad content if I win and 87,000 men critiquing me and baring it anyway will force me to take my writing to a new level. So if you're planning to be with me for the long haul and you want to get the most out of your time invested, force me to be a better writer right now by making me rise to the challenge.

Either way, I've made my peace with the month. I got a lot done, and it was an amazing ride. I can't wait until next year, to see what I've gotten done in between now and then so November will be even more intense in 2015.

[–]lloopy [score hidden]  (1 child) | Copy

I made great progress.
I have stopped adding sugar to my foods. This was a significant goal.
I've went to the gym for heavy weights (legs, core, chest, back) 2-3 times per week. This wasn't listed in my goals for the month. I failed to eliminate all gaming from my lifestyle. I eliminated phone games though. This was a significant goal for me. I didn't complete chores that I started. Instead I made excuses.

So, as far as reaching my goals, I failed. But I did improve massively. I don't get any extrinsic rewards but I do get all the intrinsic ones.

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[–]2 Senior Endorsed Contributorvengefully_yours [score hidden]  (0 children) | Copy

I've ignored women almost entirely, practicing text game only to see how long until they send nudes. Maybe ten minutes a day doing that. I'm getting better at text game to where I used to be. Im not looking for anything long term because I have a home and shop to build.

The rest of the time I've been rebuilding one of my cars, a 1968 LeMans, the front suspension and brakes are done, the engine will be finished at the machine shop next week and I can assemble it. The transmission is ready to go, rebuilt with a decent converter. The body is sanded down and I have made molds to make the hood and front bumper from fiberglass. Soon the fenders will have molds pulled for a completely fiberglass front end. Its getting a satin black paint that is $30 a gallon, it's a budget build and I want it to look rough.

After this one is done, I'm building a Chevy to sell as a way to finance my new shop. Have a 454 laying around, why not stuff it in something and do a quick paint job on it?

Why spend money on girls when I can build fast as fuck cars and move my life forward instead? I've been losing body fat, eating healthy, and haven't turned on a computer other than the tablet I use to talk on here. No drinking, until last Sunday, and probably not again for some time. Getting my priorities in line, and bitches haven't been one of them. No real vices other than pushing myself too hard and injuring something, but I used to focus on women far too much. Next month at the latest I'm going to get some strange, the itch needs scratched again, but for now it is not a priority.

[–]Kid StrangeloveKidStrangelove [score hidden]  (0 children) | Copy

This isn't an official entry since I organized the damn thing - but I just wanted to use my blog as an example

My Blog - Kid Strangelove


In the end - it wasn't about the discipline, but about community and peace. I feel calmer, happier and more content with life than ever, and have carried it past December 1st and onward, and Im glad that these little pieces of text motivated folks to improve their lives together

Thank you everyone for making this #NoNothingNovember a hit! EDIT: formatting

[–]AlphaAsFAQ [score hidden]  (0 children) | Copy

I didn’t do a blog or keep records but here is my experience.

I decided to take part in #nonothingnovember on 31 October after reading the sticky about it on /r/TheRedPill. I had been thinking for a while that I was losing control over a few areas of my life and needed to do something about it, this was the perfect kick I needed. I would immediately stop:

  • reddit
  • Facebook
  • video games


I am fortunate to be in a 20% job which means I can put in 20% of my time and effort each day at work and outperform my peers and get my job done. Most of us are probably in similar positions; I just found one that pays very well. This has seen me, for most of the year, be very active on reddit, namely askTRP. I would usually sit in the /new queue and clock a full working day answering every question that the guys there posted. I then had a few of the guys start PMing me and I began mentoring one on one. Whilst I enjoyed helping, I did not enjoy my work ethic; this is not how I envisaged my career going. When there was no new askTRP posts I would trawl the rest of reddit for mild amusement.

Outside of work I would grab my phone at any chance I could get and open a reddit app and browse the front page. It probably got up to checking every 15mins or so on average. I would also stay up to 1 or 2am on weeknights watching almost every video in r/videos up until about page 10. I would then wake up 30 mins before I needed to so that I could browse the front page in bed.

Literally addicted.


I never posted any more than once a month but I did check it often. I have less than 300 friends on it as I cull regularly and I have unsubscribed from about 50 of them because of low quality posts. I mainly use/d Facebook for local community groups and events as well as managing party invites; this is the only reason I have not deleted my account yet. I deleted their phone app years ago because of their privacy changes and because of the frequency I would check it. Before November I would check Facebook regularly at work, I managed to stop checking it at home out of discipline.

Video games

Usually reasonably well managed but I got Destiny and it took over. I was clocking 6 hour sessions that ended at 2am regularly. This is not good when you are out of the house at 8am for work the next day. I knew it was a problem but as most of you who have played it and have a group of friends to play it with, it is very addictive.

My November Experience

I told my LTR that I would be stopping these things to challenge myself. I didn’t tell her about #nonothingnovember but I figured it would be good to be accountable to someone, as well as myself, for the month. She was on-board 100% as she could see the effect they were having on my life. Whilst she never said anything beforehand, she admitted she had been concerned for a while and thought it was great I was doing something about it.

The first few days were pretty hard and I spent a lot of time staring into space as I thought of ways I could fill the time that I would normally be on reddit or Facebook. I lifted my productivity at work and have had more opportunities presented to me.

Instead of gaming when I got home I started the process of starting a business which I have been thinking of for a while. Over the next week or so I registered a business name, set up tax information and registered a website and social media presence. I am not sure it will ever replace my day job but at least my time and energy outside business hours will be spent on something more productive now and not video games or reddit.

Then it got interesting.

On day 5 I got a head cold which is normally no big deal as I usually get a cold once a year as the new strand gets passed around. I would normally knock it on the head in a couple of days and get on with it; this time was different. The cold moved from my head to my chest over the span of about a week. I had 4 days off work and started heavy cold and flu medication. This is completely out of the ordinary for me as I am very fit and healthy. Whilst I can’t say definitely it was because of withdrawals, I can’t help but think there might be a correlation. Could stopping things that essentially have no physiological effect on your life end up having a physiological effect? A week into December I still have a cough, I have been to the docs and she said it was just a cold that was taking longer than normal to shake, “unusual but nothing to be worried about”.

I have always been a very disciplined person and pride myself on my self-control. As hard as it was to change my habits, I had no problem with the commitment I made to myself. I even stopped eating carbs for the last two weeks just to see if I could as I have never done that before.

After November

After successfully cutting my 3 biggest vices out of my life for a month, I ended up getting to 3rd December before my LTR asked me why I hadn’t played a video game yet. I realised I had overshot the deadline and just kept on living without them.

A week into December I have kept the reddit app off my phone and have checked reddit maybe once a day, Facebook as well. I played a video game for the first time last night until 2am and felt like shit as I was going to bed and regretted it this morning. I will be giving my games to a mate next week and might buy another game next month if anything takes my interest.

My only regret is not going back to askTRP regularly to help out there, but, I need to put myself first and if that is a barrier to my own self-improvement then unfortunately it has to go.


Gave up reddit, Facebook and video games successfully for November. Got sick about a week in which is very unusual for me, still recovering. Realised how much of a negative effect they were having on my life and have little desire to go back to where I was. I plan to continue to keep them out of my life as much as I can.

/edit, if for some reason I get recognised for this post, please don't give me gold. Give a mod of askTRP gold in an attempt to encourage them to be more active in developing that community and building a resource of answers and knowledge for the guys that need it the most.

[–]LuckyTheBrit [score hidden]  (4 children) | Copy

I kept precisely no records and only a few tweets talking about but I may as well throw my two cents in:

The Pledge

I gave up alcohol and tobacco for this Manosphere Lent. Alcohol was the main one since I rarely smoke now anyway.

It was actually relatively easy for the most part although I realised how often I'd been drinking before. Once I started taking note, I realised I had been drinking at least one beer almost every day without really thinking about it. Dinner, video games at a friends house, nights out, after work drink.

The biggest impact was definitely socially. I've felt a considerable amount of social anxiety on nights out without alcohol and didn't get laid until after November was over on the first night I got drunk.

However, I did notice just how much sharper my mind was without alcohol in my system. I was drinking on Saturday and can still feel the slight dulling of my senses two days later. (Put it down to placebo but I've spoken to a lot of guys who've had similar experiences.)

Overall, I'd recommend re-examining your drinking habits if not going completely sober. Personally, I'm still going to have a few drinks on nights out but am cutting out the casual drinks where the cons of diminished performance outweight the need for lowered inhibitions.

Edit: Just realised I did actually put up on short post half way through about sober nights out.

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