The reason for "The Pills" is female political, social and sexual power. When you give women power, they abuse it to create the sexual and relationship marketplaces we have today, in which the top 10% of men get everything; and the bottom 90% of men get table scraps and leftovers at best, and only grudgingly at that.

The markets women create are built to identify, screen for, and select for the most sexually and physically attractive men. All other men are eliminated or weeded out.

Most men are not attractive enough to compete in this market. They're not Chad, so they are simply sidelined. Yet the market has built in deceptive practices and fraud markers to get bottom 90% men to compete in it. They're told to improve their personalities, to "self improve", and to just keep on going. Their best hope in all this is to be selected as a 20th or 30th choice after a series of Chads ran through her.

But the reason men get so frustrated with this is no one is honest with them about why they're failing. It's not because of some moral failing on their parts. They're not failing because they're jerks or they're "emotionally unavailable" or "emotionally unintelligent". They're failing because they're not physically attractive enough for this market and because there is a systematic effort at fraud and deception against them. Literally everyone in their lives is lying to them. The reasons for their failure are completely beyond men's control. There is nothing men can do to rectify this, other than simply refuse to participate.

The current market is a sexual smorgasbord for women. Women can get sex with extremely attractive men. They enjoy this for a while.

The prime problem women have is that they're attractive enough to get sex with Chads, but not attractive enough to get commitment from any Chad. Only the top 5% of women, if that, can pull a Chad long term.

The reason women fail and express such frustration here is because they're lying to themselves and everyone around them. They're lying to themselves that they don't want Chadsex; they want relationships and love and marriage. They don't. Women don't really want those things. All they want is Chadsex. But admitting that Chadsex is all they really want makes them look shallow, unserious, superficial, and bitchy. So they cannot admit that openly.

They also can't admit any of this to the bottom 90% of men. Women need those bottom 90% "in play" so those men can serve as beta providers when most women fail at locking down Chad.

Let's solve all this.

Men: It's not your fault you fail in this market. You fail because of factors totally beyond your control. Your failures are due to a combinations of baldness, obesity, short height, and/or ugliness. That's pretty much it.

Women: You fail in this market because you lie to yourselves and everyone else. You won't admit that you want only Chad and that nothing less is acceptable to you.

Men, if you'll just accept that the reasons you fail here are beyond your control, and stop trying, you'll feel better and do better in life.

Women, if you'll just admit that all you want is Chad and stop making demands of all other men, things will go better for you, at least for a while. Men will see who you really are, and leave you alone.

There. Let the healing begin.