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I found something interesting I suppose

August 16, 2022

I asked romantic man and women on this subreddit about why they think that they want romance and how did they protect their values from the pressures of hook up culture. To be honest I couldn't find any significant difference between the genders, you can look for yourself but I did notice something. Also I want to say what I fond is not meant to be generalized to entire population of humans. So here is what I did notice about gender differences

The men who participated in casual sex seems like they regret it and or go out of the way to say romance is way better. Women did not say this at all, they saw both casual sex and romance as equal or that romance was only slightly better.

Both genders who did not give in to hook up culture were not slut shamed into being prudes. Romantic women described romance in a casual but cozy way while romantic men spoke in a poetic and profound way. Not saying either are wrong but I found it interesting. I noticed some women who said they like romance but they described romance in a way which off as nonconfromist type which I am not demonizing by the way.

Now what I found across both genders to be interesting as well. People who stuck to romantic principals were not slut shame to avoid casual sex or hook up culture. Romantics if better gender tend to respond to the question how did your desire for romance develop. Most people responded with media and the people around them which is a very interesting response in my opinion. And I think one women mention that the see sex different from romance because they learned sex separately from romance which is also an interesting response. There are some that did say it was biological reasons but they did not negate social reasons. These were the main trends I noticed which again I found interesting.

I don't have an ulterior motives here or at least I don't think I do, I just listened to my curiosity.

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