I deeply cared about her, but I don't think I ever truly loved her.

In the beginning, there was an intense connection that led to us being physically intimate. I never wanted a relationship with her in the first place. I just like being friends with benefits.

Young and inexperienced, I gave in and began a relationship. Then I reluctantly got married to her. Five years later, we got divorced.

It was never my intention to be with her romantically. We went from being friends to becoming very sexual very fast. Everything moved so fast despite our shaky foundation. I guess she wanted this way more than I did. It blinded her if I was even the right man for her after all.

I know I sound like an awful partner. Yes, I have many issues that I need to work on. I will be very careful about choosing the next woman to be with.

I know a lot of men on this sub loved their ex-wives, but is there anyone who felt similar to what I went through?