So me (M25) and my wife(F26) are married for 2 years. We have been together for 9 years. We a child together (M01) and he is the best. Have an issue that would great to ask for advice on this Reddit. So for a very long time been struggling teaching my wife how to grow credit and how to manage money in general. There for a bit she was good at it but then after we were married and got our own place soon after she started to blow her money. Not all at once just slowly building up to more stuff was being ordered online and in store. She would never listen to me and just kept on to a point I had to put my foot down about it. She would never let me know anything after that. Such as how much money she had and all that. She would just randomly tell me how much she had without asking. I never would force her to show me what she spent and how much she got. Anyways, she then tried to divorce me after 4 months of marriage. Kinda odd if that is all she talked about and then when it happens she just wants to leave after 4 months. She claimed it was cold feet or some excuse but never believed it but seemed fine after. I shrugged it off went about our business. She is pregnant around Christmas and when 2022 comes around the corner I tell her to quit her job to let me pay most of the stuff and then afterwards she can work her job again or another job. She agreed and we settled on that. 1 month passes by and she tells me her credit card is due, which is fine cause I knew she had like 1 or 2. What she didn’t tell me was how many she had never told me about. This woman had 6 credit cards totaling to 7,000$. I was extremely furious. I was dumb enough to use the money I had saved that was around 2,000$ to cut that down. Well everything escalated there on out. We finally have our child and everything seemed so good. Then postpartum hit and things get worse. Tried to help her but she didn’t want any help and her motherly duty’s dropped to a point she was starving the child. Then had finally got that fixed but then, she always had this problem for a while, she stays on the phone 24/7 scrolling endlessly all day and night. She would stay up through the night and just play on her phone and be in a bad mood when she has to get up to deal with the child or if he wakes up in general and yes I do help with the child. Actually care for the child more than she does it feels like. Tried many ways to communicate to her about the situations we are in. Nothing would never work even tried to get her friends to help and family but nothing works. We separated at the beginning of the year. For about 3 months she would never leave the house. So she she stayed with me for a while. Well we some what work things out and tried again. Noticed she was doing better and getting better at taking care of the child. Sadly though I seeing a pattern and she is going back to the other way and spend all day everyday on the phone and not pay attention to our child. Even saddest part is he calls out for me more than her. Even the parents noticed something wasn’t right. We are trying to save money and budget. Nothing seems to work with her cause she wants to go to a concert and wants to go blow money everytime she gets it. Also forgot to mention the reason for her wanting a divorce after 4 months of marriage was to leave me for another guy cause she can spend money with him on whatever she wanted. So I’m asking am I being a dick for wanting a divorce. Cause I’m honestly not all that happy.

Sorry if this is terrible English trying to rewrite this as fast as possible.