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The only advice that works

October 24, 2021

Advice sucks. Most of the time it isn't advice, it's some bozo half way around the world espousing his values (read: hopes) as if they were commandments. e.g.:

"Find a girl with no tattoos or bad things will happen"
"Find a girl with a low notch count or bad things will happen"
"Find a girl who goes to church or bad things will happen"

And the few people giving advice that don't just preach from a soapbox of frustration are giving pure guesswork. There are literal high school kids in here giving everyone advice for life, all of it. They aren't even economically independent, but know what's best for you. Now chances are, if you are on this subreddit, you're not in a place to know what's great life advice or not. You see all this rabble and look to the upvote counter and hope you can tell the good from the bad. Maybe you do know your stuff and want to polish off a few rough edges. For you this looks like the old fashioned

"The subreddit is going downhill"

I may be that idiot that spent too much time on Reddit, but I have only ever seen one piece of advice in here that was any use for me. One piece of advice that works 100% of the time, one piece of advice that actually works, one piece of advice that stands up to scrutiny. And it's this:

I tried this and it did that

One simply little trick, 7 words that helped me see what worked and what didn't. Using the frontpage as I write this, I'll show you what I mean

1. About the psychological nature of inceldom

The link most radfems miss when analyzing inceldom is the that, if you take your time to read the inceldom fanfiction, you will recognize three very important personality traits : a) depersonalization/derealization, b) alexithymia and c) dissociation.

2. The Red Pill/SMP Singularity: If only you knew how bad things really were

You have to work to make 150k/year MINIMUM, to satisfy most women's income requirements in the future.
You need to be able to afford the fancy skin treatments, hair transplants, potentially even plastic surgery, that tik tok Chads are getting. You need to maximize you looks as much as possible. Never has it ever been more important to be an 8/10 in looks than now. (Red pill boomers will say, "Nooooo that's beta" Shut up bro, we're entering a new age, where men have to worry about being just as pretty as women.)
You need to focus on your health and fitness. Having a good body will be mandatory, and you need to stay healthy and alert to compete in the future hyper-competitive SMP
You need to have the financial option to leave the west if necessary. Because as I may or may not discuss in part 2, the west will begin to collapse by 2055.

3. Frame = Values

Most liberals try to solve problems from a “fairness” frame. They believe the best way to solve problems is through the use of the “value” called “fairness.” There’s nothing inherently wrong with the value of fairness, it’s a trait that’s had a positive impact on our evolution. It’s about whether fairness is best to solve a specific problem in a specific circumstance.
Frame = Moral Values, yes like in a Disney movie.

You get the point. They all have something in common. It's someone telling you their opinion who hasn't done shit. Great ideas, no follow through. This is functionally useless to you, and the only thing it achieves is bloating the ego of whomever is writing it. You either upvote it and they feel validated, or you downvote and they feel like the martyr, who's just too smart for you plebs to 'get it'. I don't know about anyone else, I refuse to be the lube for someone's mental masturbation.

Instead, here's great example from the same frontpage. Some indian dude actually tried shit and posted results.

1. I just lost my virginity at 21 years old. Wanted to share my experience and thank you all

Since then, I implemented a lot of the advice that you guys told me. Lost weight (45lbs), got in shape, wore better clothes, started talking to girls and so on.
From the last 1 year my college was closed, so I came back a month ago and today I finally hooked up with a chick after making out with her 3-4 times. She has a boyfriend who's not in college right now and in her words, she wanted to fuck me because 'I became too hot' for her xD ...

It's simple stuff, boring stuff. Stuff that takes time, patience, and most importantly, consistency. He did X and achieved Y. Now I know to anyone who actually fucked on the regular it seems to basic that it's boring, and that's the point: The advice isn't the goal, the results are. So my advice, which you can take or leave, is to remove any nonsense in here unless you see the author actually committing to action before he runs his mouth. After all, why would you commit to someone's advice on here if he won't even commit himself? I'm sure there's a post on the sidebar that talks about overinvestment being a bad covert contract and good way to get taken advantage of with women. Simply extend that to user redpill420_69 and you're golden.

Granted, your TRP browsing experience will start to get a lot smaller. You'll find 90% of posts here are hot garbage, and 90% of people here have 'born to lose and loving it' tattooed onto their forehead. Besides, you're doing them a favour, the less attaboys they get for their meaningless drivel, the faster they hit rock bottom and start doing something else with their day.

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