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Always remain calm. Nothing is worth your anger. (Divorce story)

by Alejandroses on /r/TheRedPill
05 January 2018 07:06 PM UTC

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I married on 4/20/13 (420 ayeeee) and it was a huge mistake.

Fast forward to November 2014. I flew home from South Korea on a moments notice to save my marriage. It did not work, she was done and had already cheated multiple times. My dumbass forgave her for this. The months leading up to this took a toll on my brain. I was so exhausted from dealing with my wife (she was in California while I was in South Korea) that once November came my brain knew nothing but calmness. It was tired and I was done. I will fast forward to the night I finally decided to end it.

We're laying in bed. No talking, no sex, no nothing. I thought to myself "Wtf is this?" and I got up and started getting dressed. This is the moment I feel like the natural Red Pill kicked in.

"Where are you going?"

"Im done. This is stupid. Its a waste of life."

"Youre just overreacting."

"I am not. I will come for my stuff tomorrow and this marriage is done."

The next day I showed up to get my things. There are only 3 things I wanted. My 51 inch TV, my surround sound system for my room, and my car. These 3 things were super important to me because its the 3 things I most cared about prior to getting married lol (got married at 21, I was blue pill betaboi). I knew I was about to live alone and I did not want to go out and get a new TV and a new surround sound and I definitely was not going to give her the car I had gotten at 19. That was my baby.

So I get out of my car and I say "I am here for my TV and the surround sound. Anything else you can keep I dont care."

"Yeah sorry but no. I mean youre already taking the car so I am going to keep these things."

Lol. All I could think of was "I pay for your phone bill. Prior to today I was your main source of income. Now I want 2 things and I cannot have them because Im already taking the car? That I had prior to marriage? I cant have MY stuff?" Some women have no shame. I was so over this stupid marriage that I said "fuck it." and I left. I just wanted out, no drama.

I flew back to South Korea and did not pursue the divorce until March, when I returned. From November 2014 to March 2015 she:

  1. Called to ask me about my taxes. She wanted money. I refused and told her I filed for taxes alone.
  2. Tried to kill herself. Luckily we had insurance and that paid for the bills.
  3. Got pregnant by some other dude.

Now here comes the fun part. I knew who the guy was. It was one of her ex-bfs lol. His mother was super close to my ex wife because my ex wife took her to her cancer treatments even after he had broken up with her. My ex wife had moved into her "mothers" house around December and around that time her ex bf lost his job and moved back in with mommy. Once they were living together they fucked and she got preggo.

I returned from South Korea in March and my second day back I met up with the "mother". She loved me! When my ex wife introduced me she took me in as her "son" and she adored me. She was super cool and I decided to meet up with her to ask about her son and my wifes kid. (She had also called me back in December to tell me my wife had moved in and that it was nothing personal against me. She just needed to help my ex wife like my ex wife helped her with cancer. I took it with no hard feelings. She was just an innocent woman trying to help.)

"Are they going to take responsibility for their child? Or will she say its mine because were not divorced yet and expect me to pay for this?"

A few moments of silence..."My son is scared. He already lost his first girl to his other baby momma (lmfao) and now he's scared that you will claim this kid and he will loose it too."

I thought to myself. "I want my tv, my fucking surround sound system, and my car. If I dont get these things I am going to be a fucking wonderful single dad." I look a her in the eye and say. "I only want a few things. My tv, my surround sound, my car, and for her to sign the divorce papers with no questions."

She looked at me like if she had just seen Jesus. "That is all you want?"

"Yes. If I get that I dont care about her child, I dont care about your son, and they can live happily ever after. I told her back in November that I just wanted my stuff."

"Wait.....she knows this?"


Her eyes filled with rage. I am assuming that her son and her were worried that I would want the baby lol. And I am assuming that my ex wife had not told them what I wanted because my ex wife was still trying to milk me for my money. She looks at me and says "Tomorrow I will call you, I will tell you were to meet me and I will have your stuff for you."

I raised one eyebrow (jk I didnt because I cant but If I could I would have). I said "Mmmm. Well if you say so." A part of me did not believe her because my ex wife is a bitch.

She left soon after that and I went to visit my Father in Law (He knew I was divorcing his daughter. I had a talk with him and shit and he ended up crying and told me that if I needed to divorce her, to do it. He knew she was a fuck up too lol). I had not visited him and he was a nice guy so I just wanted to say hi. As I was talking to him my phone vibrated and I got a text from "mother"

"Can you come right now?"

What the actual fuck. She had said tomorrow lol. I call her and ask "Whats wrong?"

"I got home. Asked your wife about your stuff. I said I was going to take them to you tomorrow and my son jumped in to defend her. Now hes against me. Yelling at me, telling me that why am I taking your side after just one talk with you. I told him that your wife is a bitch and shes been trying to get money from you and now he wants to talk to you". I reply "I will be there in 20." I say bye to my wifes dad and head over to the shitstorm.

Here's were the fun part begins.

I show up to the house and I knock. The door opens, its the son, he steps outside and says

"Lets talk bro."

"Sure thing man whats up?"

"So wtf is going on man, how did this all happen?"

"Well. She cheated so now I am done. Thats basically it."

"She cheated on you with these 2 girls right?"

"Uhhhh no bro. With this dude." For story purposes lets call him Jay.

"With a dude?!"

In my head "This is about to get fucking good." I begin to elaborate, "Yeah man, she cheated on me with this dude. She also talks to another one of her ex bf's now (different story) so that baby might not even be yours."

He cuts me off "Lets go inside." he says as he leads us inside.

I walk in side and I see his mother, his mothers roommate (lady was renting a room there) and my wife. Keep in mind, I have not seen my wife since November when she denied me my stuff. It has now been 4 months since I last saw her in person and it was a pretty strange feeling. I saw her there sitting on the couch, nice and quiet.

"Mom" the son looks to his mom "How long was I out there? 2 minutes? less?"

He then looks at my wife and asks "I told you if he came here and told me some shit about you I didnt know about I was going to help him take whatever the fuck he wants from this house. Remember?"

She nods.

"Who the fuck is Jay?"

This caught her off guard. She didnt expert to hear the guys name and she did not respond and that alone was enough to confirm to him that it was true. "What the fuck! I thought you had told me everything? I told you everything about me and my baby momma and all the drama I had in my life and you said you told me everything. Wtf is this!? Why does he show up here and within 2 minutes hes already winning."

I decided to add more fuel to the fire "She only cares about herself bro."

"I can see that! Well since it doesnt fucking matter anymore, I'll tell you who else she cheated on you with. With me."

I just stare.

"Before she went to Korea to see you I hung out with her. She told me she wanted to be with me and I let her know that she was married and that she should go home and talk to you instead. Maybe she just missed you. She responded and told me that she didnt miss you and that she had already made up her mind that she wanted to be with me. That it would NEVER work with you."

Strange as it sounds, I did believe him. The dude is not some monster. He might be a fuck up, but not a monster. What he said should have hurt me because my wife had gone to Korea for 3 months to see me, during that time she said she loved me and blah blah. So this ho had the nerve to say this to this guy and then go visit me and tell me she loved me. Hoes will be hoes.

"Youre a real piece if shit." I said to my wife. It was the only thing I said that night. I saw her eyes light up and I could see she was about to fire back with some bullshit but he cut her off "No! He can call you whatever the fuck he wants." He then looks at me "Did she try to get money from you?"

"Yeah, tried to get some of my tax money."

Wife chimes in "No I didnt, I called to tell you to take me off your taxes."

I started laughing so hard I swore all 4 of them were going to turn on me for being rude. "No lol, you called and got mad because I rejected you."

Mothers roommate chimes in "Its true. You were mad steaming that day in the car because he said no. I was with you."

She had nowhere to run. A defenseless animal cornered by the very same people she loved. The mother got up and went to open her room and the door was locked. "Give me the key to the room." she said.

"No." My wife responded.

"Give me the fucking key."


"GIVE ME THE FUCKING KEY BEFORE I BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU!" as she yelled this she walked over to her and was about to bust her shit but the son jumped in and got in between. "You know what! This is my fucking house." and she slammed the door open. Hinges flying everywhere. "Get your stuff." she says to me.

I go in there and start getting my shit. As I am walking my shit out I can hear the guy yelling at my wife "YOU TOLD ME YOU FUCKING DID EVERYTHING FOR HIM. YOU FUCKING TREATED HIM LIKE A KING AND WENT ABOVE AND BEYOND FOR HIM. FUCK THAT, YOU GAVE THIS MAN HELL! I DONT KNOW HOW THE FUCK HE PUT UP WITH YOU!" and he just kept going.

I finally had all my shit out and the mom and son come out to talk to me. The guy says "I feel like telling her to leave." he was mad.

As were talking my wife finally comes out and starts saying "You think youre so innocent huh?"

"Get back in the house" says the mother.

"He thinks he so innocent, like hes done nothing wrong. You met with your ex last week they already told me.:"

This is true, I did. Shes an ex from years ago and now were just good friends. We met up to talk about our failed relationships lmao did not smash. I look at my wife and say "Okay...and?"

Mother chimes in "Get in the house." with a more serious tone.

Wife begins to spew more diarrhea and the mother raises her voice one more time "Get in the FUCKING house!"

My wife goes back in the fucking house lol

The son goes after her and 2 minutes later comes outside apologizing to the mom for the new hole in the wall. He goes back in and clothes start flying out the front door. "I told you if you decide to leave this house youre never fucking coming back."

The mom looks at me. "You got your stuff. You can go. I have to deal with this." I give her a hug and say bye.

Fast forward a few months my wife agrees to everything! I kept all my shit even the furniture and all sorts of crap. She never fought me in court because everyone in her life would have been againts her if she did because they all loved me. And that is the greatest revenge I could have ever asked for.

I think sometimes. What if I had shown up to the house, got in a fight with the dude and all that, this outcome would have sucked. I remained calm because I just didnt give a shit anymore and ever since that marriage I have never let anyone walk over me like that. Put yourself first! Do not let ANYONE dictate your life and always remember to remain calm, because when you are calm you make the wisest decisions.

Also dont get married lolz.

EDIT: Adding something here for feel good purposes. At the end before her mother told me to go, she told me that prior to me getting there the tension in the room was massive! The 20 minutes it took me to get there felt like years to her. She said you could hear an Ant walking. Every now and then my wife would say "Im leaving. I know what hes going to say when he gets here and I cannot believe you guys are going to just let him come here and talk his shit. This is stupid. I am leaving." The mother didnt let her though. She told her to sit her fucking ass down and wait. She told her "If you know what hes going to say, you have nothing to worry about than" but my ex wife knew that the shit was about to hit the fan, and she was right.

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514 upvotesozaku72 years ago

This gave me a raging justice boner. Thanks for sharing this story, I enjoyed it to the fullest. It just shows that there are still decent women like her mother around who can turn against her own daughter and her bullshit. A clear gap in generations.

175 upvotesAlejandroses [OP]2 years ago

Yes dude that was the best part! One of the lines she threw at her prior to this (She had told me this when we conversated before she went home) was "You think just because you took me to my cancer appointments back then you can just come into my house and fuck under my roof? If the owner of this house (referring to herself, a single mother) is not fucking in this house, NOBODY is fucking!"

77 upvotesozaku72 years ago

Hahaha, brilliant! Now imagine you actually fucking her mom a year later under her roof.

9 upvotesMangiorno2 years ago

i spitted my teeths from laughin

-28 upvoteswheresMYsteakAt2 years ago

With the son banging his wife next to him... And then they switch

39 upvotesvengefully_yours2 years ago

Nah, you never take an ex wife back, not for any reason. You don't even fuck them one last time. Done. Finished. The end. They fuck up and made that bed, do not lie in it with them.

6 upvotesXhaka-Laca2 years ago

Exactly... never go digging in the trash, once you’ve tossed it to the curb

1 upvotesTrooper_18682 years ago


58 upvotesRedpillandrew2 years ago

"I only want a few things. My tv, my surround sound, my car, and for her to sign the divorce papers with no questions."

Like the Big Lebowski, he just wanted his new carpet

29 upvotesSmartass262 years ago

A rug that tied the whole room together

10 upvotesHillarysdilddo_20162 years ago

That's just, like, your opinion, man.

5 upvotessc16902 years ago

Guess the bum's always lose.

130 upvotesdarkskies1094trump2 years ago

Lesson learned: Never be afraid to risk zeroing out, and start over. Even if she'd trashed the electronics and set the car on fire, divorce raped him, and leached him for child-support...leaving would still be the right answer.

Face your fears, walk through them.

34 upvotesRares55552 years ago

So now you are 24 (25?), with all your life ahead and a fucking bomb ass divorce story? This might have felt better than the day you got married.

Hats off for you, my brother.

151 upvotest44g2 years ago

How can someone be this manipulative, evil, terrible human being, I just don't understand. She twisted everyone around her will, but as soon as they heard your story, they believed you. What a fucking bitch. I'm happy for you, imagine being with her for 10 years, some beta cucks are afraid of letting go, I'm glad you're not one of those.

101 upvotesHerdsengineers2 years ago

they believed him that quick because they knew she was full of shit already. he just provided the missing pieces to finish putting the puzzle together for themselves.

glad OP got his stuff back.

52 upvotessadomasochrist2 years ago

She twisted everyone around her will

Cluster-B with no FTO. They're all about exploiting and salvaging the current state of their life, with no concern to the future. The scary thing is that in the short and medium term, it's very effective.

Psychopaths use this strategy, it has a low future payoff which is why they end up having to move around constantly, to escape their reputation.

And well, being that the world is a hierarchy, if you have to keep starting at the bottom, well, good luck on that strategy.

48 upvotesAlejandroses [OP]2 years ago

She twisted EVERYONE! All her posts on Facebook had all her little ho friends saying "Yeah you go girl. Sometimes its better to just let go" and yadda yadda.

All her male friends also putting in their 2 cents. Everything was going fine for her, until I returned home ;) lol

39 upvotesvengefully_yours2 years ago

How can someone be this manipulative, evil, terrible human being, I just don't understand.

So um, there is this thing about girls... It's in the sidebar. Might want to have a gander at it.

4 upvotesjuliusstreicher2 years ago

What, like it'll give us some information about their behavior, or something?

25 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

The biggest redpill is realizing that maybe 1% of men would be this heartless to carry out this kind of manipulation, and maybe only 1% of that 1% actually have the manipulation skills to get away with it. However for women, probably 75% of women can be this heartless and manipulative, and 50% of those actually have the manipulative skills to carry it out.

This is because to women, they actually convince themselves of their own lies. A manipulative man knows what he is doing is wrong, but to a woman, she innately knows how to manipulate and navigate social dynamics to stack the deck in their own favour - but once she becomes emotional, she genuinely believes her own story and will do absolutely anything to get what she wants. This is why you see women throwing around false rape accusations like candy - they aren't intentionally being manipulative snakes, they're simply following their biological drives aided by their cognitive abilities to spin the hamster wheel.

8 upvotesChaddeus_Rex2 years ago

That's why you fight fire with fire and manipulate the shit out of them too and don't worry about being a 'bad' man.

3 upvotessd4c2 years ago

No, no: you don’t stoop to their level. Assume the worst (divorce rape) and hope for the best (she doesn’t because you’re worth more as an ally).

Keep notes on your fights, occasionally come home from work early- and defend yourself- but never cheat, steal, or lie. Why?

Because being squeaky-clean robs her of blackmail, and gives you, the nuclear option (going public with 600 screenshots).

I once had a bitch thrown in jail. For weeks she’d been hitting me, I was pissed but too smart to just hit her back. Bided my time and pretended to submit. Tried to bait her into getting booked earlier, but then realized I had something in my trunk that might not have been legal.

I swung by the house, smuggled it inside in a damned cereal box, and two hours later she lost her shit in public and was arrested for assault.

2 upvotesChaddeus_Rex2 years ago

No, no: you don’t stoop to their level.

That's some Justin trudeau level shit. and a man doesn't stoop to Justin trudeau level shit lmao.

Keep notes on your fights, occasionally come home from work early- and defend yourself- but never cheat, steal, or lie. Why? Because being squeaky-clean robs her of blackmail, and gives you, the nuclear option (going public with 600 screenshots). I once had a bitch thrown in jail. For weeks she’d been hitting me, I was pissed but too smart to just hit her back. Bided my time and pretended to submit. Tried to bait her into getting booked earlier, but then realized I had something in my trunk that might not have been legal. I swung by the house, smuggled it inside in a damned cereal box, and two hours later she lost her shit in public and was arrested for assault.

Now that's some shit i can get behind. can you describe more of this?

2 upvotessd4c2 years ago

I don't get the political reference, sorry.

The exgf was a bad person, who ripped through people's lives spreading anguish and misery, by playing cute little miss victim, but was actually a demonic saboteur, who got her thrills from control, domination, and the satisfaction of successful deceit. She weaponized her vagina, to steal other chick's men, but her womb was both a tomb and an arsenal. She realized she could get more sympathy and money for herself, as a Mom. Cared nothing for her kids or the men she ruined. Had abortions like most people get fillings; and took a nap after.

There was an unrelated, ruthless home invasion killing nearby my suburban home. So for a bit of time after, I had some tools to make repairs in case things fell apart. I'm no Navy SEAL, but I have no desire to beg for my life as last act on the planet. Nothing happened more, but I didn't want the law to think I was a thug. So I waited to call for "help" with the ex, until I could make sure I'd be in the clear.

0 upvotessd4c2 years ago

Shit-damn, this is a well-written comment. I’m guessing 130 IQ (~95 percentile on standardized tests, like LSAT or GRE).

24 upvotessd4c2 years ago

Success, is the best revenge.

15 upvotessori972 years ago

For real man. Honestly, this is going to sound mysoginistic but, 80% of women are just fun seeking short minded individuals who have no sense of loyalty or ramifications because everything is handed to them amd because they are validated on top of it. Some men are like this but to a lesser degree compared to women because vagina

3 upvotescashmoney_x2 years ago

It's 100% but 30-500% don't have the circumstances to allow it and that's why they are so depressed and all on meds.

10 upvotesidgaf-2 years ago

Yo they are trained this way from childhood, now.

Many little girls grow up with no discipline and no consequences. Then because of all the babying, they have fragile egos and have no problems lying to protect it. Even from very early age they pick up on how to manipulate others.

119 upvotesredrogue122 years ago

I had to masturbate to this. It was awesome.

73 upvotessd4c2 years ago

The best part, is that most of her inconvenience at the end, could have been averted JUST BY GIVING OP HIS DAMNED THINGS. I almost said, it stemmed from petty greed. But no, she didn't really want the stereo. It was petty cruelty. She wanted to "win", wanted to get away with something, just one more time. If he had asked her to hang onto the TV or car for safe keeping, say, so it wouldn't be taken from him in some accident lawsuit- she'd forced him to take it.

27 upvotesIntubater692 years ago

Thats like my ex. She just wanted my stuff so she could say she won. She even took and kept things of mine that I had long before I met her, and after the divorce, she would and still does send me pictures of them and says "these are mine". Ummm, no, they are mine but she won't return them, and the hassles and costs of having a lawyer fight for them is pointless. As far as I am concerned, being away from her and living my life without her, far exceeds the loss of personal items.

20 upvotesDragon_Garoo2 years ago

The biggest and best thing I ever did in a relationship was go through everything... and I mean everything... and gather it up as I found it, and give it back to her, un-requested, in three tranches, over several months.

I didn't want her shit, I didn't want her memories, I didn't want anything that was ever even slightly related. It. Drove. Her. Nuts. So much so that her roomie got mad the 2nd time I had a batch of things I had found in the storage closet for her. "Why does she even want it? Is it gonna be pictures or something she doesn't want?" To which I responded: "Well the pics were mostly her and her friends. We had fun times, it wasn't all bad, but y'know, I didn't want that stuff."

Each time, she had to have an intermediary, someone that wasn't me, cuz she just, couldn't, face me. LOL. Take your stuff, I don't want your xmas presents, i don't want your valentines shit, I don't want anything. Seriously, purge the girl the way she would purge you. It's cathartic and helps you move on. Breaks any BP neediness and really reminds her that she's not all that.

Don't worry about your stuff. She took things that didn't belong to her. Some annoyed me but really, I have money. I can buy new shit. Why would I want anything tainted with BP possibilities? Nope. Just nope. Move along. Nothing to see here. My turn is over.

1 upvotessd4c2 years ago

Don't worry about your stuff. She took things that didn't belong to her. Some annoyed me but really, I have money. I can buy new shit.

Yes, this. If it’s lifesaving medicine, or a gun- get it back. Anything else has more value, as proof you’d rather not see her, than have the stuff back. And the more valuable it is, the more vulgar the display of power.

3 upvotesDrankOfSmell2 years ago

You've blocked her by this point right?

1 upvotessd4c2 years ago

A couple things:

1) The Rule from HEAT

2) Prepare for war during times of peace. Perhaps you could have found a way to retrieve your things without a fight. Or to imply that an item, had far more value than you actually attribute to it.

Mentioning: “That was my grandpa’s favorite watch.” Leaving out, “...for while mowing the lawn.”

2 upvotessd4c2 years ago

HEAT film quote:

“Never get involved in a deal you can’t walk away from in 30 seconds or less.”

13 upvotesAlejandroses [OP]2 years ago

Thanks man! Glad you liked the read! There was so much more things that happened but too long to type and stuff lol but I have like so many examples of her failing to get what she wanted during this time lol. Life just shat on her as soon as I came back. Even her friends got annoyed with her.

1 upvotesKafkaevsky2 years ago

I could read all of it. I like your writing style.

-1 upvotesExtremely_Photogenic2 years ago

You like your blue pill pornography?

5 upvotessd4c2 years ago

This ain’t BP pornography. This guy got cheated on, made the fool, and almost cucked. It seems like karma got her in the end, but that’s not really true: it was her own fallibility, her entitlement complex, that fucked her in the end.

Blue Pill pornography would have been: he forgave her for the betrayal, raised the other guys kids, and something happened to her at the end to even the score.

Nope, not even close. OP still got a bad deal. She just cut herself, sheathing the sword.

2 upvotesExtremely_Photogenic2 years ago

No, this is a revenger fantasy where the chat is getting boners over a girl suffering. Anger phase

1 upvotessd4c2 years ago

Not "over a girl suffering". Over a liar being exposed. Even some women, would take satisfaction in this.

1 upvotesExtremely_Photogenic2 years ago

Even some women

Your example of this being Red Pill is that some women would agree with you?

63 upvotesPoseidonsNutsack2 years ago

what kinda sound system you got bro

16 upvotesPM_ME_YOUR_RC512 years ago

I want wondering what kind of car honestly...it's his baby after all..

17 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Asking the real questions! You sir are the hero we need!

50 upvotessadomasochrist2 years ago

Reflair this as blue pill example. Your life is about to improve dramatically, congratulations. Feels good to play to the end, but it was foolish to expend that much energy for ego battles.

But we all do it.

Check out some info on NPD etc. The ego battles are obvious, things will be better once you sort yourself out there, if that is your issue.

Either way, this is a bigger blessing than you could ever imagine without kids.

15 upvotesAlejandroses [OP]2 years ago

I have reflaired! I suck at the flairs thanks for helping! lol

I will check out some of the info you put. Thanks for the positive words dude! It feels good to read comments like these and thanks for taking the time to read! I have never been happier than I am now man. I fully embrace the Red Pill because of this situation lol

1 upvotesFuture962 years ago

One more thing...use less LOLs...just kidding :)

2 upvotesSad_Larry2 years ago

the lols were my favorite part

4 upvotestwy34402 years ago

Yeah but he did want his stereo, TV, etc.

11 upvotesAndgelyo2 years ago

Fucking love it, A+ post lmao sounded like some shit from a comedy movie. The now (ex?) boyfriend sounded like a total bro. It was like your ex wife was getting rammed from all sides and she couldn’t do shit lmao

11 upvotesTop_Brazzler2 years ago


Great story, 10/10, need to use names for your ex wife and the guy so the story is more readable though, lol.

27 upvotesReanimated12 years ago

This is some Beverly Hillbillies shit.

11 upvotesdongus882 years ago

Guarantee this happened in an inner city ghetto

18 upvotesDenyHerYourEssence2 years ago

Great story, thanks for sharing. My takeaway lessons (which won’t be new to people who do any reading on this sub) are:

1) Never get married; 2) Never live together; 3) Once you follow 1 and 2, never underestimate the power of your ability to leave; 4) Never underestimate a woman’s ability to rationalize an action, no matter how selfish, evil, or ridiculous it is.

3 upvotessd4c2 years ago

I almost agree with this. Except to real alphas, it doesn’t apply. Cartel bosses pick wives all the time. The chicks do as they’re told, so they don’t end up fed to dogs.

You just don’t take on a fight you can’t win, and don’t get attached to your pets. If you’re a middle class guy, in the US or same- you CAN get married, you can live together, you just have to do so in Guatemala or the Philippines. You won’t have enough power-difference, to win in the states, because of your (4): selfish and evil.

8 upvotesprettyflyforabrowngy2 years ago

Was this girl really hot or something? She sounds terrible

6 upvotessd4c2 years ago

Just needs to be hot to OP, comparative speaking.

3 upvotesprettyflyforabrowngy2 years ago

and a bunch of other dudes, from what it sounds like

7 upvotesShotgunTRP2 years ago

This is some men's magazine soap right here

7 upvotesBigRingsLikeMJ2 years ago

If this story was a movie I'd watch the shit out of it

6 upvotestompanz2 years ago

Far too many guys think flying off the handle for almost no reason is somehow manly. It isn't. The strong emotions such as rage and hatred and the inability to control are feminine traits. Be assertive, be aggressive, always stand up for yourself, but always keep your cool except in extreme circumstances.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

South Korea.... married young... lots of cheating...

Let me guess. You were a soldier.

I can predict the rest of the story from that.

2 upvotesSolon642 years ago

One of the ladies I work with is getting married young to a soldier. She has lots of tatoos and piercings, was kind of a ho before she got with this guy, and he's getting deployed soon.

I already know where this story is headed, I've got my bowl of popcorn ready and everything.

1 upvotesTRPBackpacker2 years ago

Are those two still together?

11 upvotesAlejandroses [OP]2 years ago

They are not! Lmao he bounces back between her and his other baby momma and every time he does they fight each other. The two moms lmfao! Then they become best friends and then once he shows one more attention they fight again. At least this used to be the case, I dont know anymore. The mother moved out of state and I havent had a chance to catch up. But I do know they are not together lol.

That guy was Red Pill candidate for sure! Hopefully he runs into this sub at some point in his life. I am sure he felt bad too. One moment he was sitting on the couch watching TV with his girl lol, the next moment his mom is up their ass and within the next few minutes his whole world has changed lol

23 upvotesGreenPiller2 years ago

Thank you for this post, many faggots advocating for marriage are asking for the banhammer

12 upvotesAlejandroses [OP]2 years ago

Yeah man Im tired of these sillybois advocating for marriage. I mean marriage is for some people, but not for everyone.

27 upvoteshenrysmyagent2 years ago

...marriage is for some people = Women

...but not for everyone = Men

0 upvotessd4c2 years ago

It’s not marriage if either can leave.

It’s not sex if there’s no chance of children.

She’s not a woman if dicks meaned her up. She a man with a little tiny tiny dick, you’d be mad too

3 upvoteseccentricrealist2 years ago

Shit man you could post this on ProRevenge and they'd love it. I'm glad you kept your cool. It's nice when you can set aside your differences and reach a common ground, because sure, you can be pissed off with the guy your wife was with, but the compromise was hers in the first place.

3 upvotesshredzro2 years ago

So many lessons in one OP. I usually don’t like stories on trp but this one goes down in the books!

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Whoever said this sub Reddit couldn't be a source of feel good inspiration? My faith in the world is slightly restored.

4 upvotesnhlfod212 years ago

Although AWALT to some extent, this woman seems to have enough things going on to make me think "borderline"! Yikes that's some special crazy you escaped there.

3 upvotesNotLuceBree2 years ago

Gotta say, this is one of the most satisfying things I've read.

A true lesson in the power of detachment during life's most pressurized moments. "Grace under fire", as they call it.

Well done, sir.

17 upvotesrorrr2 years ago

That's way too much stupid drama over a fucking TV and a stereo.

15 upvotesleviathan512 years ago

And divorce signature. Without this drama, he may had to fight in a court.

5 upvotessd4c2 years ago

Bullshit. You hold the fucking line, Private.

“If I let a man steal my chickens, I might as well give him my daughters.”

Don’t give one fucking inch, you don’t have to. Your life is not worth that much, cause you’re really, already dead.

0 upvotesrorrr2 years ago

He could've made more money in the time he had wasted on this bullshit. Used TVs and stereos are really not that expensive.

2 upvotes8n0n2 years ago

He could've made more money in the time he had wasted on this bullshit. Used TVs and stereos are really not that expensive.

...and lost it later when he let some other woman walk all over him.

The point of the OP is not the possessions but being able to 'man up' and stand up for himself. It doesn't matter if its a house or a packet of skittles, own your shit.

Read this post at own risk and presume this has been modified by Reddit Inc

7 upvotesSelf-honest2 years ago

Keeping your calm is everything man. Patrice O'neal always talks about being righteous. To me, this is a huge reason everyone took your side. Obviously they already thought she was a liar, but the ex boyfriend's self deception is a powerful thing to overcome from that position. Going over to talk with him calmly and respectfully definitely tipped the scales in your favor.

I recently went through something similar with a terrifyingly crazy SO. We were not married, but the breakup could have gone horribly wrong. Thanks to TRP I kept my fucking mouth shut and and my emotions in check enough to walk away unscathed. I'm planning a post when I have time to go through it all in detail. Glad things worked out for you. Best of luck to you my dude.

7 upvotesomega_dawg932 years ago

when i left my ex in Texas, i left everything behind... just wanted to see the Louisiana state line ahead of me and "welcome to texas" in my rear-view mirror.

left an NAD 5 component stereo system behind ($4000)... that's my only regret.

1 upvotessd4c2 years ago

Go back. They’re called breaching slugs for a reason.

38 upvotesHS-Thompson2 years ago

What is this some kind of white trash serial novel or something?

Jesus man, aim a little fucking higher in life. None of this shit matters at all and every single person in this story is making horrible life choices, including you. There's nothing to be proud of here at all.

41 upvotesAlejandroses [OP]2 years ago

She acted like a fucking angel up until the point where I married her. After that she went berserk and started being a bitch about everything.

Only thing I am proud of is that I made is out alive lol

9 upvotestelluwhut2 years ago

Were there really no warning signs or anything that you brushed aside? She seems a little beyond the normal AWALT and into personality disorder territory.

19 upvotesIvan_The_Reddish2 years ago

He said he was blue pill up to that time. Captain Save-A-Ho isn't the world's most popular super hero for no reason.

3 upvotesDalekJay2 years ago

I would do the same for my tv and stereo

3 upvotesArhamzubair2 years ago

I don't normally read long stories, but had a great time reading this! Thanks for sharing!

3 upvotesRedPilledRoaster2 years ago

That was entertaining as fuck to read. A good way to end the day.

3 upvotesmanvscode2 years ago

Dude, I’ve lived your life. Your wife has BPD most likely.

3 upvotesp3n1x2 years ago

Don't make decisions when you are angry, and don't make promises when you are happy.

5 upvotesempatheticapathetic2 years ago

I'll get down voted to fuck but...nothing happened at all in this story. I don't see what the big deal is.

You got a divorce in the end and your stereo. No kids involved. No fucked up shit. A little stand off. What's the big deal.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I loved this story i could just see the walls caving in on all her bullshit that she told everyone. Its wonderful

2 upvotesBeanx942 years ago

Oh man, just reading this post made me angry...how did you stay calm?

2 upvotesSpaceViolet2 years ago

got married

We all know the real mistake in this story

2 upvotesshermanator9872 years ago

I wish I could be this strong

2 upvotessd4c2 years ago

“You are under no obligation, to be the person you were five minutes ago”

2 upvotesEclectiqque2 years ago

deadass serious you should make a short movie/maybe short book about this. i rarely get the "emotional rollercoaster" feeling when I read stuff but this thing really got me.

2 upvotesjethreezy2 years ago

She never fought me in court because everyone in her life would have been againts her if she did

The only thing that has ever been and will ever be able to somewhat hold female hypergamy and malice in check: social ostracism.

4 upvoteswaldo8882 years ago

BULL SHIT. You lying piece.

3 upvotesnotforporn1552 years ago

This reeks of some daydreamed revenge fantasy

2 upvotesMaxWyght2 years ago

My justice boner is rock hard.

1 upvotesLuckyluke232 years ago

this story was awesome man. loved it!

1 upvotes_MysticFox2 years ago

I thought anger was a turn on? I don't understand when it's an appropriate emotion.

6 upvotesSir_Distic2 years ago

Almost never. I'm not talking about feeling anger. That's impossible. But displaying it. I'd personally say the only time to display anger is when defending yourself from violence. Now that's easier said than done. But if some woman says some hurtful, hateful, evil shit to you... laugh in her face. Laugh right at that silly teenage girl. Emotionally teenage. Don't take women seriously.

1 upvotesNofapFrance2 years ago

So, there are still decent women. Man you made my day, 10/10 Would fap again to that justice porn tape.

1 upvotes40PercentChromium2 years ago

First example for me, where the guy wasn't skinned alive after divorce. Hats off to you sir

1 upvotescashmoney_x2 years ago

They all lie the exact same way.

1 upvotesPsychocist2 years ago

It's horrific how selfish and remorseless someone can be. I know AWALT but I truly hope most don't do shit like this.

Anyway, nice one! You managed this well. I think lesser men would have drove that car through a wall.

1 upvotesvirtualvirgincake2 years ago

Nice one man. Good luck for the future

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

its seems to me at least a little hard to believe that all this happened the way it did but if it did really great job bro :) your right when you are calm you make the best decisions

tnx for the post

1 upvotesSisu69722 years ago

Holy fucking shit balls. This was beautiful. I wish you a satisfying life sir

1 upvotesWel1082 years ago

This was epic man. Fuck, so epic. One day you'll be in some shit again, and you'll always think back at this story about yourself. This will pull you through.

Now go find happiness in whatever the fuck fulfills you.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I'm glad it worked out for you, but you made many risky moves. This could have gone super badly for you. Like, you wind up seriously hurt, in prison, and losing what little you had, on top of probably getting on the hook for child support.

Next time (there better not be a next time) just walk away and take your shit on the spot. Go no contact and record any communication she sends you and lawyer up.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

TL;DR don't drop out of college.

0 upvotesAkikoAlbay2 years ago

Jesus! This guy's Abundance Mentality is OVER 9000!

-6 upvotesNinokun2 years ago

So u are Korean? shit ur woman are the hottest on this Planet right now thanks to Plastic Surgery i would never leave if i was you.

1 upvoteswhitemanrules2 years ago

Massively biased post. Marriage is a very good thing. You just were not RP enough to control her. Fggt

8 upvotesGrimsterr2 years ago

One of the most ridiculous things I've ever read "control her", anyone who thinks they can "control" a woman hasn't learned shit.

5 upvotestompanz2 years ago

Some (let's be honest, most) women are just hopeless. You don't even fuck women this messed up, because they can easily screw up your life.

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