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"real men"

June 11, 2022

I saw a tiktok of a woman and her daughter walking together and her husband walking behind carrying a bunch of stuff. The whole comment section was "as he should" or "that's a real man right there"

I find it disgusting that people can say this stuff, these are the same people that "don't believe in gender roles". Every man is a real man, no man is less or more of a man and that includes trans men. Men shouldn't have to prove themselves in order to be a real man.

If a real man is someone who works all day, does all the labour and carries heavy things for women then is a "real women" someone who cooks and cleans all the time? If he wanted to carry that stuff then that's fine but usually it's because he feels like he has to. Also my main problem is the comments using the term "real man" and saying that's how it should be.

Another thing is, most of the time someone's being a "real man" it's because they're doing something to benefit women, occasionally at the expense of themselves. Men don't owe women anything, especially because women are starting to not do anything for men while still expecting men to do so much for them.

What are your thoughts on the term "real man"

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