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"men aren't men anymore"

February 21, 2023

"men aren't men anymore" "bring back manly real men" this is all stuff I've heard recently online usually from people on the right.

First of all, these people usually claim that gender is not a social construct yet claim certain men aren't actually real men. They only say this for men, never women.

What do they mean by a man? How do they define a man? It seems like a man is someone who sacrifices themselves, works hard, can provide well, is successful sexually, financially and socially, is tough/brave/strong and not have a vulnerable side. Already this seems like it excludes quite a lot of men such as men who are disabled and have trouble working or having a "successful life". The right constantly bring down men for whatever reason. The right don't value men, they value traditional masculinity and want to enforce it on all men.

Men don't owe anyone anything. As long as someone identifies as a man, they're a man.

One thing that women do well is the connection they have with eachother. Women tend to stick up for eachother and value eachother more than men. Women have a sense of community within themselves and I think men could learn something here. Men need to care for eachother, not bring eachother down unless the individual man has done something wrong.

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