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Vocal tonality: speak groot!

October 19, 2021

Was getting a bit tired of recent shit posts; I disappear for a short while and you gheys resort to shit posting.


Reposting a useful outer game post on vocal tonality; too many people talk about rapport breaking tonality/dominant tonality without actually showing what it looks like.

So, I said fuck it and found a good post that does.

I repeat, this is NOT my post, it’s an oldie from r seduction before it became ghey.

Got a couple of outer game posts in my drafts, but been a bit busy recently. Some raging, bald headed spartan dude is mounting an attack against Mount Olympus, looks remarkably similar to this.

(N.B. I know some of you have some posts in your drafts too. If you can, prioritise posts focusing on outer game. IE shit the reader can literally walk out and implement the next time they are out. Nobody wants another “See! Women are hypergamous, women bad!” or another lame generic platitude post. Would be immensely appreciated xoxo)

Anyway, without further adieu:

So I was studying abroad on Mount Olympus and took "How to Speak Groot" as an elective. This course has changed my life when interacting with people (i.e. women), and I want to share a bit of what I learned!

Read each of these sentences aloud:

I am groot.

I am groot?

I AM groot.

I... am groot.

I. Am. Groot?

I... am... groot...

I am groot!!!

Even though each of these sentences is exactly the same, what makes them stand apart is in the tone and inflection of your voice when you speak. The emphasis on one word vs another. The slight lift in voice in the end that denotes a question vs the strong pronunciation that denotes a statement. The words are just words. How you say them changes everything.

This is why I tell people what you say is never as important as HOW you say it.

I'll give you another example. We're all familiar with Joey's (FRIENDS) famous pick up line:

"How you doin?"

The reason it makes people giddy is the delivery. It's the inflection on "you" and the subtle drop with the "doin" that grabs you.

It's that way he makes "How you doin?" sound like "You are beautiful. You are sexy. You are fascinating. I WANT YOU."

It's all in the delivery.

How this affects your interaction with women (and why confidence is so important), is because when you learn how to adjust the way you say things, you can say anything, but convey a different meaning the way you say it.

You can say "Good Morning" in a way that makes her hear "Damn! You're sexy as fuck!"

You can say "Let's go get a drink." and what she hears is "I want to take your panties off with my teeth!"

And the best part: When you learn to play with your delivery, she will "hear" what she wants to hear! And while this can often be a doubled-edged sword, if she's attracted to you, it will ALWAYS work out in your favor.

Now, here's how you can make this work for you:

Read the following sentences silently.

I think you're beautiful.

I think you're intelligent.

Wow, you're really funny.

I think you're sexy.

I want to fuck you.

You want me!

Want to have sex?

Now read each sentence again, but this time say "I am groot". Say it in a way that tries to convey the meaning of the sentence.

You'll notice the subtle changes in diction and inflection, not only as you speak them, but as you hear them as well.

Now do it all again, but this time... smile while you speak.

This... this right here... this is Flirting 101. It's how to say or do one thing, but convey a completely different meaning.

It's the subtle difference in voice tone and body language that gives what ever comes out of your mouth "context".

And that subtlety makes all the difference in the world. It's the key to flirting. It's the reason I always suggest making an actual phone call vs text msgs. It's the reason what you say is never as important as HOW you say it.

Now go find a mirror and practice.

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