4 years ago, I was on the verge of a mega mental breakdown.

Sure, I had a nice family, I lived in an upper class neighborhood, I had good friends, I went to a top school here in my country, I had a beautiful girlfriend (she cheated on me, that fvcking b*tch LOL), etc.

On the inside, I was tortured by my neuroticism and my health was extremely poor (I was 6'1 and 270 lbs)

Every single night, I had to cry myself to sleep due to my soul-tearing obsessive negative thoughts. Images of me killing my pets and my family, my then girlfriend getting fucked by someone else (it did happen, so lmao) and so on.

Those were the worst days of my life even though my life looked beautiful from the outside.

Every transformational story has that incident which makes the hero change the course of his life.

I had a health scare due to my poor eating habits and obesity. My immune system was fucked due to my poor health. I was puking like 5 times an hour, pain that felt like someone was drilling a hole on my stomach. I also had high fever, was constantly 103 for 3 odd days. My God, merely thinking about those days makes me cower like a little bitvh.

Couple that with my constant negative thoughts and rumination, I felt like my brain was about to burst anytime from all the thoughts. My days were filled with crying, sleeping and puking. Lol.

I legit thought I was going to die due to my sickness. My parents were out of town for a business meeting, my brother was out of town on a school vacation and here I was, all alone, close to meeting God.

This was the turning point. Although I was determined to take care of my mental and physical health and life extremely seriously after I recover, this poured fuel into the fire.

My ex-girlfriend, who knew I was sick as hell, did not even call/text me when I was sick. I was a little suspicious but didn't want to jump into conclusions since she told me her friends were visiting her from a different state (lies).

Turns out she was with a guy that she met at her gym. She apparently had a threesome with the gym guy and his friend. The guy that took my ex gf somehow came to know I was her boyfriend and told me about the incident. I did not confront her immediately though. I met the guy in person and had a "bro talk" with him. Turns out she had sex with almost everyone in the guy's social circle, even when I was sick.

You know what, she told me she "loved me with all her heart" two days before I got sick. I'm still angry at myself for wasting my time and energy on her.

Blocked her instantly on all socials, deleted her number and decided to change my life for the better.

I got a gym membership and started hitting the gym 7x a week (noobie mistakes, brah).

Started seeing results and kept pushing.

The guy that fcked my ex girlfriend is now one of my closest friends. He actually introduced me to RP and mentored me on pretty much every topic from fitness, money, life and women.

He gave me a PPL powerlifting program and a diet plan for me to follow.

Although my body was getting stronger, lifts were going up daily, my mind was still chaotic and messy. I tried everything from ashwagandha to NAC supplements. They worked, make no mistake. But the effect went away in 4-5 hours or so.

I decided to follow a clean diet and cut out junk food from my diet.

My negative thoughts and rumination went down by 50%. I was surprised and started researching more about the topic.

I stumbled upon elimination diet and decided to try it.

Quit all grains, bread and white rice from my diet and in just 3 days, my anxiety vanished. I felt like a new person! I went from a sensitive, neurotic guy to calm and collected in a matter of days.

My productivity went up, bodyfat started dropping rapidly, my erection came back finally, etc.

Fast forward to 2023 and I now look, think and feel like a different person.

Guess what made the biggest difference? Quitting sugar and reducing carbs.

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