Let’s take the following suppositions that are often reiterated on here as true:

  • women are only attracted to the top 20% of guys
  • of you’re not one of those top 20%, you’re landing squarely in the BB side of the AF/BB equation if you get a relationship at all
  • being a BB is terrible and not worth it

So what exactly do you want? Lots of guys say “I just want my looksmatch” but if your looksmatch doesn’t find you attractive because you’re not top 20%, you’re still ending up a BB.

Guys on here become so vitriolic when women say they care about stuff like personality. Would you rather women not give any guy who’s not top 20% a chance for any reason? Would you be able to objectively look at yourself in the mirror, recognize you’re not that hot, and be ok forgoing any chance of getting a relationship or physical intimacy?

My sidebar question, which isn’t necessarily related though lots of guys think it is: is sexual intimacy the only form of love that you’re willing to accept? If dead bedrooms are caused by a lack of sexual attraction (as is often argued), is it better to never have a DB by forgoing any other kind of intimacy cuz you’re not top 20, or take what your partner is willing to give you even if it’s not as much sex as you’d like, cuz she shows her love for you in other ways?