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insults and compliments directed towards men

August 5, 2022

I'm so annoyed that people think of some men as more or less of a man. So many insults and compliments are to do with a man's masculinity when it shouldn't be like that.

Insults Insults like loser, incel, soyboy, neckbeard, creep, and jokes about "not getting bitches", etc, all attack a man's sense of masculinity. Attracting women is a huge part of virility and these jokes say that not being able to attract women makes you less of a man. Instead of shaming someone for being a "loser", shouldn't we have some compassion and understanding?? Same with "creep", it's such a vague term and can mean anything from "that guy over there who shows clear traits of autism makes me uncomfortable for just existing" to "that guy just sexually assaulted me".

I saw a video of a man just walking behind a woman and the comment section was freaking out and acting like he's a monster, calling him a creep. It disgusted me! that poor man...

Also making fun of a man for being short, having a small penis and not much making money also ties into this because those attributes are often what attracts women to men and also because mens attractiveness comes from being successful and being the best of the best. I hate this idea that a man who isn't completely successful is a failure. I wish we as men could bring eachother up and truly support eachother.

But then compliments such as "real man" is also acting like there are men who are better than other men or more of a man than someone else. I saw loads of people commenting this on a tiktok of a man saying he hates Andrew Tate. And as much as I hate Andrew Tate, he's still just as much of a man as anyone else. He's horrible but what he's done doesn't mean he's not a man. Men shouldn't have to be any certain way in order to have an identity that wont be mocked.

Another thing is that when people describe a "good man" they often describe him as someone who's life revolves around worshipping women and feminism.

And you would think feminists would be against using terms like "real man" yet they constantly use it to try and shame men into joining their side.

I'm pretty sure almost any insult or compliment towards men can be tied to the idea that some men are more of a man than others.

I am pretty much considered a failure in many parts of my life. I have severe social anxiety which makes it hard for me to make connections and depression which makes me fall behind in school. I've never been in a relationship. I'm also a trans man. But I'm still just as much of a man as anyone else and I don't want to bring down another man for how manly or not he is in any way. I hope we can achieve a time where men support eachother like women do. It would help so much to stop bringing men down or acting like men are failures for not being a certain way. I think it would solve many problems.

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