Hi everyone

A few days ago I was on here with a thread about how 'woke' is defined as being undefinable and how this is unfair and disingenuous. My argument is that woke people use appeals to empathy and subjectivity to avoid being held accountable for their behaviour, while at the same time treating others like objects. I'm saying that many feminists today see themselves as empathetic and compassionate when truly they are rigid and controlling underneath. There is a disconnect there that they are often oblivious to and they don't understand the harm this causes.

So today I thought I'd have a go myself at being objective about the thing. If 'woke' is undefinable, then let's make a new term with a specific definition, and have it be 100% clear what's identified as the issue. When I criticize someone as being 'woke', I mean they are toxic woke:

Toxic woke: Activists who leverage empathy for their cause in order to impose unfair power structures.

Let it be absolutely clear that criticizing toxic woke is not the same thing as being opposed to the cause. Toxic woke people take advantage of the cause they are fighting for to put themselves into positions of power; they will claim that any criticism of their behaviour means that the critic is opposed to people's rights. You can oppose 'woke' and still support the cause. I can be opposed to 'woke' people's abuse of power, yet also be supportive of trans people's rights.

I don't know about my definition, though. Maybe it could be better. I'm trying to find something that's as general as possible so it covers all the myriad different causes that activists fight for, while still being specific about what all these people's behaviour has in common.

There are other aspects that I could point to, especially 'woke's problem with censorship, but the shortest, clearest definition I can come up with is what I put above. What do people think of this?

And, you know, if someone disagrees when you say toxic woke, you can always deflect the point saying "oh we're not talking about -all- 'woke' people, just the toxic ones." That way you can avoid addressing the real issues at hand. 🙄

Toxic woke is an iron fist in a silk glove.