Has This Ever Happened To You?

Have you ever been at a party where you’re locked into a conversation with a cute girl…

• She likes the same stuff you’re into!

• She’s laughing at your jokes!

• She might even be single!

But then out of nowhere… BAM! Another dude slides in and introduces himself before you have a chance to grab her Instagram or Make Out with her?

Oh no…

This is something that happens all the time at networking events, meetup groups, parties, bars, clubs. Any environment where men and women congregate this is bound to happen.

So what do you do? How do you hold frame in a situation like this?

For most guys, the natural response is to try to one up the other dude in the conversation, which comes off as needy and insecure. When you have two dudes both trying to impress the same girl, the girl has all the power.

Another extremely common response is to avoid confrontation altogether by excusing yourself from the conversation like a pussy (if this is you, don’t worry, I used to do that too… lol)

If you’re a juiced up roid monkey on Steroids, you may even get confrontational and tell them to fuck off. In which case, the girl simply runs away scared and no one wins.

That’s why it’s hard to hold frame when another man enters your conversation…

Therefore, the only solution is to prevent him from even entering.

That’s right.

Ignore Him.

Don’t even acknowledge his presence. Go on talking to the girl as if he’s not even there.

Lock eye contact with the girl and don’t stop for a tiny fraction of a second to even look at him.

I only learned this tactic because there was a time in my earlier years where some skinny dude was socially astute enough to completely ignore me like this as I tried to enter his group… And I still remember how brutally effective it was in zoning me out of the conversation.

Now the tables are completely turned.

If the other dude continues to try to enter the conversation, HE is the one that looks desperate and needy for approval.

At this point, most guys will just give up and leave you alone, but a few brave souls will persist.

So I eventually added another layer to this tactic to deal with those rare cases where the guy actually has a set of balls or is Autistic enough to keep trying to enter the conversation.

Apologize FOR him.

My go to line is “Wow I’m so sorry we keep getting interrupted like this, come on let’s go somewhere else”

What this line implies is that whoever is interrupting you has such a low social intelligence that YOU have to be the one wiping his ass and apologizing on his behalf.

You come off like a Father apologizing to another Parent for his Son’s weird behavior. Super solid position to be in.

Not to mention, this is also a super natural way to move the girl to another location in the event or even start transitioning to another venue (one step closer to sex)

The only time this doesn’t work is if the guy is already friends with the girl. Then you’ll have to actually make friends with him.

But if the two of them just sort of know each other and the dude is a beta orbiter, oftentimes, the girl will simply ignore the guy and continue talking to you. She will essentially follow your lead in zoning him out of the conversation.

The key to pulling this off successfully is that you can’t even flinch or turn your neck for a second to look at the other guy. Stay 100% locked into conversation with your girl. No eye contact, no body shifts, certainly no saying “Hi”.

Just A Brutal Refusal To Acknowledge Someone Else’s Presence.