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Hitler's Lost Book: Ihre Kampf.

November 27, 2021

Gonna be a lengthy post so sit down, relax and grab some popcorn, or a protein shake or something. Just not beer, refer to my esoteric testosterone post on why, otherwise you are a Not Gonna Make It (NGMI).

You aren't a NGMI are you anon?

As No Nut November is nearing its end, and Black Friday is here, the will of the beta is grinding down and they need to replace Mia Khalifa with something else.

Well, what could it be?

Funko pops? Yes, but no.

Fruit loops or lucky charms? Yes, but no.

The latest ghey marvel tv series/film on netflix? Yes, but no.

It's video games. You knew this was coming, boys.

Why do you still play video games anon?

So many reasons to quit, so let's start with the obvious one:

The Golden Age of video games is over.

Video games used to made by gamers for gamers. Now it’s just corporate execs releasing annual products for their consumers.

Years ago, those gamers weren’t implementing loot boxes, micro transactions or even thinking about a sequel, they just wanted to make a good game. They were just passion projects. Now, it's thoroughly controlled by corporate executives.

And what do they do?

They nickle and dime ghey-mers and wait until next year to do it all over again. Putting trans black soldiers in a WW2 game isn’t what a gamer does, it’s what a corporate executive does. Making your protagonist a trans person isn't what gamer implements, it's what a corporate executive implements. Swapping nazi swastikas for an iron cross isn't what a gamer thinks of, it's what a corporate executive thinks of pander to the new generation of ghey-mers, who more and more look like this. It has been replaced by extortionate micro transaction systems and deluded historical revisionism such as black WW1 soldiers, or trans propaganda.

Can't you see it? Games prioritise virtue signalling, nickel and diming over good quality games, and yet you still play them. Why?

I'll tell you why. Because deep down, you are still trying to chase that high you got from them when you were 12-16. Those first moments when you first picked up gaming. You keep buying new releases annually, only be disappointed, swear them off and then come November, do it all over again. You try to relive the glory days, the highs you got, but deep down, you know they are truly gone. They died when gaming became corporatised, but you lie to yourself...you hope those meanie executives will finally listen and give you the game you first played.

Newsflash bro: it ain't coming.

The personal passion project type of video games are dead. There is no way you can describe any major title as "personal passion projects" unless you are high, and if so, pass me the blunt brah. Surely, you noticed this decline in quality too right?

But maybe you never got to experience the golden age. Maybe you never got to experience people calling you the naughty word over the mic whilst claiming to have banged your mom, and this current age is all you know, making what I'm describing foreign to you. Or maybe you just don't have the vision I have, I mean, I am a God after all, so it's cool.

Don't fret, I still got you fam.

Ask yourself, after playing your favourite video game, how do you really feel?

Do you feel elated? Do you feel like a "high"?

If you are honest with yourself, you don't. You just feel drained/tired.

Compare that to coming back from a workout, its nowhere near the same. The workout literally took from you, it took your sweat, energy and your mental focus for 1-2 hours, and yet you feel like a Demi god right after. You gained more than you lost.

What did the video games take?

Fucking nothing. All you had to do was sit on your ass and play, and you STILL didn't gain anything from it. No sense of elation, nothing. You lost more than you gained. Try it out next time you play, see how you feel after. Empty/fleeting would be the word you'll look for.

Here's something else you can try. Try to remember what it was like playing a few days ago or a week ago. Don't just try to vaguely "remember" it, try to remember the exact details of what was happening, how many kills you got, the matches you played and how you felt.

You can't. Gaming doesn't even get saved as a distinct experience in our brains. It's just a vague blur. In a way, its almost as if it never happened. You can remember banging that Spring Break Hoe but you can't even remember last week's gaming session.

Compare that to your last workout or last week's bang. You remember so many more details. You can still remember what you were squatting last week, or benching last month, how hard it felt and how much easier it feels recently. It happened.

That bitch you fucked 2 weeks ago, you still remember her. You even think about her when you bang someone else and convince yourself it's her. Hell, even the bitch still remembers. She remembers being fucked and will always remember being fucked (no matter how she pretends she doesn't remember or add it to her n count). Bitches are dumb, but they aren't that dumb.

Every year, you grind and grind on the latest instalment; unlock all kinds of things, level up your characters only for it to count for nothing by next year when they release the next instalment of their franchise. Your work almost gets completely undone.

(Side note: there’s some interesting psychology happening here. Why do men grind so much on video games? Doesn't it get stressful? Who would want to put themselves through such hardship just to unlock shit on video games? Well, men are human doings. They derive purpose and pleasure through conquering and doing. Why do you think games never give you everything unlocked right off the bat and say “Well, go have your fun now. You have everything you need”. Because guys don't have fun like that. They get it through grinding and working for those unlocks, video games know this and hijack this to hook guys and make them play for hours).

Again, compare to that to the gym. Your grinding in the gym visibly and numerically pays off, your muscles get bigger and stronger. Last year's work is not only NOT counting for nothing but instead actively counting towards your goal. How will you bench 315 if you never went through the year of only benching 250? Hell, even if you fall off the wagon and stop working out for a while, muscle memory will kick in when you return because of last year's work. If you benched 275 in the past, you still benched 275, the work doesn't somehow get undone. Similar thing with a bitch, if you fucked her last year, you still fucked her last year. Its not like she gets unfucked.

So as you can see, what even is the point of playing video games? What is the point of all this grinding? What is the point of playing if you can hardly remember what it felt like? Do you see the futility of it? Or do you just choose not to?

Here's a quick litmus test.

Just ask yourself, "am I playing too much video games." It's as simple as that. A lot of you aren't where you want to be financially, physically or sexually, and so instinctively, you will know the answer, it will be like a reflex. Any deviation from this answer is a ghey rationalisation you use to hide from the truth. (Think about this before you come in the comment section defending your ghey video games).

There will be a minority who can genuinely say "no I don't". And to them, I sincerely tell them to keep doing what they are doing. But this is a tiny minority of people.

You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it.

There’s really no better time to give up video games. They are shit now, they don't do anything for you, they leave you empty AND there are so many other things that require your attention...productive things. You can easily replace video games with something else, and naturally you will. You think you will just stand there idly during the time you were meant to be gaming? Hell no, you will find something else.

If you genuinely do find yourself twiddling your thumbs during the time you normally would be gaming, here are some ideas:

Go for a hike, meet up with an old friend, go on a date with a girl you aren't too sure about...maybe you'll find she's not too bad, start a side hustle, look into crypto, do some stretches (a lot of you guys are inflexible as fuck), go do some cardio (don't think I don't see you guys skipping cardio, refer to my cardio post on the best forms), read some posts on the main sub by your favourite posters (like me of course).

Here's the thing, you will NEVER regret not playing enough video games. Nobody at 80 is dying thinking "damn, I wish I played more video games."

Here's what they do regret:

- Not having fucked enough bitches. Not having enough stories about of the escapades he had.

-Not having built a good physique. Imagine dying without never having seen your body at its peak.Couldn't be me.

- Not having built a good amount of wealth and always drove a Toyota.

- Not taking risks and trying some sort of side hustles/businesses.

The world is on fire. They are printing your ass into inflation, mandating questionable doom juices, and worst of all, bitches aren't getting the fucking they need. As you can see, it's in big trouble. There really is no better time to give up video games.

"But...but...moderation Apollo. Please let me play my video games. I promise I will only play a bit, I'm not like those betas who can't control themselves."

Tempting , but no.

A lot of you are vehemently anti porn. Even if moderation was proposed, a lot of you would say "No, just cut it out completely." Why? Because you know porn is poison. Poison is still poison regardless of dose. Same thing with alcohol and drugs, a lot of you propose you going cold turkey on these things, but yet you struggle to say the same for video games. Why is giving up video games your kampf, but not alcohol or drugs, at least those 2 typically happen in social environments unless you are a total loser and doing those alone in a basement. But in that case, wtf bro?

A lethal dose of polonium is about 50ng, would you still propose having this at moderation? Say, 1ng or 0.5ng? No, you wouldn't. Poison is still poison regardless of dose. Why the fuck would you take it?

So the real question isn't about everything in moderation (including poison), but rather can you afford it? If you are an alcoholic, you can't afford the poison alcohol. If you have a compulsive eating disorder, you can't afford the poison McDonalds. And, if you aren't where you want to be currently, then you can't afford video games.

Deep down, a lot of you know I'm right. Any contradicting retort is simply a rationalisation used to hide from the truth. So this Black Friday, do yourself a favour: don't buy the latest vidya game, don't buy the GheyStation 5 or the latest NoSexBox 360. It's just going to a huge time sink a lot of you can't afford.

(Or you try and flip them for -$10 profit like a boss 😎). That's viable too.

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