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Upvotes Title Category Author Subreddit Date (UTC)
1001 A List of Approach Invitations Red Pill Theory Hector_Castillo /r/TheRedPill 27/07/17 12:01 PM
649 What Traits Should You Look For In a Potential Girlfriend? LTR Hector_Castillo /r/TheRedPill 30/11/17 08:14 PM
484 Having Sex With a Female Human? Focus on Your Pleasure Only. Red Pill Theory Hector_Castillo /r/TheRedPill 28/07/17 09:53 AM
299 Most Men Are Not Your Friends Meta Hector_Castillo /r/TheRedPill 12/08/17 04:51 PM
201 Your Vulnerabilities Cannot Be Related to Her or Another Man Red Pill Theory Hector_Castillo /r/TheRedPill 28/08/17 03:00 PM
91 A Man is Only as Good as His Word Red Pill Theory Hector_Castillo /r/TheRedPill 29/08/17 11:15 AM
59 An Analysis of Chris Brown's Side of the Rihanna Incident Blue Pill Example Hector_Castillo /r/TheRedPill 17/08/17 12:14 PM
50 Women's Desires are Paradoxical, Not Contradictory Red Pill Theory Hector_Castillo /r/TheRedPill 16/08/17 11:56 AM
44 Why Feminism Criticizes Slut-Shaming Red Pill Theory Hector_Castillo /r/TheRedPill 30/08/17 10:50 AM
36 Musings on MGTOW MGTOW Hector_Castillo /r/TheRedPill 21/08/17 02:52 PM
30 Are You A White-Knight for Physically Defending a Woman? No. Red Pill Theory Hector_Castillo /r/TheRedPill 03/09/17 07:20 PM
25 How to Strategically Use Beta Qualities to Temper Your Attainability Red Pill Example Hector_Castillo /r/TheRedPill 25/07/17 12:32 PM
20 The Fall of The Ivory Towers Approaches Meta Hector_Castillo /r/TheRedPill 12/08/17 04:21 PM
12 Reactions vs Results Red Pill Theory Hector_Castillo /r/TheRedPill 15/08/17 02:33 PM
6 Is She Testing You Hard? You're Heading the Right Way Red Pill Theory Hector_Castillo /r/TheRedPill 24/04/18 10:23 PM
3 Are You About to Send a Big Text? Break it Up Into Two Texts Red Pill Theory Hector_Castillo /r/TheRedPill 24/04/18 09:03 PM
1 FR: Papi Takes Her Virginity Field Report Hector_Castillo /r/TheRedPill 19/08/17 08:35 AM
0 Being the Bull: Other Men Losing is Half the Fun Meta Hector_Castillo /r/TheRedPill 28/08/17 03:44 PM

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