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We have a lot of posts rightfully scoffing at chicks and their penis envy. Women are so turned around that they think the path to happiness is by acti...
Metachazthundergut/r/TheRedPill19/09/18 01:58 AM

TLDR- Be discreet. Learn to shut the fuck up. Never corner her hamster, never make her feel like a slut. I was reading ExoticPanther's fun field r...
chazthundergut/r/TheRedPill09/07/19 05:47 AM

TLDR- sexual attraction comes from tension and not comfort. Successful men are comfortable around uncomfortable women. Men are conditioned to always r...
Red Pill Theorychazthundergut/r/TheRedPill21/08/18 04:38 PM

TLDR- If you want to succeed with women you will need to overcome your fear of them. TRP is overflowing with men who are terrified of women. Here are ...
MGTOWchazthundergut/r/TheRedPill23/08/18 01:52 AM

TLDR- women are attracted to successful men the way we are attracted to sexy women. The most reliable way to obtain pussy is by obtaining success as a...
chazthundergut/r/TheRedPill02/09/18 04:53 AM

RedPill godfather Rollo Tomassi put me on to the idea of old books and new books. The idea is this: as men we are indoctrinated to follow the "ol...
Red Pill Theorychazthundergut/r/TheRedPill24/06/19 06:15 PM

Summary: Morbidly obese, 27-year-old virgin fucks 10 beautiful women and has a threesome. Body: To start, this post will be useless to most of you. If...
Field Reportchazthundergut/r/TheRedPill10/06/16 04:54 AM

Females, possessing little intrinsic value beyond their beauty and child-rearing abilities, have compensated by developing some pretty effective datin...
Red Pill Theorychazthundergut/r/TheRedPill17/06/19 12:03 AM

I was recently watching Blue Planet (great documentary) and it really put Hypergamy into perspective. Nature is fucking brutal Every species is locked...
Metachazthundergut/r/TheRedPill13/01/19 06:58 PM

TLDR- Stop validating women. I've gotten some messages asking about validation, so here is a simple write up for you autistic bastards. Validation is ...
chazthundergut/r/TheRedPill26/09/18 05:26 PM

Here are the strategies that have allowed me (30 years old, 5'9", 280 lbs man) to finally get a small rotation going using online dating. Bec...
chazthundergut/r/TheRedPill29/08/18 05:19 PM

chazthundergut/r/TheRedPill05/05/19 08:35 PM

I keep getting messages from guys saying that my post (Validation) was removed. I can't tell from my dashboard and I never heard from a mod so I have ...
chazthundergut/r/TheRedPill27/09/18 03:36 PM

Summary: Be Mindful, Love Yourself Background: I read the post outlining tips to stop overeating (good info) and I thought I would add my $.02 about a...
Fitnesschazthundergut/r/TheRedPill06/01/18 07:53 AM

If you have, could you please share your experience, and be as specific as possible? I'm not so concerned about how you lost the weight- there's a lot...
chazthundergut/r/askTRP29/06/16 04:37 AM

I wanna be able to make one of my ladyfriends orgasm more reliably during sex and was considering a vibrator. Any of you guys have experience with thi...
chazthundergut/r/askTRP17/08/18 03:13 PM

TLDR - when you focus on yourself and your mission, chicks will get pulled into your life automatically. No need to go out of your way chasing pussy. ...
chazthundergut/r/TheRedPill13/08/18 11:32 PM

I just had a great second date with a cute south american girl. I would like to thank TRP for the free content on here. I saw every shit test a mile a...
chazthundergut/r/askTRP17/02/19 06:22 AM

The fantasy has ended. The world of Disney princesses and fairytale innocence has crumbled into ash before your eyes. What has emerged is the stark, c...
Building Powerchazthundergut/r/TheRedPill15/07/18 07:15 AM

Last night on a whim I dropped 250 mg of THC edibles then drove to Spearmint Rhino to watch some sexy women dance. The vibe was fire the chicks were r...
Field Reportchazthundergut/r/TheRedPill24/07/18 02:12 PM
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