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Had a glow up and the difference is shocking

March 3, 2023

I'm a guy and a year ago I decided to stop whining and b!tching about my lack of success with girls and do something about it. I went to the gym regularly for about a year, cleaned up my diet, got a skin care routine, whitened my teeth, showered more and styled my hair and even ended up growing back some hair (the increased blood flow probably did it). I can't tell a different personally from looking in the mirror but people tell me I look much better and when looking at old photos I can't help but agree.

During this period of self improvement I put off social gatherings as I wanted to start over fresh. Yesterday I went to a party and I literally just sat down and did nothing. Hot girls started talking to me, showed interest, gave me high fives, asked if I was ok ect. One girl even gave me chips for no reason and when I offered to buy her a drink in return she said no.

And I was literally doing nothing, not even trying to run game or even engage with these random hot girls I've never even seen before. It really is shocking as before girls wouldn't even seem to acknowledge my existence unless I tried to talk to them.

So there it guys, it really was looks after all. Anyone who's struggling needs to hit the gym and/or the plastic surgeon's office.

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