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"Especially to a female."

December 28, 2022

Earlier today at my grocery store side job I was speaking with one of my female co-workers and she mentioned a recent incident where a male customer got into a shouting and swearing fit with a female customer who accidently knocked into his cart (I didn't witness this, was merely told about it). Now I definitely don't agree with what the angry male customer did and he was clearly wrong even if he was understandably angry, but what got me was when my female co-worker said something to the effect of how someone doesn't treat other people like that, but "especially to a female." Now why would the customer who got yelled at being female have to do with anything? In my book shouting and swearing at someone who doesn't deserve it is wrong regardless of the person's gender, and it's no different if a male is on the receiving end of someone's angry tirade. But it kind of shows just how much society is indifferent or even careless altogether whenever this sort of thing happens to a man or boy, it's like a big collective "whatever" whereas a woman or girl who experiences this sort of treatment is suddenly cause for alarm. Whether it's a male mistreating a female or the other way around, it's wrong either way and I don't think the gender of the person receiving the verbal abuse makes it any different or worse. I've definitely gotten my share of horrible verbal abuse from women and girls, especially when I was going to school (another example of the horrible treatment male students are often subjected to in schools). I really wish we'd stop making mistreatment of others a gendered issue, it's wrong and uncalled for either way. Male or female, no innocent person deserves to be on the end of someone's angry outburst.

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