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Be less shit

February 2, 2022

The way you guys are writing about your sex life with your wives is turning to shit again. There are a number users approaching their sex life as if they are victims. Here's a handful of examples from this week.


3 initiate and got 3 rejections. I did notice that the rejects are have moved from what I would call disgust, to "A. You have been too mean to me and dont deserve it" or "B. Its always about sex for you". My answer for B, is always "Yes, absolutely" my answer for A is STFU, I just don't know what to say really.


Shark week for half the week, so no initiations most of the week… until last night. I initiated, got a no, and then made the stupid mistake of asking “then when are we going to have sex?” This let to a downward spiral of me running my mouth saying crap about how I want sex, that I didn’t sign up for this, and other DLV. I also said “it seems our intimate life has come to an end” and received a response of “what are you trying to say?” I guess I was implying I want a divorce but didn’t have the balls to actually say it.


Last weekend, in the bathroom after she got out of the shower, she is naked, I am dressed. I thought I was escalating by placing her hand on my erection through my pants. Her response ”.. it just makes me feel tired, as another job I have to do”.


It's shark week, but two days ago after we'd had a few glasses of wine I went to get a shower then came back to the lounge, picked my wife up, sat her on my lap and told her I wanted a blowjob. This provoked a thunderstorm in which I was told she wasn't my whore, and I should go get a girlfriend for that.

I think some doubt or hesitancy had crept in - I certainly didn't feel confident in the moment. I left her to stew and went to bed. Frankly, I struggle initiating with total commitment, as I saw The_Red_Letters recently phrased it. The wife decamped to the guest room and moved all her stuff there. Still, I'm glad I initiated - I've never received a blowjob while she's on her period, but I'm going to make it clear through initiating that I've got needs.


My wife still won’t fuck me. Last time I had sex was in early August last year. Sunday was funny in this respect, because it was so transparent. She sensed an initiation about to come and decided to thwart it by picking a fight about something that had absolutely no base in reality. The second she got started, I knew exactly what she was doing. I could see it in slow motion. So again, no sex this week.

In every example you write as if your wife is the gatekeeper for sex. She is the gatekeeper for sex with her. Only her. And in every case, your the poor victim who is being treated unfairly by your wife.

You've made the choice that your wife is the only person you're going to have sex with. You have to deal with the consequences of that choice. You don't get to come on here week after week and complain about that choice. You made the decision, you have to own it.

Most of you are doing 'self improvement' with the intent of increasing the chance your wife will want to have sex with you. It has been made clear that MRP is not about your wife. That is why we have Rule 9. And this bullshit process that you're attempting will not work. There's a reason it's been given it a name.

Your wife is free to choose to do whatever the hell she wants. You don't get to decide what she does. You do get to decide what you do, and its the only thing you have control of.

There's a term to describe doing things in the hope that someone will respond in the way you want. Might be in the first book of the sidebar, who knows. Now, reading and adopting the tools of MRP may lead to you becoming attractive enough that someone else might have sex with you. That's a choice you get to make, and you get to own that choice as well.

To be fair though, that probably wont be the case for most of you, as the shitty, scarcity mindset you adopt will be inherently unattractive.

I am not breaking any new ground here. It's been said more eloquently before, but you guys don't seem to be able to grasp it. And as outlined by WNS in that post, and highlighted here just so it's crystal clear:

Again, just so we're very clear, MRP is not a program that will get your wife to fuck you. And this is especially true when you continue to have a shitty mindset.

Do better.

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