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Please DON'T Be this guy

by circlelightyears on /r/TheRedPill
04 May 2018 02:58 PM UTC
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I know this dude who I hang out with among a group of friends and sometimes chill with to take a couple of hits, since he lives a street away.

He's ALWAYS on his phone, texting a girl from his class at college, and sometimes even takes long calls from said girl no matter how much it could disrupt the current situation. Doesn't matter if he's hanging out with someone, or with a group of friends somewhere. About to eat? "Oh shit another message. Damn", as if there's no other choice but to reply to her. About to take a couple of bong hits? "Gimme 5 mins man I'm really sorry, this is important."

Of course, I got curious and asked him if that's the person he's dating. Turns out THAT'S NOT EVEN HIS GIRLFRIEND. Digest that. I mean, this scenario is ridiculous even with someone you're dating. You have to learn to have your own time and tell someone you're busy right now and will call them once you're home, whoever it may be. This dude's being used as an emotional tampon and actually hopes to be dating this girl soon, but yeah, that's not happening pal.

I even had a conversation about something where I implied that I never take calls or text if I'm doing something or if I'm hanging out with someone, unless it's a really, really important or an emergency. His reply? He does that too but there certain things which he doesn't wanna screw up and are "important", apparently. Guys, DON'T BE THIS GUY.

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358 upvotesmiller2111 year ago

It's disrespectful when people you're hanging around are on their phone 24/7.. You're wasting other people's time making them wait for you to finish on your phone just to be back on it 10 mins later.. fuck that dude

19 upvotesFlaskborst1 year ago

This one is pretty good on that topic: https://youtu.be/hER0Qp6QJNU?t=392 The whole video is worth seeing.

1 upvotesRPmatrix1 year ago

haha indeed, I've linked the same video in my post just now! He nails it imho

11 upvotesThePhilaDood1 year ago

This is the same type of dude that will post the same message on all social media.

This dude sucks.

9 upvotesGucciGangBucks1 year ago

Ironically. If this guy was to not respond to this girl for 2-3 weeks and stop giving her attention he’d probably increase his chances of actually smashing. Girls like a guy with high SMV and the constant attention makes him appear low value. I’d recommend this guy stops texting all together and makes himself appear super high value by not responding and lying acting busy all the time. Only way he could fix this.

3 upvotespapamami1 year ago

I agree. I'd like to see this kind of guy resisting to the pressure she can make

1 upvotesGucciGangBucks1 year ago

She just leans on him because he’s coming of so low value he will always be there. This is why guys get friend zoned. The best thing this guy could do is act to good for the bitch for like a month. It drive her crazy. Plus it makes his SMV appear way higher then what it is. This guy is way too damn available.

6 upvotessuddenlysnowedinn1 year ago

I’ve adopted a policy of leaving my phone in my pocket any time I’m out with friends. To do otherwise is completely inconsiderate.

222 upvotesMach2Machiavellian1 year ago

Last night while I was on a date, I couldn't help but overhear another "couple" next to us. Hot girl with a kind of dopey-looking guy. What caused me to start listening was when I caught her saying something about nonmonogamy.

That's when the horror of it sunk in. She was telling this guy all about some other dude she's fucking, who recently told her he's not monogamous (i.e., he's also fucking other girls). And it was just so goddamn sad, how the guy sat there, supportive and listening to this chick talk about her sex life, probably dying inside, perhaps clinging to the slimmest reed of hope that he could still have a chance.

I bet he even offered to pay for their dinner.

59 upvotesDocbear641 year ago

Same situation here the second night I'd met a coworker and his girlfriend (but didn't want to be labeled as his girlfriend) She is flirting with another new younger...taller coworker .

High energy hot chick who goes onto begin talking about the evils of monogamy and also broach the subject of milking prostates.... again all on the second time we've met her.

Throughout the night she flirts with the man she came with , the younger / taller coworker, reaches for my dick, and for a brief second flirts with a resting bar tender.

I don't know my coworker particularly well at this time but he's been quiet most of the night and ask him what he thinks about monogamy" I don't think it's all that bad" .

I'm all for truly equal open relationships but this pussy extortion perpetrated by modern women where she takes on her beta, psyches him up on this idea of how much pussy he will slays, as she plans to spends the hours between 8PM and 12 AM at various Chads is beyond dishonest.

The worst part being the guys who are too needy , desperate, and thirsty to walk away from a shitty deal . They get to keep an active rental . Chad hurts her feelings? you get to make her feel better. She decides she's to good for you really you're the only one who gets hurt. He takes on all the risk , gets the most mediocre return, and shares her with whoever she wants to be with that day . There really is no upside for a man in an open relationship initiated by a woman .

112 upvotesNorthEasternNomad1 year ago

I had a girl tell me she wanted things open. That she valued variety, and understood that, as a guy, I not only value it too, but am biologically engineered to crave it. To go out and find it.

I'm thinking, "Holy shit, I found a Unicorn."

No. I didnt. Because...say it with me: AWALT.

So she is going on about us having an open relationship. Even tells her sister that we have one. And why. Her sister was...skeptical. At best. First warning.

So I put it to the test. Know this cute coffee barista who works for a hospitality company, but has tons of on the job freedom to be creative. She is actually a cool chick, and we're talking. Really having a good time. She even agrees to a dinner invite the next night.

My girl goes ape shit. Completely fucking ballistic. Starts talking about how by "open" she meant that, if something happens in the heat of the moment, that's ok...but dont go "looking for it." Dont engineer it, or set it up. Despite, you know, her earlier claims, which included her understanding why a guy would WANT to do that...arguably even need to.

So yeah. Open is fine. As long as they have another fucking branch to leap to first. But if the guy is first to find another playmate, I guaran-fucking-tee you all talk of open, non-monogamous relations go right out the window faster than you can say "AWALT."

19 upvoteswutaboutthetwinky1 year ago

She doesn't want you to engineer it, but it's okay if the situation presents itself. She's trying to make the rules so she gets action and you don't. Society is set up where men have to "engineer" it. They pursue. Women don't. With her rules, she'd be able to pounce on any guy that hits on her, but since women don't pursue, you'd be left standing on the sideline. Fuck that bitch.

9 upvotesNorthEasternNomad1 year ago

Exactly that. Its a ruleset that works for her, and her alone. Like all rules women implement.

-20 upvotesEnigma2211 year ago

I have such a deep and strong hatred for women.

Edit: Wow this place has sure turned into a sub of purely whipped soyboys, thought I'd have gotten more upvotes.

22 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

I was there for so long, they can't help it. They had to strive for better DNA and be taken as warbrides. It's shitty it came out this way but it's human nature.

Chris Brown: These hoes aint loyal

K Camp: It aint nothin to cut that bitch off (fIIIIREE)

12 upvotesmagx011 year ago

No one is responsible for their nature. None of us. Human or non human.

2 upvotescupshadow1 year ago

Fell for the "polygamy" meme in a relationship. Thought I was gonna profit from having a girlfriend and multiple dates but no, she clearly had the upper had. I think all woman do, that is what make polygamy so imbalanced for men, specially if you are an AFC.

43 upvotesybcurious931 year ago

Being poly is to fucking expensive and also who the fuck wants to share lol

34 upvotesMach2Machiavellian1 year ago

There's a difference between being truly "poly" and simply being nonmonogamous / non-exclusive with various girls (commonly referred to here as spinning plates). Poly implies serious relationships with multiple partners, and I agree, that's far too much work and financial/emotional investment.

I don't mind having a variety of fuck buddies who may also fool around with other guys from time to time, provided everyone is practicing safe sex. If anything, that helps prevent them from catching feelings and then getting weird on me. And I guess part of why I'm cool with this arrangement is because I'm confident enough they'll keep coming back to me. And even if they don't, that's why I keep other girls in rotation.

8 upvotesybcurious931 year ago

I agree mate, with you first point at least.

As for your second, nah. I'm too paranoid about STDs and stuff. I usually only have one partner at a time but I'm also confident that if things go south I can recover (find a new FWB or whatever) in a few days. Im out enough I've got a few numbers in my "In case of emergency" roladex lol

11 upvotesD4rkr4in1 year ago

what you want to do is be the guy that is poly with 2 girls w/ jobs, marry them and open a joint account, boom: triple income no kids. TINK.

3 upvotespermcaulturelover691 year ago

Lol its hard enough to get one decent bitch nowadays. Although I do agree with the no kids part.

2 upvotesicame21 year ago

Not necessarily. I had a date that I didn't like from the get go. She could tell I suppose even though I was smiling my way through it. At the end she wanted to say nice and loud so everyone can hear "I'm sorry but I'm tired can we get the check?" Of course, I'm just too polite to rush. Then when the server comes over before I can ask for two checks she says it nice and loud. I'm sure she wanted everyone around to think I'm a chump--that she didn't like me. Quite frankly I didn't care what those people thought. I made it clear when I ordered one drink, finished it, server came back asked if I wanted another and I said no. Men are more subtle, gentle. Don't make the scene fool you, he may not have been into her and she was just trying to take control.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

You know what he should've done, even if she's done this a bunch of times.

Been like Chapelle Voice: "what the fuck? didn't I was with ol' gang bang over here. I'm done man. I'm *fucking done*.

And just walk away

1 upvotesjackandjill221 year ago

I heard a conversation like this just the other day. I think this is becoming more normal unfortunately. Crazy times.

43 upvotesZobwad1 year ago

I have a friend who, pretty much whenever he is out with friends, is always being bombarded by his gf with texts asking his whereabouts. It seems as if she gets all pissy when he’s hanging out or doing things he actually enjoys and claims that he never pays enough attention to her (even though I know he does). She literally dislikes the fact that he is spending a portion of his life with his own damn friends.

This leads to him being on his phone dealing with her a lot and does the same shit with the phone calls. I don’t like seeing him have to make lies about what he’s doing, especially if there’s absolutely no harm in it.

I want him to see that it isn’t a healthy relationship and he can get more out of his life if he just ditched her but he keeps making excuses and fails to understand.

38 upvotesmenial_optimist1 year ago

If you have to lie about your whereabouts so your gf doesn't blow up, you are blue pilled. Personally if I had a gf like that I'd straight up tell her "I'm with my friends tonight on an adventure." and then straight up go no contact for the rest of the night. Too many guys would lie in order to "keep the peace" because "happy wife, happy life!" philosophy states if their wife/gf is happy they will get sex.

Lying to gf/wife is just a blue pilled sexual strategy. If you dgaf about the outcome she has no power and can sit at home fuming all night, who cares? You're out having an adventure.

14 upvotesECoast_Man1 year ago

If you have to lie about your whereabouts so your gf doesn't blow up, you are blue pilled.

Absolutely right.

But to give some advice here to others reading - this type of behaviour needs to be dealt with the 'if you give an inch, they'll eventually ask for a mile' mentality. From Day One do not permit this type of jealousy/pissiness/disrespect to you. Don't entertain the idea, agree and amplify the first time it happens, and don't give a fucking inch, ever. I don't even agree to text so 'they know I got home okay', as an example.

1 upvotesThouArtMortal1 year ago

This is a classic case study. Simply put, your friend doesn't value or respect himself. Putting up with, and even making excuses for a woman who actively works to reduce your quality of life demonstrates a textbook scarcity mindset.

Despite so often being miserable, he's still unsure if he could do better. He's going to do one of two things:

  1. reach a breaking point where he'd rather run his car into a ravine than hear the shrew nag for another second, and finally leave her

  2. wallow in the pits of misery for years more, maybe even going so far as to sign his souls death certificate by entering into a marriage

Unfortunately, despite your merciful attempts at guidance, he is willfully ignorant of option #3. Hasn't even crossed his mind to attempt improving himself, both mentally and physically, crafting an unshakeable frame, and adopting a mindset of abundance where women like these are cast out like yesterday's trash.

It's gonna take his sitaution getting really fucking bad before he has ears to hear. Don't deprive him of the amazing lessons he's unknowingly learning right now, just be there to guide when your boy's ready.

11 upvotesNoSurrender941 year ago

Or even worse she dumps him and then he goes into a deep depression. I’d suggest he’s depressed already if he thinks so little of himself.

Source: I was this guy

6 upvotesThouArtMortal1 year ago

That post-breakup depression is the best catalyst for change. That may be exactly what he needs

1 upvotesSlowInsidiousKiller1 year ago

This is exactly what's happening to me right now. Still far from being even remotely redpilled but change is happening.

1 upvotesNoSurrender941 year ago

Well it’s either take the red pill approach or end my life for me

3 upvotesvrihet1 year ago

Just tell him to turn on location tracking on his phone so she can interrogate him about every little detail afterwards

1 upvotesSKRedPill1 year ago

This is something I've seen -- women want to be involved in everything that you do claiming their 'partner rights' or 'respect'. But this is a soft power play - it means you don't have power over anything.

59 upvotesBrocktheFlow1 year ago

So many people these days are just glued to their phones seeking constant validation, it's pathetic. There are plenty of women like this too. I met a plate for drinks a couple months back, right from the get go after sitting down she was on her phone. I started out by simply giving her a wry "oi, put the phone down" look, to which she responded "sorry, my friend just had a big fight with her dad and she needs me to talk to her." Next time she picked it up I reached over and grabbed it and placed it face down in the middle of the table. Third time, I calmly placed $20 for the drink I'd had on the table, got up and left without a word. Wasn't pissy about it, just smooth and confident. Within an hour she was messaging me apologising. I replied a week later. Know your boundaries and don't tolerate disrespect.

20 upvotesrad_dynamic1 year ago

Shit bro, I had this exact same issue but I got out my phone out and copied her, basically started ignoring her all night on my phone, even called my buddy at one point. Hahaha this was when I was just introduced to TRP so I thought I would give this unconventional approach a go.

To my surprise this lack of attention I gave got her interested and she ended up kissing me and sitting on my knee and shit in the pub by the end of the date. Was a very strange experience and probably the first time I had seen TRP theories, of being less emotionally invested than her, working in action haha.

21 upvotesNorthEasternNomad1 year ago

This works.

Went through this with my LTR not long ago. She was completely distant, indifferent. Felt my time was always readily available to her, I wasnt going anywhere and she could always just tune in "at some point."

Some point that never seemed to arrive.

So I started doing other things. Different hobbies. Got off the couch, put a stop to cuddle time - I'm not getting what I need, and so, you arent going to get more of what you need, either - and began making phone calls from other rooms.

Then I started vanishing on days off. Going out on the town. She would call from work (I work rotating weekends at the Data Center) and instead of "Yes, Honey, I am home doing all the laundry your ass didnt feel like washing for yourself...again...I'd either not answer, or answer and tell her "Is this an emergency, cause I'm having fun on my day off."

Between this, and my seeming disinterest in her physically and emotionally...it got her chasing again. I became something she had to GET, as opposed to something she HAD. And you know women: They only want what they dont actually have.

It works.

5 upvotesmountainbiker1781 year ago

How long have you been with your LTR?

6 upvotesGearski1 year ago

even called my buddy at one point.

"Yeah man not much, just on a date right now...... What? Nah I can talk it's all good" haha

5 upvotesrad_dynamic1 year ago

She went off to the bathroom and I was bored, gave him a call to let him know how it was going. Ended up talking for 5 minutes even after she returned, then said I gotta go. Haha it's pretty funny looking back on it now, but it seemed to work as she invited me over to fuck a week later

She couldn't really complain, she tried watching a fucking BuzzFeed video on the date, 4$ Bacon Vs $200 Bacon or something, but I ripped her to shreds for being into that shit.

1 upvotesyazen_1 year ago

Lol, the same video was suggested by YouTube ads, I didn't click.

2 upvotesBrocktheFlow1 year ago

Yep, pull away and they will follow. It's backwards as shit, but it's just the way it is it seems. Let's face it, it works on us too. When you're interested in a girl and she plays hard to get, it just makes you want her more. Human nature. It is what it is.

85 upvotesEdwardElric691 year ago

A friend of mine used to non stop text his girlfriend when we hung out. We arent friends anymore.

41 upvotesLordOfTheReptiles1 year ago

Have a similar friend as well. I only get to see him every couple months. The other week we grabbed dinner and every 10 seconds his phone buzzes, so he picks it up and replies while I’m in the middle of saying something, only to ask me to repeat it again.

After an hour I finally asked him if it’s that fucking important to respond to everything, and his response was that his girlfriend doesn’t trust him when he’s out and wants to know what he’s doing. He said they’re building trust again or some bullshit. It makes hanging out with people like that really frustrating, because it feels like some invisible person is there interrupting an otherwise enjoyable conversation over and over again.

13 upvotesEdwardElric691 year ago

I would have left if that was his explanation

5 upvotesLordOfTheReptiles1 year ago

Thought about it, and I probably should have. It’s a shame because he’s a really chill guy otherwise, and I genuinely enjoy his company.

4 upvotesEdwardElric691 year ago

when i look back i most always thinki should have left my friend. Its just plain rude. if it ever starts to happen again id like to think that ill just leave

1 upvotesyazen_1 year ago

That's exactly why you must leave. Discipline and self respect is being able to leave enjoyable shit. We all can refuse a boring salad sandwich, but not everyone can resist the sweet desert.

1 upvotesChadleyMcAlphadick1 year ago

Fart in his face and just walk away smirking

6 upvotesmagx011 year ago

He said they’re building trust again or some bullshit.

LOL. Building trust by checking in every minute. God people are dumb.

2 upvotesNorthEasternNomad1 year ago

I keep telling the new to dating teen in our family that that is where he is headed, with his non stop texting of his paranoid, controlling older girlfriend. Chick is 18 and he basically has to make hourly and daily reports of his time, how he uses it and with whom.

No thanks. Chicks did that to me when I was a teen, they got gone. Fast. They were aware, from the outset, that if you're looking for serious and committed, keep walking; 16 was too young for that shit. And I am beginning to wonder why 38 isnt, to be quite frank about it.

1 upvotesKekistanRefugee1 year ago

Damn, that sounds so fucking annoying. I’ve had isolated incidents of that, but not every fucking minute.

1 upvotesEmmenthalreddit1 year ago

It's the worst. People at work now do it in meetings. Wish i could avoid their asses too.

1 upvotesThenoodlestreet1 year ago

This has been happening way too often lately and I'm considering doing the same.

7 upvotesEdwardElric691 year ago

Its like, he had made plans that didn't involve his girlfriend yet he still involved his girlfriend. I have other friends who you wouldn't even know have an SO because then never talk about them or text them when they're out with someone else.

Oh, she had been cheating on him with a drug dealer btw.

5 upvotesNorthEasternNomad1 year ago

Women who exhibit paranoia about cheating and their partners use of their time, generally are cheaters themselves.

Its projection 101. And while Freud may well have been full of shit in a lot of areas, he nailed Projection to a tee. Ready any liberal news site to see more examples.

363 upvotesabdada1 year ago

Wrong -- you WANT other guys to be that guy so that someone can be the emotional tampon for your plates so you don't have to.

1 upvotescirclelightyears [OP]1 year ago

Fair enough, let's take this subreddit down.

91 upvotesabdada1 year ago

lol you know I was being sarcastic, although I am thankful for dopes like this guy in your post.

1 upvotesThenoodlestreet1 year ago

IRL, definitely. I mean, there's nothing to be done about it anyway. A lot of these guys aren't even willing to change.

5 upvotesfour-bible1 year ago

Maybe. But you don't want to be HANGING with these guys.

These guys SUCK energy. They don't BRING energy. They are TAKERS, not GIVERS. They bring the vibe down. Also, they are low-value losers if they are emotional tampons to some bimbo they aren't fucking.

Which again, is not a problem (if your boy sucks with women) -- other than the fact that he's disrespecting you by texting during social events.

So the guy is a retard. That is not your fault.

You continuing to hang with him if he's providing bad vibes all the time? That is your own choice. Personally, I would cut him out of the picture. Dude needs to learn some social skills if he wants to hang.

2 upvotesabdada1 year ago

Oh I don't hang out with losers.

A man is judged by the company he keeps. I firmly believe in objectifying everyone to decide if they're worth my time.

Doesn't mean I don't approve of the goals of feminism: lock down other men means I am more powerful in the SMP. Feminism was created by top alphas to control both women and men.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago


Do you really want to deal with an unstable human being in you or your partner’s life?

You want to stay as far away as possible from guys like this.

Don’t fuck with crazy

20 upvotesNorthEasternNomad1 year ago

I HAVE BEEN that guy.

And yeah...he is just an emotional fill in between "bad boys" she is really into.

I am willing to wager a decent sum that they cuddle up when they hang out. That she hangs on him around other women. That she tells him she likes him - maybe even loves him - and that he will be first to know when she is "ready for something real."

She is playing him. Period. She will never be ready for something real with HIM. Because SHE IS ALREADY GETTING what SHE wants. She doesnt NEED anything more from him. She has CHAD for that.

We have a teenager in the family fawning over his older girlfriend right now, who is turning into "that guy" real fast. We have already had one sit down. About to have another. Because he and I were out on the town together a few weekends back, shopping at a Sporting Goods store - a guy's playground - and at almost sixteen years old, he was too busy texting her to even notice the weight training equipment, football and basketball stuff, the kayaks...anything.

And when I asked him why: She is important. I dont want to screw it up.

New flash, bub. If not tripping over your own feet in the store because you're too busy on your phone to watch where you are walking will screw it up, she isnt worth it to begin with.

Dont. Be. THAT. Guy.

13 upvotesliquidizeass1 year ago

This isn't just bluepill (although it is hella bluepill), it's bad fucking manners.

12 upvotesGrimsterr1 year ago

My brother in law, I just want to grab his phone and slam it on the ground sometimes. Quit being a needy ass fuck, goddamn!

10 upvotesFlying_Wingback1 year ago

I like when they stop listening mid conversation to read a text

5 upvotesEmmenthalreddit1 year ago

I just stop talking completely with stone cold look on my face as soon as they look down at the phone. Then they do a super weird thing where they kind of do a double take look up, realize I've stopped, put phone down and just sit in silence knowing i will never ever be finishing that sentence.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

This was my best friend after he met his now wife. I haven't spoken more than a few words to him since he got married last year.

3 upvoteskylerosa211 year ago

I posted a piece on a BP friend of mine that acts just like this with this one girl he’s been orbiting for God knows how long. It’s embarrassing, but better for us

5 upvotesprostaddict1 year ago

You just made me cringe because that was me before I stumbled upon Redpill a few years ago. Didn't matter if I was at a party or in the middle of work - the second I saw that phone call I was stepping outside and answering it. Sometimes for hours. Ugh.

3 upvotesNullIsUndefined1 year ago

This is needyness and unattractive. I'm not a huge fan of the text game where you intentionally wait an hour before replying. But the reason that game exists is to show you have social value by being busy with your life. Once you start disrupting your own social life to deal with women you are causing problems for your social circle.

4 upvotesJablesRadio1 year ago

There needs to be more of these guys. Someone needs to listen to all those emotions and it's not going to be me.

5 upvotesPaladin29031 year ago

Women get wet for guys that aren’t at their beckon call. Sure, they may like when a guy is there to serve her needs, constantly. But, if you’re that guy, then she absolutely doesn’t respect you, and she’s only using you. Welcome to “Beta Bob Land!”

2 upvotesMagnumBurrito1 year ago

It's counterproductive to fucking that girl too.. what a dumb ass

2 upvotesRPmatrix1 year ago

this guy's behavior is seeking approval/recognition from other people.

this guys explains this type of behavior really well, very simply, it's "approval seeking/support" veiled as this pseudo 'contact' with other people and every time your friend gets a new message, he's getting a small 'dopamine hit' , a 'neural-reward' with each new message which makes him feel good, like rubbing his dick does too. ... it's simple and sad

he's far from alone in this behavior, go into almost any bar and there will be several people with one eye glued to their ph's ... and I'd bet cash money their 'connectivity' with the world via ph/computer

It blows me away to see everyone around me 'soo connected' via these media and yet they can barely hold a conversation with someone IRL! I guess it's hard to talk in texts hehe

I'm old enough to remember the times before mobile ph's! It was another world back then. Only yesterday I was thinking how what I was doing would've been impossible 30yrs ago! That's right, Impossible!

And I'm only talking about being able to be 'in communicado' with my friends at any time, anywhere! Being able to coordinate activities with other people whilst on the move is something you kids take for granted, fuck I didn't have the luxury of a mobile ph until I was in my 30's!

While mobile ph's had been around for 15yrs before I bought one and even then the coverage was patchy AF and only about half my friends had one at that time in 2000. Although it only took another 5yrs or so before that was more like 98% of the people I knew had a ph and 8yrs later or ~ 10yrs ago came the first 'smart ph' iirc

It was another world when I look back on it, fuck I've lived through some extraordinary stuff as far as 'mankind's technological evolution' is concerned

When I was a kid, there were only landlines and even when mobile ph technology became available very few people could afford to have it

Forget the online aspects! That's just sick looking back on it! Sci-fi land! I remember when a dedicated landline and modem was hard core technology!

will we get holographic ph's with 5G?

1 upvotesmiller2111 year ago

Lol I'm 25 and I remember calling landlines and ringing my friends doorbells checking if they were home...

1 upvotesRPmatrix1 year ago

really?! what country/

I've had a mobile ph for 18yrs now but they've been around for 15yrs more than that But they had become 'essential' by 2005

2 upvotescasemodz1 year ago

I wish girls would actually text me back tbh

2 upvotes25toten1 year ago

Perhaps thats why you're here /mydude/

2 upvotesSpecTac721 year ago

Dude has serious shit he needs to sort out. If you make women priorities in your life like that they will just walk all over you and rob you of what makes you a man.

4 upvotesInvestorLizard011 year ago

I tell my girlfriend to shut her mouth and she does it, people just need to learn how to have the advantage

5 upvotesMaximusDecimis1 year ago

Is this TRP or something more sinister?

1 upvotesbased_meme1 year ago

Sounds like oneitis gestating inside.

1 upvotesPaulMurrayCbr1 year ago

I even had a conversation about something where I implied that I never take calls or text if I'm doing something …

Maybe stop "implying" stuff and do your bro a favour by letting him know that he's simping. I mean - unless she's his cousin and has cancer or some shit. That's different.

Above all, he needs to understand that this girl will never, never, and I mean like never fuck him. This, he needs to understand, is a scenario that will never eventuate.

1 upvotesUltimate_Mindset1 year ago

This is true, but sometimes the phone is just an escape from awkwardness. Sometmes is not disrespect. Its just: I aint got nothing to say, your current topic does not interest me, come up with something that can be realatable to me because I am the king. Pls dont take it personally, I know its antisocial, but I dont give a fuck what others think. (Can you spot the paradoxes?)

1 upvotesUltimate_Mindset1 year ago

Btw. I get no validation from my phone, I just check time and calendar :)

1 upvotesFrenetic_Zetetic1 year ago

You'll notice in business, as well, the people who pay you the most money are on their phone the least!

Funny how that works, huh?


1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

that guy sounds like he is being strung along honestly.

1 upvotesanonymau51 year ago

Time ho

1 upvotestolga_ocal1 year ago

Just fuck this guy, and other like this Just fuck it, he is not A man. In TURKEY we called them "MERIC" :D.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Kneecap to the balls will open his eyes

1 upvotesYheymos1 year ago

Sounds like he is just friendzoning himself. The guys are the ones to do it really, thinking they will friendzone themselves into her pants/heart/life. And then the girl either consciously or unconsciously takes advantage of it. The guy never makes any moves so she has nothing to reject... literally they are just being friends... but then he starts getting resentful that she doesn't make any moves. It is pathetic.

1 upvotesMilkMoney1111 year ago

Damn this sounds like me...

My problem is I'm in grad school but I'm older. Most of my classmates are damn near a decade younger than me, so they're ALWAYS on their phones when we're out doing something. The field I'm in is mostly female but I have a few solid bros that I hang with. When we go out, it's a mixed group but the girls vastly outnumber us. If they're not actively receiving attention, faces buried in their phones.

Early on I had a weird exchange with one of the females who had a boyfriend and whom I sit next to in the program (she ended up kissing my neck during a night of two stepping). I had asked here what TRP thinks and everyone said "Don't shit where you eat." So I put a healthy amount of distance between me and her. Some other girls in class casually flirt but I just brush it off and flirt jokingly back, never taking anything serious. All in all I have a pretty solid frame going.

The main problem is I'm enjoying abundance outside of this group. If we're all hanging out looking for something to do and I take one second to hit up another girl in a different program, it's like all the girls jump on me saying I'm always on my phone. This couldn't be further from the truth. And if a girl texts me when there ISN'T SHIT GOING ON then I'll reply and try to meet up with her that night. I mean my classmates are fun to hang with and all but I don't want to see them 24/7, I see them enough in school.

I really hope I'm not coming off as OP's example. In my mind, I'm just doing what I want. It doesn't help that the group seems to have decided I'm the "fun" guy that makes shit happen. So the second I'm not joking around or coming up with crazy shit to do, they're all like "Milk is being lame tonight" when I'm just chillen.

1 upvotesSpecialistParticular1 year ago

Oh shit, can't be interrupting those important bong hits. Sounds like maybe you need to get a girl.

1 upvotesAZPTEU1 year ago

Yup, I "was" in a recent relationship and I was this guy... FML

1 upvotesPienpunching1 year ago

“Like O M G my, like, friend is, like, on the phone! Can you, like, believe that?? O M G what a bitch!”.

Seriously you sound like a fucking woman.

1 upvotesunclecrumble1 year ago

This is my older brother. He’s as beta as they come I used to kick his ass and he had 3 years on me. Dude is 28 no friends and he has a fat rich Jewish gf who bosses him around all the time and treats him like dog shit

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Jewish gf who bosses him around all the time

Isn't that the core definition of Jewish girlfriend?

1 upvotesdaniellederek1 year ago

I've got one female acquaintence, we check in once maybe twice a day, I'll ask if she wants to "visit" tomorrow, if yes fine, if no fine. I will never drop my plans to go see her. She knows by now to book the day ahead if she want to do something. Her blue pill room mate/chauffeur is stepping out of line though, claiming his friends aren't comfortable around me. I have no use for them and tend not to acknowledge them so there's that I guess.

-7 upvotespiinkmoon1 year ago

Maybe he cares about her? And she’s going through something that he’s helping her with? Y’all are so jealous cause your lines are dry

10 upvotesNorthEasternNomad1 year ago

Oh, she is going through something, alright. She is rebounding from her last bad boy, and looking for her next. All while obtaining all of the emotional validation she needs from her in between stand in.

Trust me. Been there, done that. That what she is most likely "going through:" Her little black book of Chads.

-6 upvotespiinkmoon1 year ago

And so...? we don’t if she actually has true feelings for him and we don’t know if this will maybe become a relationship in the future.

Regardless of all that, he obviously really cares about her and WANTS to be there for, they are emotionally attached to each other in some way or another. Why break something up that he cares about so much. It really is so sweet and genuine of him to do this, most guys wouldn’t, but he’s so caring. I love their relationship, no matter what it is.

Fuck y’all for trying to put down this guy. Learn something from him instead.

5 upvotesStron2g1 year ago

Were not putting him down, we're analyzing the reality of the situation and extracting the most useful information from it which is "don't be that guy"

If he wants to orbit the girl all the power to him.

-4 upvotespiinkmoon1 year ago

Yeah and tomorrow they are fucking. Now is it be that guy? Lol honestly boys I can’t

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Ohhh boy, you have much to learn, my friend.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

And so...? we don’t if she actually has true feelings for him and we don’t know if this will maybe become a relationship in the future.

Why would anyone who respects themselves want to get into a relationship under such circumstances?

It really is so sweet and genuine of him to do this, most guys wouldn’t, but he’s so caring.

Yeah, most guys wouldn't. None of us here would. Because it doesn't work.

It sucks how the guy who is so sweet and caring isn't the one getting laid all the time. Some do, if they have something else to bring, but being "sweet and caring" is not enough to get someone laid by itself.

Yeah and tomorrow they are fucking. Now is it be that guy?

Why haven't they fucked already?

1 upvotespiinkmoon1 year ago

What circumstances are you on about? That he cares about her and puts her before anything else going on?

And how do you know they haven’t fucked. And do you fuck people you aren’t close to? They obviously fucking like each other and they seem devoted to each other. GOOD FOR THEM.

She’s wasting her time as well if it’s for nothing. The relationship is mutual.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Alright, you are correct in that we have no clue about what is really going on.

But, what most people here will tell you from their (anecdotal) experience is that:

he cares about her and puts her before anything else going on

Is a shitty foundation for a relationship. It just doesn't last. Maybe it worked out this time, but for every time it works you can find dozens of examples where it didn't work.

She’s wasting her time as well if it’s for nothing. The relationship is mutual

Now now, you cant say they that we don't know what is going on in their relationship and then in the same post say something like "she's wasting her time as well". Either we can make assumptions about their relationship or we can't. We can't do both.

1 upvotesSrgntPetersburg1 year ago

He's doing it to the point where it's affecting people around him, during conversations and such, and is generally disrespectful. This post was intended to point out how over-invested he is, to the point where his girlfriend is constantly bombarding him asking where his EVERY whereabouts are. If the relationship was truly healthy and trust was present, the girlfriend wouldn't need to constantly know where his whereabouts are. Also, this kind of behavior affects him himself.

A healthy relationship is a relationship in which both people can grow, one person doesn't complete the other, but rather they add to it or are complimentary. If this guy is neglecting other aspects of his life (his friendships are suffering because of his constant check-ins), then that relationship is NOT HEALTHY. In a relationship, no one's life is supposed to revolve around the other, because someone is ALWAYS going to over-invest.

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