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What words mean:

by cappadocianhawk on /r/TheRedPill
06 August 2018 01:46 PM UTC
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In this modern era we live in I see a lot of newspeak. Even in this very forum I see people use terms incorrectly, presumably to make themselves feel better. However, reality should be your best friend and you should embrace the reality of all things to know where you stand and how to improve. Here is a short reminder to know where you stand with a bitch to complement the excellent bitch management guide on the sidebar:

You are giving her attention beyond the initial contact but you aren't fucking her: You are an ORBITER.

You are giving her little to no attention and you are fucking her and several other chicks: She is a PLATE.

You are giving her attention and both of you are fucking others: You are FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS.

You are giving her attention and fucking only her and she is also only fucking you: She is your GIRLFRIEND.

You are giving her attention and fucking only her, she is fucking others: You are a CUCK.

You are giving her attention but she is a long distance away from you: You are an ORBITER and a CUCK.

Bonus round:

You think she is special in some way and different from the other bitches: You have ONEITIS.

You post a long story about her in asktrp: You have ONEITIS.

Didn't read the sidebar because you don't think it covers your situation?: You have ONEITIS.

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918 upvotesKilling__Time_1 year ago

She fucked your father 9 months before you were born: she is your MOM.

164 upvotesmorebeansplease1 year ago

If only we knew which guy that was.

23 upvotesOfficerWade1 year ago

I think I saw him at Stop n Go Bumming a cig,

40 upvotesex_addict_bro1 year ago

... minus 1, that's 3, quick maths

1 upvotesI_love_you_broskis1 year ago

Well. Some plates are really different and special compared to other hoes. Just sayin

291 upvotesMattyAnon1 year ago

Funniest are the ones on asktrp who start with "this plate I am seeing" and end with "plz help how I can get this one girl fuck me"

141 upvotesredhawkes1 year ago

“Don’t tell me bullshit like oneitis”, writes the second part of War And Peace in OP.

95 upvotesex_addict_bro1 year ago

"I do realise that AWALT and such but this one girl"

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Shit I have done that stupid shit in the past

31 upvotesAsmellyFinger1 year ago

"She's different."

8 upvotesincelinthirty1 year ago

I laughed my stomach out, my stomach is sore now.

5 upvotesmax_peenor1 year ago

But she is different.

153 upvotesTrenGod371 year ago

Oneitis is what you feel when you don’t think you can do any better

56 upvotesYoungyoda891 year ago

Oneitis can be simple as getting too caught up on one girl. It doesn’t have to be that you think you can’t do any better than other; simply too much thought into her can also be oneitis.

22 upvotesTrenGod371 year ago

Too much thought usually means. You don’t think you can do better. Bc if you did. You wouldn’t be thinking too much about her. You’d be thinking about the better ones. And once there becomes more than one. You don’t think about any of them

7 upvotesSelfTaughtPiano1 year ago

Oh, this describes all my oneitis.

2 upvotesenola_yay1 year ago

I have a genuine question, and I will mention that I currently have severe oneitis for my ex-gf. What if I actually cannot do any better?

3 upvotesPM_ME_UR_NAKED_TITS1 year ago

Work on yourself until you can.

0 upvotesMorphs_1 year ago

I think this is a rather failed attempt to explain oneitis in a short sentence. Heck it doesn't even mention women.

333 upvoteswomans_algorithm1 year ago

You don't have romantic feelings for her and you enjoy each others company: You are her FRIEND.

174 upvotesnzjbruh1 year ago

Important to remember that if you're trying to sleep with every chick you come across, you're lowering your value until you're average. Not only that, it's very insecure and a form of validation seeking. Glad someone pointed out that in some cases, arguably most, a chick will just be your friend.

48 upvotesLiveAFTSOV1 year ago

Important to remember that if you're trying to sleep with every chick you come across, you're lowering your value until you're average.

Are you suggesting men shouldn't be trying to sleep with every woman they meet and find attractive? Why do you say that?

76 upvotesnzjbruh1 year ago

To answer your question, yes.

I think it's a question of what you want to do vs. what you should do. It's nature to want to have sex with all women you're attracted to and given the way society is, it might not be your best bet.

Imagine it's a chick who has a BF and you ruin any chances of a relationship with him. Keeping in mind that hot chicks know their worth and aim for higher value men, surrounding yourself with him as opposed to sleeping with her might yield more benefit in the long run.

TRP is sexual strategy oriented but a large part is also self realization which often happens through your connections in life.

This is a topic that goes deeper but this is the jist of how I see it.

12 upvotesRedsideoftheMoon1 year ago

Yeah, and honestly if you're trying to fuck every girl you meet, EVEN if you're succeeding, I'd consider it an unhealthy relationship with sex. It's not organic and it can even be an obsession. I mean I had that one year post-breakup where I fucked about 20 girls. That was not fun in retrospect cause every interaction with a girl I found remotely attractive was "OK HOW DO I ESCALATE THIS CONVERSATION TO A NUMBER CLOSE AND INVITE HER FOR A DRINK HURR DURR DURR"

Nowadays, I put my focus on my work projects and my fitness. And if I find a girl attractive I have a conversation with her and I make sure to tell her I think she's attractive and I'm free on fucking Tuesday night, come join me at this place at this time and if that doesn't work, sorry kind of have shit to do.

25 upvotesLiveAFTSOV1 year ago

My male friends, and my female fuck buddies are two completely seperate aspects of my life.

You said it's nature of doing what you want vs should, and what I should be doing by natural demand is fucking, or trying to fuck all the hottest girls around me, and that's exactly what I wanna do.

IDK what you mean about society today, it's the perfect pleasure paradise. Sex is abundant and obtainable.

38 upvotesnzjbruh1 year ago

If I have a choice between a hot chick for a single lay or connecting with her BF who can help me advance in career/business/fitness/etc., then that's where I'd stop and think twice. My argument is more of a simple pleasure vs. delayed benefit. You have to play your cards wisely.

Also this is assuming the chick is hot. Originally I only mentioned trying to sleep with every chick you come across, not necessarily hot.

6 upvotesNumerousImprovements1 year ago

If you don’t have any friends who are girls, for the sole reason that you only want to fuck them, you need to reassess where you’re at.

6 upvoteswheelchairdom1 year ago

This seems very manipulative and just weasel like... maybe you should have better friends so you wouldn’t have to find hot girls with boyfriends, kinda weird imo. It’s like you’re trying to climb a ladder of dicks

9 upvotesnzjbruh1 year ago

I agree it's sociopathic in a sense. I'm not suggesting finding hot girls with BFs, but I am suggesting finding people (men and women) who have the things you want and associating with them.

Climbing a ladder of dicks is common in the corporate (public and private) world.

-4 upvotesp3n1x1 year ago

given the way society is

Dial down the utopian best advantage BS. By time you figure out the value of a RANDOMS BF, you have wasted your time.

And use common sense with the rest of your reply. Don't fuck the the bosses wife, that is a no brainer. Don't fuck the SO's of people you are close to or hold "current" value, duh.

OR Fuck them all and be OK with the consequences.

A "Boyfriend" means jack shit in Western society. You fuck her and they don't get the Disney ending? GOOD, you just saved his ass.

8 upvotesAlfred5150EVH1 year ago

It seems like a new tendency in this sub. Trying to subtly promote WASP morality as a sort of revealed truth. Similar to using TRP to get this or that unicorn to have the traditional life one didn't experience at home and feels entitled to. Kinda misses the point of "TRP is amoral".

3 upvoteshufreema1 year ago

Amoral? Sure. Objective? Nah. This sub does well in some regards, but is willing to ignore large parts of the human experience for sake of a low resolution, actionable philosophy and lens.

9 upvoteshufreema1 year ago

Sex comes with risks. It is also a distraction. Chasing sex can come between you and your own goals and self actualization. It's not the goal; it's an indication you're doing well.

Also, many people enjoy monogamy. Companionate love is a thing. Having a partner in crime is appealing.

1 upvotesChaseThisPanic1 year ago

But he didn't say anything about whether or not you find them attractive.

4 upvotesLiveAFTSOV1 year ago

Don't sleep with every girl you meet. Sleep with ever hot girl you meet

2 upvotesCaptainBW1 year ago

This is honestly the most blue pill comment I’ve ever come across on this forum. Being honest with one’s desires shouldn’t be pursued out of fear of damaging one’s perceived status? That completely bends to the Feminist Imperative. Women guard their status like that. If you’re worried about appearing as a thirsty beta, you need stronger Frame. Why this has the upvotes it does....what is going on with this place

8 upvotesnzjbruh1 year ago

If passing on easy lays with fat/ugly/low status women makes me a blue pill feminist beta then so be it. This isn't even about frame at this point, you don't have to fuck every woman that gives you the slightest bit of attention. Value yourself.

Edit: Ask yourself, would you say this to someone who has a master's degree in STEM and doesn't apply to minimum wage jobs?

3 upvotesCarnelianCore1 year ago

It's not about perceived status, it's about personal standards. If you always settle for less than you can get, you're lowering your standards. If you pass on the low value women, and go for higher value, you're increasing your standards. Over time, 7/10s will become the new standard and you won't even consider low value women as an option anymore.

2 upvotesgbdoragnic1 year ago

trying and wanting are too different things.

> it's very insecure and a form of validation seeking.

My dick is insecure than? WTF man I can feel and do whatever the fuck I want, that is what red pill is, the fact that women want to fuck just as much as men, they just have more options, if you have a lack of options conducting yourself with tact is fine

8 upvotesnzjbruh1 year ago

Water seeks its own level. If you fuck a fat ugly chick just cause, then you're insecure about your own value.

1 upvotesHeathcliff--1 year ago

Men and women can't be friends. Women don't understand friendship the way men do. Women can't even be proper friends with each other.

She can't fill the spot your male buddy does, she doesn't have the capacity to respect you as an equal like he does, nor will she come to your help at a time of need, or care about your emotional turmoils. You are a convenience to her, entertainment, an accessory. But not a friend.

If you're not fucking her, you're her orbiter.

10 upvotesLib3rtarianSocialist1 year ago

I have been thinking about this idea quite a bit before about women being incapable of friendship similar to their incapacity to love. At least those terms are defined differently for women compared to men. So, I see girls writing very long birthday wishes on social media for their "besties" which include many proclamations of loving them. I get the feeling that the reason behind them typing huge "love letters" really is not a legitimate feeling of friendship but it has a customary ritualistic base. One is 'supposed' to write a very large birthday message for their besties. I have a question unanswered. Why do women have "friends"? What's the psychology behind it? Maybe it is purely conditional.

1 upvotesHeathcliff--1 year ago

I was speaking to a plate about this literally today. We were talking about how all hot girls form cliques with similair hot girls.

She said "It's an ego thing. It's lame to be seen with ugly girls. And we do it so we don't have to compete with each other Secretely we're just bitches to each other in subtle ways. Like always fighting with words and smiles. It's all fake."

How does the old saying go? Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Girls have a word for this. "Frienemies".

Otherwise for all other girls "friends" is a convenience thing, people to put up with them, and mutually avoid crippling loneliness. Often they will stick with the first group that accepts them and they don't vet their friends, or even bother seeking new ones afterwards. Once they have their "group" and comfort zone they call these people their "friends", even if they dont really like them, prefering to keep the losers and toxic girls in the group and bitch about them rather than kick them out or find new circles.

Girls dont have friends the way we have friends. They hang out with each other to avoid being alone, not because they really enjoy each others company. Loneliness is a death sentence for women, they cannot imagine a life with no attention and no one caring about them. They cannot cope with, nor enjoy solitude, the way we do. They feed off social interaction to live.

The incels are 100% right when they say "if a stacey lived just a few days as a short ugly incel she would kill herself immediately".

8 upvotesAlQWEffos2391 year ago

It’s crazy that u mentioned this, I work at a high end bar . Most of the chicks that attend this bar by themselves seem bothered by the fact that there lonely compared to guys who have no problem being alone and forming friends at the bar.

4 upvotesdr_warlock1 year ago

Hot women have one hobby: attracting male attention from a safe distacne i.e. instagram or in the form of a stare in public. They buddy up with other hot women because they can increase this hobby by orders of magnitude together as opposed to alone. Great for taking pictures together, great for fake online image.

9 upvotesbanthrow1 year ago

I've had girls writing me long love letters just to leave me a couple days later. I suspect the love letters were ritualistic too, they had zero feelings but she was "supposed" to write the letter. Damn confusing bitches.

4 upvotesLib3rtarianSocialist1 year ago

I was referring to girls writing to girls. In your case I think she actually was feeling attraction when she wrote the love letter, and the attraction was later lost.

14 upvotesCoroshi1 year ago

Big fan of your posts, but I believe here's where you're wrong. I have a friend who happens to be a girl, known her for 14 years now, never felt the urge to fuck her, talked to her about all the other girls I fucked, and she sure as fuck helped me get through some of the heavy artillery bullshit life sent my way. I won't say I would never fuck her cause that'd be a lie, but she's as friend as "friend" gets. I'm open for an elaboration as to whether I'm missing something here?

22 upvotesex_addict_bro1 year ago

She's orbiting you.

-6 upvotesRolandTheDickslinger1 year ago
  • You'd fuck her but you don't.
  • You spend your time on her.

Orbiter by definition.

20 upvotesCoroshi1 year ago

So investing your time in people who actively went out of their way to help you numerous times throughout your life ... is orbiting? Well sure, then I'm an orbiter.
If you believe that the only thing on the other side of a transaction process with a woman is sex, then you'll have very miserable relationships with women in your life.

6 upvoteswomans_algorithm1 year ago

Men and women can't be friends.

She can't fill the spot your male buddy does.

Not the same thing for me. I have friends to have good time with, not to wallow and dump emotional diarrhea on them - be it male or female.

If you're not fucking her, you're her orbiter.

I'm not her orbiter because I'm not trying to fuck her. But put whatever label you want on it. I see her as a friend, she sees me as a friend, I don't need to complicate things.

7 upvotesDerpyPun1 year ago

I can be friends with a dog, a hamster or even a gold fish. Of course I can be friends with a woman.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

Spot on. I will say that you can have female acquaintances though. If you aren’t giving her any validation, extra attention, or resources, and you sometimes hang out together as part of a larger group, I don’t think that makes you an orbiter. You are just acquaintances.

You really can’t have female friends though.

1 upvotesDemiurge_Decline1 year ago

As long as you dont "settle" to be here friend...

-24 upvotescappadocianhawk [OP]1 year ago

Why would I enjoy her company if I'm not fucking her?

30 upvotesTrenGod371 year ago

That’s up to you. It’s okay to keep females around that you aren’t fucking. Sometimes it’s actually very beneficial. I wrote a post on it.

The problem comes when YOU want sex and she wants friendship

1 upvotesmxrtenxx1 year ago

what to do in that case?

-2 upvotescappadocianhawk [OP]1 year ago

I have friends to do friend stuff with. If I wanted friends with drama, maybe. I get your point.

30 upvotesTrenGod371 year ago

My female friends don’t cause me any drama. They bring hot women around me. Easy pussy. You’re missing out

8 upvotescappadocianhawk [OP]1 year ago

I'll defer to your experience on that. I haven't had the same results.

3 upvotesp3n1x1 year ago

They aren't "friends", they are pussy in a bottle. You know you can fuck them if you want to. This could boil down to the subjectiveness of the term "friend".

1 upvotesiLLprincipLeS1 year ago

Bullshit. What kind of female you're friends with that you don't wanna fuck is good enough to have female friends that you want to fuck?

37 upvotesnzjbruh1 year ago

To be honest with you this reeks of inexperience, dissatisfaction, and frustration. One of the best ways to get kills is having female friends that introduce you to their friends.

8 upvotescappadocianhawk [OP]1 year ago

Which is altogether different than "enjoying their company".

13 upvotesnzjbruh1 year ago

You're friends with people whose company you enjoy on a recurring basis.

7 upvotescappadocianhawk [OP]1 year ago

That is correct. However I feel having female friends is advanced since many newbies will think they are friends with girls they want to have sex with and that is not okay ( neither is that friendship). I always end up having sex with my female friends at some point and it goes downhill from there. I just stopped thinking about it your way.

edit: I still talk to chicks whom I don't want to fuck, but I wouldn't call them friends since I won't spend any moment with them if it doesn't advance my personal goals.

10 upvoteswomans_algorithm1 year ago

Because despite AWALT, she is still a human with whom you can have fun time with. I read your other comments here and I understand that your experience is different, but that doesn't invalidate my experience.

I'd advise you to think where you meet your women. Different caliber of women tend to socialize at different places.

1 upvoteshubydane1 year ago

The misogyny in that statement is hysterical.

6 upvotesLib3rtarianSocialist1 year ago

That statement can actually be completely rational, depending on the circunstances the man is living in.

33 upvotesJimReddzz1 year ago

Just learning.... thanks for the reminder and simplification. 50 yo. Recently unplugged. My eyes still hurt

8 upvotessikwidit051 year ago

damn dude.... better late than never I guess

3 upvotesJimReddzz1 year ago

Yes. Sharing my discovery with as many young Dudes as I can. Never to late to learn. On a pickup front recognizing/ using hypergamy to my advantage. Thin but fit. So it's not as easy for the AF when the pool is looking for BB.

23 upvotesex_addict_bro1 year ago

You post a long story about her in asktrp: You have ONEITIS.

There's a rule I invented for askTRP posts: "wall of text equals NEXT"

82 upvotesThatDudeEric901 year ago

Both of you are fucking and she also fucks girls but most importantly brings them into a 3 way with you: You have a AWESOME FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS 🤣

34 upvotessmaffit1 year ago

While this is mostly correct, you left out one (albeit rare) group. Chicks who are super cool, and have your back, that may or may not want to fuck you, but you have no interest in fucking. These are FRIENDS

42 upvotesp3n1x1 year ago

"If SHE loves you, and you LIKE her, that is the best time" - The Great P.O.

11 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

If you fuck her and her mom, you are GRADUATE.

1 upvotesDownvotesOnlyDamnIt1 year ago

If you are fucking a girl that happens to have balls, you are a FAGGOT and they are a TRAP

26 upvotesA_solo_tripper1 year ago

You are fucking her and her friends: You are the man The Man

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago

If you also fuck her sisters: You are The Champ.

8 upvotesCharlie__Kane1 year ago

Legitimate question: What do you call it when a girl is only seeing you (somewhat believably) and you give each other attention, but you’re seeing other women? What if you’re giving her more attention than other plates?

4 upvotesdeathsatan6661 year ago

Sounds like you might be interested in BlackDragonBlog's more in-depth hierarchy of sexual relationships. See The 14 Types of Nonmonogamy for an article listing his terms.

1 upvoteswiffofass1 year ago

You should add FRIENDS there... You give each other attention but don't fuck. You both fuck other people

42 upvotescappadocianhawk [OP]1 year ago

Thought about it but it's easy for someone to hamster their oneitis into friendship and slip into a "nice guy" orbiter status and think that is okay. I like my clear cut way of looking at things, another guy already defined friendship in the comments.

2 upvotesnot-trp-questions1 year ago

When Harry Met Sally comes to mind. Her letting you give her attention might seem like mutual attention because she's receptive to the attention. Is that not an orbiter? If it's not mamihlapinatapai. Why would a guy (who isn't too bp/nice guy syndrome) just want to "hang out and be friends" with some chick?

Duderino should focus mission or escalate.

5 upvotes52andjacked1 year ago

Did that. She hooked me up with her slutty friends. She was my official pimp.

8 upvotesVillagersUnite1 year ago

Huh? Unless I'm incorrect I swear they have a nice list of terms in the SIDEBAR. I guess people don't feel like reading on their own.

16 upvotesbeachbbqlover1 year ago

Just so you know, all of these words themselves are a newspeak. Most of these definitions didn't exist even 25 years ago, and are TRP defining the narrative, using the same tools as everyone else trying to do so.

19 upvotescappadocianhawk [OP]1 year ago

Some of them, maybe. However within the bounds of this forum, words have certain meanings as it is with every social circle. What meaning they might have outside this space has no bearing on my post.

3 upvotesToiletPaperPringles1 year ago

As someone who started reading trp, this helps massively. Thank you

5 upvoteschances_are_ur_a_fag1 year ago

some slut tried to wife my ass up by saying "we can just be friends with benefits and be exclusive".. in what fucking universe are friends with benefits exclusive? dumb ho got nexted hard

1 upvotesalexjhargreaves1 year ago

Honestly this is some pretty insecure beta shit. This is the heart of what’s wrong with TRP. There’s some great content here, but this isn’t it. You can have female friends, if you can’t have the self restraint to have any sort of platonic relationship with the other gender I’d hardly call that alpha. You can develop feelings for a particular woman, and pursue her, just don’t put her on a fucking pedestal. Yes don’t cuck and orbit etc, good advice, but don’t rearrange the English language because you’ve taken to many steroids to keep in touch with reality.

2 upvotesValarMorghulis901 year ago

This is just restating shit that's on the side bar. Don't hold these men's hands. If they don't want to read it (sidebar) then they need to learn the hard way anyway. Every dude does.

2 upvotespm_me_tangibles1 year ago

This is a breath of fresh air.

2 upvotesnadolny71 year ago

We need more posts like this. It looks simple to identify what is truly happening ONCE you have it laid it open like you did.

2 upvotestchower1 year ago

My God, I have two friends, or should I say had two friends, only one of them I still talk to for this reason, who are in the Orbiter-Cuck stage with their girls. Even after warning them, one of them is still blue pilled and the other was hostile when I tried to point it out to him. I must say, I don’t have much sympathy for either of them, one of them really actually thinks he is doing the right thing by being a beta orbiter cuck, so I befriended that guy friend. One of them is even getting his Ph.D and is smart as hell, so I do not know what the hell happened to his use of reason.

7 upvotesWe_Are_Legion1 year ago

Factual knowledge does not equal emotional wisdom.

1 upvotestchower1 year ago

I mean, I’ve been there with this one girl who was cheating on her boyfriend and I almost fell into cuck with her because I started to actually take her seriously, because she was giving it up and going full blown affair with texting and hangouts, and started catching feelings instead of going out and meeting other bitches, but finally I got out of that trap after my brother pointed out the situation, and this was obviously before red pill. However, what you described as orbiter cuck is the exact situation my two buddies are in and the smartest one is actually being the dummest about it, paying money and flying all the way out of the country to see his girl and trying to do the rest of it from long distance.

2 upvotesBurnoutRS1 year ago

but my male hamster still has to figure out how to shit test women back

1 upvoteswiffofass1 year ago

You are giving her attention and fucking only her, she is fucking others: You are a CUCK.

Made me laugh. I just have one plate at the moment and she's also a friend. Don't have time to chase bitches at the moment.

31 upvotesex_addict_bro1 year ago

You are giving her attention and fucking only her, she is fucking others, you smile when you think about it: You are a smiling CUCK.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 1 year ago


2 upvotesmax_peenor1 year ago

she's also a friend

Does he hold the drywall sheet in place while you screw it down?

1 upvotesMarcosDomingues1 year ago

Then you are her ltr

4 upvotesThatDudeEric901 year ago

Both of you are fucking and she also fucks girls but most importantly brings them into a 3 way with you: You have a AWESOME FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS 🤣

1 upvotesiamango1 year ago

Shit I'm an orbiter. I just exist in the background of women's lives without ever making any progress with them. Creeping on women is hard work. I stare at their pretty parts purposefully. I pay them hollow compliments like 'You look nice. Wow you read books! Nice.'

I turn a blind eye to rejection. I pointlessly and creepily hang around in their lives much after they have made it clear that I don't have a chance. I have been an orbiter my whole life.

How much creepy is too creepy? If I like a girl, I'll find out her birthday, wait for the right moment and then send her a carefully worded greeting that's flirtatious, but - get this - only slightly.

I'll read her whatsapp stories with dedication that's more suited to assigned homework. I'll come up with a reason to message her every 'once in a while' (that's different for every girl I stalk) and then engage in painful small talk. Hey! You read a John Green book! Guess what it's your lucky day cause I am a bibliophile. Wow you went trekking one time! We've got so much in common! etcetera.

I'll like her photos on facebook and instagram, but only a select few. You've got to show appreciation for photos that look like they took a lot of effort, or if they are candid. Stay away from appreciating photos where she looks too hot, because a lot of people are going to like those photos and you'll end being a part of the crowd. I may be a stalker, but I'm a stalker with standards. I make it known to my love interests that I am observing them from afar.

I'll exist indefinitely in the background of a woman's life. I won't enjoy it at first, but soon I'll get used to it. I'll live for that fateful day when she gets horny, is out of boys and finally realizes my true worth. Then she'll know where to find me.

Fuck! I'm an orbiter. What do I do? this is the only way I know how to be around women! Fuck!

6 upvoteschances_are_ur_a_fag1 year ago

not sure if trolling but i laughed

4 upvotesex_addict_bro1 year ago

Fuck! I'm an orbiter. What do I do? this is the only way I know how to be around women! Fuck!

What do you want to do?

1 upvotesdeathsatan6661 year ago

Quit masturbating and read NMMNG to face any sexual hangups you may have.

1 upvoteselephantricity1 year ago

So does this mean a guy can't be friends with a girl?

7 upvotesunderground_gamblr1 year ago

From a social perspective yes, from a psychological/biological.. arguable.

1 upvotesLuckyluke231 year ago

it's good to have threads about this every once in awhile so we can all have a good laugh

1 upvotesredisthetruth1 year ago

I find the more my smv rises, the more girls I automatically friend zone for one reason or another. It’s awesome to have female orbiters who do favors for you.

1 upvotesGeleemann1 year ago

"You are giving her attention and fucking only her and she is also only fucking you"

but you'll never know for sure if she is

1 upvotesShyness111 year ago

Hahha! Long distance=cuck?!?

I always thought the girl had a mean pussy to keep a man faithful thousands of miles away

1 upvotesIcarus6631 year ago

You are giving her attention and fucking only her and she is also only fucking you: She is your GIRLFRIEND.

In this case you are a ** DELUDED CUCK** ;)

1 upvotesroidr1 year ago

uh okay well what about i'm fucking multiple bitches and they're just fucking each other and me

what is that

1 upvotesTemplesOfSyrinx1 year ago

I'm getting pretty tired of the word "cuck". When I actually hear someone say it, I can't help but cringe. It's become an insult word that's used by 20 somethings, living in their parents house who play a lot of video games. Kind of like calling someone you dislike a faaaaag.

21 upvotescappadocianhawk [OP]1 year ago

It's literally what the word means.

1 upvotesTemplesOfSyrinx1 year ago

Yes, your definition is accurate. No qualms there.

14 upvotesExaltedR3V3NG31 year ago

Then don't complain about it. Just because some autists on the 'net spit it 4 out of 3 times doesn't mean the word has lost its meaning.

3 upvotestruct0r1 year ago

Cuc means shit in vietnamese

2 upvotesvoxiqs1 year ago

Get over yourself, it’s a word

Calling people fags is not acceptable today. Being overly aggressive in society will hurt you, not help you. I am happy people aren’t using the word fag anymore. The word cuck is actually a great description of what most men are turning into today and I’m fine with it replacing slurs or prejudice remarks

If anything, we are getting better descriptive and more accurate at insulting each other

9 upvotesTemplesOfSyrinx1 year ago

I agree with you. I just think the word is being used by some (mostly younger) people as a "catch all" insult for anyone and anything. It bugs me that people casually use the term without understanding that it's a derivative of "cuckold" - it has a specific meaning.

0 upvotesJamzeNeu1 year ago

What if the things you're saying is the actual newspeak? Food for thought.

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