I’m trapped! We are in the thick of it, mostly amicable but tense, tense, tense. and we’ve both been living in the marital home for months (about 9 months). She told me ILYBINILWY last year. I did the pick me dance until this summer, filed in August, and now we’re working through it and I have no idea for how long.

She’s determined not to move out until she gets her payout and we’re planning for me to keep the home (as far as I know right? You can never tell what she’s after). I’m heartbroken about the effect on the kids of seeing this loveless distance between mom and dad in the same house for so long. Makes me nauseous.

I would get a lot of comfort from hearing that other men are or were in this position of being in a slow simmering soup for months and months with no idea of when it will end.