Long story short, divorce done, 1 year apart. Friendly terms, we talk but not really about feelings etc I've said I want to fix it, she's said no, but there have been some small mixed messages, hints of future reconciliation and some jealousy when she found out about the new girl im seeing

I want to put it back together, and with the mixed signals I think it might, on a very slim chance, work out later. I don't want to let go and close the door. If I wait and hang on, I get its unhealthy and shows weakness, but how long would you wait for your ex maybe want to try again?

I will give the space needed, but what else can I do, to not neg but still promote the possibility so thay they know its on the table?


Ive got into what looks like a rebound from tinder. She has joint custody a 9 year old boy of course, just to make it more complicated, but she actually is a quality woman plus his dad is around to do the big parent stuff. Man an Idiot. might have to let her go too

EDIT 2 ....

So I did it...I called the ex I was chasing.. we had a really good talk, i listened, let her vent stuff and i explained I'm taking the option and hope of us off the table. I need to find myself, like she doesn't need the negativity image of a person hanging on who she knows she could just walk all over and not respect.

Ill call the "rebound" GF tomorrow to end that too. Its time to work on myself now finally feel I'm ready to do it.

It took a long time to get here, i didmt think i could, because I was placing my value and purpose on others approval. If I don't fix that, we repeat the cycle. Yes, It's shit, sad and i will carry the failure with me, but this is the right way.

If anyone else in the same boat reads this, consider reafimg this thread and comments because in 1 day my view changed..thanks fellas. No one will respect the man i became who needed the acceptance of others to feel whole. Hope it goes well.