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Your whole life you've been fed a version of reality that has been palatable to you. One day a wandering beta stumbles into TheRedPill and reads one o...
Red Pill TheoryCyralea/r/TheRedPill09/04/16 03:40 PM

"Who are you to judge me?" Think about the type of person who says this. Do you think this woman is likely to create a blog chastising people (let's b...
MetaCyralea/r/TheRedPill10/09/14 02:01 PM

It's been my experience that a lot of fledgling TRP'ers have trouble with expressing themselves in a manner that satisfies their desires, particularly...
Field ReportCyralea/r/TheRedPill06/06/14 02:12 PM

"Doesn't TRP encourage men to have sex with lots of women? Aren't you guys just a bunch of hypocrites for saying women can't do the same?" We've all h...
Red Pill TheoryCyralea/r/TheRedPill05/01/15 05:30 PM

If you've read the Misandry Bubble you'd know that we're in an age where the normalized vilification of masculinity is of a transient nature. The Futu...
Men's RightsCyralea/r/TheRedPill12/01/15 04:11 PM

One of the core TRP values is adherence to gender roles. Seasoned RP'ers understand that these roles didn't pop into existence out of a vacuum; they w...
LTRCyralea/r/TheRedPill12/11/14 03:16 PM

Tell me if this one sounds familiar: "Bullies lash out because they're really insecure deep down inside". No doubt that bit of nonsense was cooked up ...
ScienceCyralea/r/TheRedPill28/07/15 05:37 PM

A fundamental component in maintaining an air of dominance is in being in a perpetual state of Amused Mastery. By doing so you signal to others that y...
Red Pill TheoryCyralea/r/TheRedPill23/02/15 04:03 PM

If you think I'm about to preach and try to convert, rest assured, I'm not. I'm an ardent atheist, and I always will be. No, what I want to delve into...
MetaCyralea/r/TheRedPill24/04/14 05:03 PM

“She was everything to me. It didn't matter how badly she treated me, I loved her and that's all that mattered. When she left me my world shatteredâ...
Red Pill TheoryCyralea/r/TheRedPill14/07/15 01:55 PM

"Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned" --William Congreve, 1697 Few things are as deadly to the male eg...
Red Pill TheoryCyralea/r/TheRedPill09/01/15 03:43 PM

Johnny is a proud new owner of a bar. He saved up all his money, did research into starting a business, and picked a decent location. Within a few wee...
Red Pill TheoryCyralea/r/TheRedPill30/04/15 02:39 PM

One of the curious aspects of movements like Feminism is in the homogeneity of its members. See exhibits A, B and C. I'm sure you can see the trend. I...
Red Pill TheoryCyralea/r/TheRedPill24/08/15 01:59 PM

Reddit log here: http://redditlog.com/snapshot/29742/36465 Surprisingly a few redpill responses are scattered throughout. Guess this city isn't entire...
Rant/VentingCyralea/r/TheRedPill06/12/13 09:16 PM

Feminism is often ascribed as having purpose due to needing to correct inequality between the sexes. While this certainly may have been the case close...
MetaCyralea/r/TheRedPill31/05/14 03:30 AM

A very common accusation I see from outsiders of this sub about TRP is that it's full of angry men. To most of us the reason why is obvious; finding o...
Red Pill TheoryCyralea/r/TheRedPill02/02/15 07:20 PM

“Women finally desire me after all this time, and I've had regular satisfying sex at last. But I'm not happy. What do I do now? What's the point of ...
Red Pill TheoryCyralea/r/TheRedPill20/01/16 08:49 PM

Not pussyfooting around this one. Title is literal. If anything could ever be classified as a Feminist's Nightmare, it's the irreconcilable notion tha...
Red Pill ExampleCyralea/r/TheRedPill25/07/14 01:50 PM

After seeing requests for examples, here is a post on learning how to navigate social situations with a dominant frame. Consider your typical squirrel...
Red Pill TheoryCyralea/r/TheRedPill17/07/14 03:13 PM

There has been some brewing recently about what the official stance is within TRP on spinning plates vs. pursuing a single girl in a committed relatio...
MetaCyralea/r/TheRedPill06/05/14 04:05 PM

The article Feminism is always mounting it's never ending campaign to fight institutionalized sexism. Nevermind that they can't even point to one exam...
Men's RightsCyralea/r/TheRedPill12/03/16 07:09 PM

One of the things that always struck me as odd is the notion that BP'ers don't seem to think RP men understand BP/mainstream narratives. The assumptio...
CMVCyralea/r/PurplePillDebate21/09/15 02:49 PM

It's been my experience that people who call out others for having standards only do so because of their lack of attractiveness. Fat women become femi...
DebateCyralea/r/PurplePillDebate24/08/15 02:07 PM

Have a brief read of this snippet from a book written by Michelle Langley in 2005: Women's Infidelity Just to give some overview, Michelle Langley is ...
DiscussionCyralea/r/PurplePillDebate05/08/15 02:30 PM

I'm curious to hear opinions about the following hypothetical scenario. Jim works at Bob's Widget Factory. Jim hasn't been paid in a little while, but...
Question for BluePillCyralea/r/PurplePillDebate13/08/15 04:51 PM

One of the common and rather tiring behaviours I see from the BP camp is the tendency to throw around words as pejoratives without any real attempt to...
Question for BluePillCyralea/r/PurplePillDebate20/02/15 03:03 PM

Scenario: Your boss tells you that a client is having an issue, and that you need to fix it. He didn't say much, except it has something to do with th...
MetaCyralea/r/TheRedPill29/08/14 02:04 PM
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