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Pussy is a Commodity.

by Whisper on /r/TheRedPill
15 October 2017 02:21 AM UTC

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So, now that our own Uncle Vasilya has troubled to explain to the class how not to be a disgusting loser despite having loads of money and power (go read), the next step is to understand how people get that way.

It certainly looks like a puzzler, when you think about. A premium class whore costs about $500 an hour. Two at once cost $1000. Double that, hell, multiply it tenfold, and anyone who's a major player in Hollywood can afford as much of that action as he wants.

So, even if you're ugly, even if you have no game, even if you look like Jabba the fucking Hutt, you still have two smoking hot pros at once, anytime you want, who will do whatever you want, right away, and fuck right the hell off afterwards.

That sounds like a pretty good deal even to those of you who can pull at will, doesn't it?

So why, oh why, do men with that much money still act like thirsty losers?


Mindset. Neediness. Ego.

Make no mistake, most or all of these girls (and probably boys as well) weren't raped in the strictest sense of the word. They held their noses and sucked Weinstein's greasy cock because they knew the money shot was made of Hollywood stardom, and pretty much anyone you see in film or television or hear on the radio is a degenerate whore, or they wouldn't be there in the first place.

But they didn't want to suck that cock. So why wouldn't this asshole at least pay someone whose job it was? Who would suck it harder and suck it better and suck it with a lot more enthusiasm out of sheer professionalism if nothing else?

Mindset. Neediness. Ego.

Harvey Weinstein creeped on starlets rather than paying whores, because if he paid a whore, he would have had to admit to himself that his cock was being sucked for money instead of the thrill of it.

That's right, little Ol' Harv didn't do all this to get sex with hot chicks... he did it to feel like a winner. Deep down, he knows he is an obese undisciplined slob, since he owns a mirror and isn't stupid. Harvey Weinstein ultimately thought of pussy as a yardstick that measured his worth. If he could get enough pussy, he must be a winner at life, right? Because that's what life is all about, right? Trying to climb back into the same sort of hole you crawled out of?


Pussy isn't a yardstick. Pussy isn't a milestone. Pussy isn't an achievement.

Pussy is a commodity. Like potatoes. If you're hungry, you want a potato. If you're horny, you want pussy. You get as much as you want, of the kind you want, with the variety you want, then you fucking stop until the itch comes back.

The meaning of life will never be found inside a vagina. Self-respect will never be found inside a vagina. A sense of purpose and identity will never be found inside a vagina. Happiness will never be found inside a vagina. The only things you will find there are temporary pleasure, and temporary release from your sexual appetites.

Which means that if you don't want to end up like our little friend Harv, you can't get your self-image from how often vapid twentysomethings (whose major interests in life include cute shoes) spread their legs for you. Harvey's plan didn't work, because he just kept having to do it. No matter how many greedy, vapid little teenage sluts licked his sweaty balls then went home to take six showers and cry themselves to sleep, he had to keep doing it, because it didn't help for long.

So what's your mission? What is it that gives meaning to your life? It can be pretty much anything you think is important.

But if you say "popping bottles and fucking models", then have a long hard think. Because pussy is a commodity, like potatoes. Not the measuring stick of greatness, or the source of happiness. Anyone can get women's approval, because women are a herd of sheep. It didn't help Harvey feel better, and it won't help you.

And he is not the only man brought low by overvaluing pussy.

Remember Tiger Woods groveling to some bitch when models were lining up to fuck him? Then getting on TV and apologizing for being the victim of domestic abuse? Remember Shane Mosley's ex wife taking his title belts in court? Bitch can't punch her way out of a paper bag, and she's got four championship belts. Paul McCartney had to write a check for fifty million dollar to some bitch with one leg. How many hot teenagers would have crawled across broken glass for a shot at fucking Paul McCartney for free?

Pussy is something you get sometimes because you like pussy. Pussy is not an achievement.

Go do something you can be proud of.

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131 upvotesredpillbanana2 years ago

This is a great way of looking at it.

Men care about having sex with hot women. The more conditions you attach to that hot woman, the more you'll have to "pay" for it, whether via effort, dollars, or your very soul.

You want a hot woman who enjoys discussing mathematics? Or a hot woman that is rich? Or a hot woman who is instagram-famous? Or, worst of all, do you only want one particular hot woman in the entire world (i.e. oneitis)? Now you've limited your supply with no decrease in demand.

Every man should certainly have standards, but those standards should be meaningful in that they will improve your overall experience (e.g. hot woman that has a sweet personality, hot woman who is not insane, etc). Standards that feed your ego are going to cost you plenty, much like an expensive car, home, or watch that feeds your ego.

A great relevant comment from Chateau Heartiste's blog: http://heartiste.wordpress.com/2013/12/02/how-super-alpha-males-are-similar-to-hot-babes/

Women, would you rather date Paul Walker (pre-dead, of course) or a watier that looked exactly like Paul Walker?

Men, would you rather date Scarlett Johanssen, or a waitress that looked exactly like Scarlett Johanssen?

...and the answers to these questions demonstrate one of the fundamental differences between women and men.

33 upvotesKromohawk2 years ago

Let me make sure I’m understanding your last point, the difference between men and women highlighted by that question is that women would date the actual Paul walker for his fame and money but men would date the waitress to avoid ego bullshit? Is that the point you are trying to make?

97 upvotesWhisper [OP]2 years ago

Women see a waiter who looks like Paul Walker as a counterfeit Paul Walker. The fake that he's not the real one is a drawback.

Men see a waitress who looks like Scarlett Johanssen as a bullshit-free Scarlett Johanssen. The fact that she's not the real one is a bonus.

25 upvotesredpillbanana2 years ago

Whisper answered the question with less words and more impact.

To Whisper's point about ego: the only men who would prefer ScarJo over her clone waitress are the men who would want her for bragging rights.

26 upvotesdr_warlock2 years ago

Personally, I don't care on an arousal level. But I know that if I dated the famous version, it would give me orders of magnitude more pre-selection and I could have a harem of women that weren't attainable before.

1 upvoteshb8only2 years ago

well I know a guy who has no success with girls until one very similar guy like him become famous football player - from that moment, copy guy got a lot of girls because "oh he looks like ...." you know...

7 upvotesRudeRussy2 years ago

yep. thats how shallow women are - this is their biological default setting.

-2 upvotesaaaasssaaa112 years ago

That's clearly the reason you are not dating her, I assume

27 upvotesredpillbanana2 years ago

Pretty much.

Basically, when it comes to sex, most men don't care much about fame, social status, education, or wealth; they just want a hot chick to smash. I think most men would prefer the sexy girl-next-door over Sheryl Sandberg or Hillary Clinton.

OTOH, fame/social status/wealth can make a man look much sexier to a woman. Many women would prefer Elon Musk or Bill Clinton to hot dude next door.

However, if you do want the woman with fame/social status, you'll be paying a price for it.

-8 upvotesaaaasssaaa112 years ago

I'd date Scarlett. Hell, I'm sure it will be a fucking great couple of hours.

There's a bit more than looks. Who's a better date - a top tier actress or a waitress that is talking like unkle Willie and smells like chicken nuggets

6 upvotesDrezzzire2 years ago

This shit is so on point. My god

1 upvotesjbchillenindc2 years ago

Great post, I couldn't agree more.

For me, it is snowboarding. Pursuing the best powder lines on mountains all over the world gives meaning to my life.

Women come and go.

95 upvotesBernaySaynders2 years ago

Cocaine. He's talking about cocaine.

2 upvotesMadafakerJones2 years ago

Cocaine or donuts. Powdered donuts are lyfe.

7 upvotesdgcaste2 years ago

Or gold bond. I have chronic jock itch.

3 upvotes2jz240sx2 years ago

Powered covered mountains is my heaven.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

That and lighting up some rubber getting slideways

1 upvotes2jz240sx2 years ago

I'm probably the only s13 that isn't into drifting

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I just saw your username and had to comment I've got an s14. Fun chassis either way!

0 upvoteshugaddiction2 years ago

your knees and back will never forgive you for this exploitation. Enjoy them while they last.

2 upvotesEumenesOfEfa2 years ago

Same can be said to anything that is fun. e.g. Kickboxing, or Tango.

-11 upvotesHang10Dude2 years ago

One of the best posts I've read hear.

92 upvotesThotwrecker2 years ago

This is a good description and it reminds me a lot of the Ayn Rand characters that are essentially the "could have been" alphas. Instead of working to build an empire out of pride and passion for their trade, they did it because they craved recognition and societal approval and power. They wanted to "be somebody" whereas the first-rate alpha wants to "do something".

This to me has always been the differentiator of successful versus unsuccessful people, even within the realm of people who are already rich and famous. Are you fundamentally motivated to "be somebody"?

Did you get into TRP because you craved being thought of by your peers as the type of guy who can get pussy? Did you want to be a pussy-getting guy? Do you want to make crazy money and buy fly cars and cribs so that you can signal that you're rich and famous and awesome to the world? Do you want to be a doctor because the status and respect from your Asian parents of being doctor means you can feel successful?

Then you are a be somebody type of person. You'll always be at mercy of your own ego and your own hamster wheel. Your brain has designed a hamster wheel treadmill, and one more addicting and unsatisfying than any game Blizzard could come up with. You're always in need of the next validation of who you are. You are always threatened by the new guy, you always need to prove you've still got it, you always need to have people around you treat you the right way. And this ultimately ruins many great, talented men - men far greater than Harv.

You see this type of guy on TRP all the time, and he's generally posting about how "sex can never really be as good as it is in high school when you get that overwhelming feeling of victory and coolness and validation from everyone knowing that you fucked Sarah the hot girl." What they really want is just to be the big man on campus, to be a Chad. They don't actually want to learn how to attract a woman, they want to just feel what it's like to be the cool kid who got girls without DOING anything. Many guys here just want to feel and look like a player to their friends. Other guys just want a hot smart cool girlfriend they can love and cherish, so that they can be "that guy who's dating a hot girl".

That is it. Be Somebody people are broken. It will never be enough. Because they are not stupid; they can see that they are missing something, and they hate it, and they don't know what to do about the fact that their life revolves around fleeting things like respect, pussy, attention, control, even money. But maybe if they can get that trinket or fuck that bitch, or maybe if they get that promotion to an SVP they can feel like they are the man they always wanted to be.

So to me, the purpose of TRP - or rather the purpose that I've given my knowledge and understanding of TRP concepts in my life - is to enable myself to DO STUFF that I genuinely want to do. If you just want to be a rich powerful guy who gets pussy, then you better make damn sure that spending your life chasing that will at least make you happy (and can be done in a sustainable, logical, long-term way). Because when you spend your whole life trying to be something, and you realize that the world can crumble "who you are" and "how you are treated" in an instant, you will realize that your life has been a waste of whatever talent and passion you once had, and you will wind up suicidal and broken. Just like Harvey.

Everyone who is driven only by wanting to feel like the big rich powerful alpha male is honestly better off not getting it. Because when you do, it will ruin you and worst of all, you will become stupid. Every guy who was motivated by it and got it, I guarantee you, they become STUPID.

You can spend your whole life chasing pussy, and you might very well get a lot of pussy. You might very well get a lot of guys around you who think you are hot shit. But your mind is really everything; without it humans are just trash waiting to be taken out. Once guys let their minds rot, it's really all over, they are never coming back. They'll plod on looking like they are living the dream life until one day it all crumbles, and by then, their mind has deteriorated to the point where they can't really connect cause and effect, and they just kind of throw up their hands and shrug and either do drugs / get into really weird shit, or they just want to kill themselves.

9 upvotesgrowingstronk2 years ago

So then what? You've hit the nail on the head with me in terms of being a perfectionist and wanting to be that alpha male stereotype. I'm realizing more and more that it's never gonna make me happy but I truly don't know what will then.

16 upvotesThotwrecker2 years ago

The reason to aspire to have alpha male traits is that they enable you do actually do the things you want to do. For example, having higher dominance and leadership quality gives you the ability to, say, build a product and run a company. Being in good shape and training allows you to compete in X sport or hike Everest or whatever it is for you.

You start with what you want to do - and then reverse engineer what traits you will need to have to do those things. IE if you legitimately want to just fuck 100 bitches and you are a virgin, and all you can think about is getting to 100 girls, then I am not saying you shouldn't try to "be an alpha male and get laid a lot". You should do that, but along that journey, at some point you need to discover some sort of goal that as Whisper says, you can actually be proud of.

Pussy just can't be your source of pride and self-image. But when you are pussy-broke, it's too hard to think about anything else. Like when you are financially broke, all you can think about is making a little money and if you had some money, everything would be gucci. It's okay when you are broke to tunnel in on fixing the problem, but somewhere once that problem is getting handled, you have to switch gears and ask "what do I want to DO".

Generally everything you want to do in life will have requirements. IE you can only do this if you are rich enough, if you are powerful enough, if you are charismatic enough, if you are attractive enough, if you have enough freedom, etc.

2 upvotesdaymi2 years ago

I truly don't know what will then

That's normal and a very common human problem. The only way to try to find a solution (insofar possible) is to try everything that seems worthwhile in sequence and find out whether it makes you happy.

You might have a hard time knowing what makes you happy if you suppress emotions. I know I did (both). Suppressing emotions is NOT a good idea, so if you do that, just stop doing it. It's a matter of willpower (and not a lot of it). Of course don't show the emotions to other random people (you are a man after all), but you yourself do need to see them.

Afterwards, do you feel a bad sensation in your stomach? Good. Now do stuff and notice what you are doing when it suddenly goes away for a bit.

Perfectionism is a fool's errand, it wastes enormous amounts of energy and has very little upside for you. My perfectionism was because of my insecurity, I thought I had to be perfect and that otherwise I would be worthless (in the eyes of others). Which was complete bullshit - because one shouldn't care about validation from others. Validation from yourself, yes.

4 upvoteshugaddiction2 years ago

"do drugs / get into really weird shit, or they just want to kill themselves."

I liked the whole thing, but this last sentence really hit me where it hurts, the truth. As someone that identified with being "cool", and "got chicks" in high school and college without a lot of effort, I had a very hard time when I lost my charm and ability to pull ass after a chronic illness became a large part of my life in my mid 20s. Losing my self defining attributes as to what I thought made me so great shattered my ego, leaving me broken. Even after I was done being sick, years later I still hung onto, and struggled with an opiate habit, in order to salve the emotional wound of losing my social status and variety and consistency of female sexual selection. I'm here because the drugs don't work to fix the problem, neither does crying about it, and I'm sick of not getting to DO STUFF that I genuinely want to do. cheers, well said

3 upvotesinfinitefootball2 years ago

Sir, excuse me, I would like 1 guide on becoming, as you call it, a.... thotwrecker.

3 upvotesCasd122 years ago

Your whole point could have been summarized in sentence: Don't do it for the external validation but rather do it for internal validation.

Also, youre assuming that wanting to be rich is all external validation searching, but its not (it depends on the person). I want to be rich because every time I make a killing on a investment, I feel nice as hell. I feel like a God amongst men. I dont need no external validation from chicks or dudes because I already know im the shit. Chicks giving me attention or dudes giving me respect wont change how I act nor how I think because their opinions regarding myself is useless. They dont know me. I could use the money to buy cars and cribs because, 'who doesnt like new and cool things?'. Heck, you could take away all my money and I'll still feel like a boss in my honda. Simply because I know that I have the ability to get rich as hell. I think knowing that you have the ability to start 0 and end up with 1 million, is like winning the noble prize on the discovery of new elements.

8 upvotesThotwrecker2 years ago

No, that's not my point. Internal validation is problematic too - Harvey was internal validation motivated. He wanted to perceive himself as being a powerful sex god who could have any starlet he wanted. Obviously external motivation is worse, but my point is a bit more subtle - being motivated by the need to think of yourself as somebody (which is internal validation - ie you validating yourself) is a hamster treadmill.

Wanting to be rich is not bad - but wanting to be rich as someone who doesn't have the ability or motivation to DO something that will produce wealth as a byproduct, that is a problem. For the vast majority of people who want to make more money, the wanting of the money isn't going to help them. It's the desire to improve and grow a skill that is in demand, or the desire to build something of value to do something that's valuable to a significant number of people. Even people who are all about the money and find motivation in getting rich, prior to that mindset if you trace it back, you'll 100% find that when their success was getting started, they were focused on building a skill or doing something.

1 upvotesEclectiqque2 years ago

great comm. i feel like it should be a stand-alone post

1 upvotesHobbesTheBrave2 years ago

Thank you. Now I get why I like Ayn Rand.

1 upvotesfrrunkis2 years ago

and they just kind of throw up their hands and shrug and either do drugs / get into really weird shit, or they just want to kill themselves.

Are you possibly referring to Julien Blanc by any chance?

3 upvotesThotwrecker2 years ago

No I'm more referring to people like Weinstein or other celebrities who get into drugs / depression / weird sex or rape scandals. Julien just seems like a guy who tried way too hard to be edgy and different to speak to the disenchanted "women are holes to fuck" crowd, and didn't understand how to manage his PR and hold frame. I maintain that if Julien had just doubled down instead of cucking himself over by trying to apologize, he'd be way more successful.

1 upvotesThrowFader2 years ago

Absolutely correct. Main raison d'etre is to achieve the peak of my physical and mental capabilities. I want to fucking impact the world. I know I can, at least in my local area.

The side affect will be fame and money and respect and pussy, but.

That's not why I'm grinding.

I'm grinding for me.

-4 upvotesRudeRussy2 years ago

The only thing you'll remember when you are on your deathbed is how much pussy you did/didn't have. then when you die, you power down like a computer being switched off at the mains and there is nothing else after that.

May as well just pursue the pussy?

3 upvotesthrowawaysarenotok2 years ago

"When I look back on my life nowadays, which I sometimes do, what strikes me most forcibly about it is that what seemed at the time most significant and seductive, seems now most futile and absurd. For instance, success in all of its various guises; being known and being praised; ostensible pleasures, like acquiring money or seducing women, or traveling, going to and fro in the world and up and down in it like Satan, exploring and experiencing whatever Vanity Fair has to offer. In retrospect all these exercises in self-gratification seem pure fantasy, what Pascal called “licking the earth.""

Malcolm Muggeridge

21 upvotesbsutansalt2 years ago

PUSSY is indeed a commodity, but the quality of a woman by your side does inform your own worth as a man in terms of SMV as evaluated by others. It's a form of self-esteem as well as social proof, or the opposite.

Think of the times you've all see some guy who should be reasonable or exceptionally successful with women, only to see him with fat slob of a woman (or way past her prime). What's the first thing that crosses your mind? Do you see what I'm getting at?

So while getting laid is easy to do if you have the cash, which many men do not, getting the desire by high quality women isn't easy at all and is indeed a reflection of the guy's inner (and outter) game, or lack thereof.

11 upvotesnewls2 years ago

Even mighty kings with all their power want to feel like they can win a woman's affection with pure game and nothing else.

Louis XIV of France, who eventually married for political reasons, was first seduced in his youth by Marie Mancini, who was fully aware of this aspect of all men's egos.

Late in his life he still remembered her, writing how she was the only woman he truly loved.

She deceived him by exploiting his male ego, and it shows that deep down we all want to think we can seduce women with our own personality and game, not by virtue of power or money.

3 upvotesThrowFader2 years ago

That's why men need to learn to divorce their self worth from such trivial things as other's opinions.

DT is the only truly successful way to go.

1 upvotesbsutansalt2 years ago


2 upvotesThrowFader2 years ago

Dark triad?

1 upvotesbsutansalt2 years ago

Ah, yeah, that's probably it.

40 upvotesdenali4eva2 years ago

The meaning of life will never be found inside a vagina.

I wanna put this on a T-shirt and wear it proudly everywhere.

18 upvotesm4rkm4n2 years ago

Careful, or people might call you a fag ;)

29 upvotesWhySoRuff2 years ago


ding ding ding. people who have that kind of money and that level of power over others become megalomaniacs. They believe that the rules don't apply to them and the things that most people would enjoy become meaningless. It's like needing more and more of a drug for the same high. It seems he has fucked so many women that its eventually got boring, so he took it in a weird direction and made young hotties look at his fat ass take a shower. the guy actually cornered a chick at a restaurant, whipped out his dick, and jacked off into a potted plant, he was obviously a deviant. Michael Jackson was into weird shit, Prince was into weird shit, Mariah Carey is into weird shit and the Arab Sheikh's are on a different level of weird shit.

edit: Check It

1 upvotesMisterDorimant2 years ago

Here's a related thought that might help those that are buried in the pursuit of pussy to see the light.

There are 4 ways to spend money:

  • A purchase,
  • A gamble,
  • An investment, and
  • A commodity.

A purchase is ownership at its most fundamental level. You buy a good, You own it. Property. Simple as that.

A gamble differs from an investment in terms of duration. A gamble is essentially a quick fix, whereas an investment is a longer-term risk. Investments promise returns for however long You choose to "let it ride," usually for years, whereas a gamble is literally like shooting craps: a weekend of fun in Vegas, at most.

A commodity differs from a purchase in that it is necessarily something of value to others. Pork bellies, gold, silver, bullets, so on and so forth.

pussy is indeed a commodity. A hot commodity. Everybody wants some.

pussy wants to be owned. pussy also wants to be rented. pussy also also wants to be desired.

But it generates no interest, no return, no gains. It can only ever sap You of time, money, effort, and attention. It is utterly incapable of giving anything back.

In short, a Man can pour His deepest love and affection into pussy and it will never be returned.

And the child that she produces will never be Yours. It's as good as hers. Accept it.

pussy is very much like gold. Shiny, flashy, nice to have, but completely unnecessary and only ever worth its market value. And as soon as Chad comes along with more resources than You, she's gone.

If things keep going the way they are going, pussy will soon be traded like any other commodity.

7 upvotesHillarysdilddo_20162 years ago

Good expansion of the commodity angle. Should be its own post.

5 upvotesdestraht2 years ago

Commodities are worth different amounts depending on where they are. An ounce of gold is worth more in your safe than it is in the jungle, the farmers wheat it worth more in your cupboard than in his granary. I like traveling to and living in other developing countries for extended periods of time because high quality women are worth less there, they feel entitled to less and they typically have internalized less of the new indoctrination which we have identified as being negative. I don't want women to take up a huge amount of my energy and that need is always there so I pretty much have two options and that is to go monk mode in California or to be in places where it is as easy as drinking. Its just not worth the energy of trying to find them around here with their typically fat asses and high expectations which sets the price of the quality ones sky high. Before the Lake County fire burned down my favorite hot spring I would go up there to relax and pussy was cheap there like a 40% chance of just hooking up with an amazing looking and healthy woman while doing something that was enjoyable and relaxing. I'm not willing to pay much more than that. Some guys here have figured out ways to make the pussy very cheap for them. Good for them. The price of the pussy commodity does vary considerably though from one environment to the next. Now due to the fires I'm forced to be in Solano County, which has very high obesity. I'm not willing to pay that price when I have an 18.5 year old stunner down in Colombia who sends me naked pics asking me to come back. Its that or return to Ukraine with its rich hunting grounds. I'd rather be practicing my writing skills now then troll through seedy bars and tinder around here.

43 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Ain't it funny how this merry band of misogynist shitlords are repulsed by Harv more than anyone?

If you listen to the media than a place like TRP would be defending that fat fuck because women are evil and deserved it.

Truth is, bitches are amusing once the equality ruse is up. It's weaklings like Weinstein who draw my contempt

23 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

At the end of the day TRP agrees with some of the things that extremists and feminists do. We think pussy should come to you (not be tricked or manipulated), women are just human beings like us (we do not put the pussy on the pedestal), and that repulsive, fat beta creeps can only get beta bucks starfish sex (AF:BB). We are also anti marriage, just like the far edge of feminists and lesbian politics. TRP is a bit like the edge of politics where the extreme right and the extreme left use similar tactics (violence, shaming, no platform). There is no left or right, there is just a circle or dial, where the two extremes meet at the top.

2 upvotesnazis-are-socialists2 years ago

Feminists want to be able to ride the CC with alphas and then have the state to be their beta providers instead of having to submit to a beta male provider in marriage. "Women's lib" is not really liberation of women from the bondage of the state, but rather liberation of the woman from the beta.

By having the state provide for them, they are forcing all taxpayers (women, alphas, and betas) to provide for them instead of just betas. Feminism is indeed a sexual strategy that automatically turns AF's into their unicorn Alpha Bucks. Of course it's all subconsciously driven, but feminism does expose the feral nature of women quite well.

3 upvotessadomasochrist2 years ago

Speak for yourself. I think you're still being solipsistic and haven't yet transcended your male value system.

Women don't possess honor or loyalty.

13 upvotesWolfofAnarchy2 years ago

Well, you can say that to my 87 year old neighbor, whose wife has been with him for 50 years, raised their kids well and always was ready for him.

I'm sure you're gonna call me a beta little bitch now, but your bitter outlook on women, IMO, is not right on. Mostly, yes, women barely have hobbies, passions and ambition. There are some better ones. Or maybe there used to be.

0 upvotessadomasochrist2 years ago

This isn't even replying to my comment. She's not with him because she's loyal or has honor. Just another example you've shown of male solipsism.

Think about that one.

5 upvotesWolfofAnarchy2 years ago

Interesting. I think her being with him and now taking care of him shows a lot of loyalty

0 upvotessadomasochrist2 years ago

What you're suggesting is that Briffault's Law is false through corollary counterexample.

I can assure you that you're looking at your neighbor's relationship though a profoundly naive lens.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

I did not say we arrived at the same conclusions using the same methods. Wimmin arrived at these conclusions due to their innate and basic instincts, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

1 upvotessadomasochrist2 years ago

Just saying, gotta play on their level.

2 upvotesranluka2 years ago

Well, I should think, hope even, that everyone, even "misogynists shitlords", thinks sexual assault and harassment is wrong, even if there are disagreements about what constitute those things.

16 upvotesbitches_money2 years ago

Great content. I had been wondering why this guy didn't just have a string of the best prostitutes money can buy on tap with zero drama. Why'd he have to go and mess with these actresses?

The only thing bigger than than his gut and bank account was his ego and it ultimately became his undoing.

1 upvoteskimchi-222 years ago

Good examples would be Dicaprio and Bilzerian.

The guys are living the pussy dream.

1 upvotesUroPV2 years ago

So much so that Bilzerian has had a heart attack from cocaine use. It doesn't scream happiness/dreams to me to be chasing dopamine wherever you can find it, nom sayin?

1 upvoteskimchi-222 years ago

What does his overuse of cocain has to do with the fact that he's getting laid a ton with some of the most gorgeous women?

10 upvotesPhoenixtorment2 years ago

Because an endless supply of gorgeous women will make those girls not gorgeous anymore, but standard. So you chase after higher highs.

8 upvotesdr_warlock2 years ago

There are much worse problems to have, buddy.

1 upvotesdestraht2 years ago

I'm pretty sure that I've had only the tiniest fraction of what he has had but I'll say that when it has been super easy for me that I don't always want to deal with them. At least for me sex is more energy than just moving my hips and firing off. First I'll need to contact them, wait too long for them to arrive, it often costs taxi money, emotional energy, etc. Even that takes time away from hobbies, work and friends. So I've often just beat to stave off that lurking need so that I can do other things with my life. I just think that if you go after women every time that your dick is getting hard you will end up getting nothing done in life and if you ever allow yourself to become hallowed out by their constantly draining needs then they will end up just discarding you as you approach the bottom.

Also going to erotic massages with a good friend can be great since you can really hang out with your bro without needing to be on top of the female situation going to speak to them, etc. There is the talk up before and after, letting whoever needs it most get first pick, favorite girls, etc.

10 upvotesstrongshieldman2 years ago

This "if i get ton of pussy for free then I'm a complete man" runs very deep. We're biologically wired to feel this way. Going beyond this means stop being a dumb animal. It takes more courage and emotianal intelligence than most people have.

4 upvotesShukakun2 years ago

I'd even go so far as to say that it's pretty arrogant to think you're capable of not being a dumb animal. It's like saying you can use willpower to overcome your need for food or sleep. You're 1 part human and 6 parts monkey. The good news is that that monkey can be tamed, but it's not easy. And you can't really get rid of it, unless you plan to take a scalpel to your head and remove everything except your neocortex. Probably an unhealthy option.

I say, embrace the monkey. Learn to keep it under control, but also give it what it wants. Fuck women (note: women, not woman), eat meat, use your body regularly, lift, run, climb. Get yourself a good social circle of men you can trust. I doubt there are a whole lot of guys out there who can check all those boxes and still feel unhappy.

3 upvotesstrongshieldman2 years ago

You can't take the survival part out of the formula. But what if taking out sex from the formula by using you will power. Will you then not transcend 50% of your monkeyness.

1 upvoteshugaddiction2 years ago

truthful introspection that leads to action and progression, separates the men from the boys.

12 upvotesShukakun2 years ago

You're right, putting pussy on a pedestal is a bad idea and you should have something going on in your life that is more important to you than getting your dick wet. But you compared lust for sex to hunger for food, and that's absolutely right, the urge is at that level. It isn't odd that people keep managing to fuck up their lives over pussy. Biologically speaking, if you ask your instincts, pussy literally is the meaning of life. Impregnate as many women as possible to perpetuate your genes, or die trying.

People often seem to forget what they are. The conscious part that you probably consider to be "you" is not the entirety of you, it just happens to be the newest and most advanced piece of hardware we have. 6/7ths of your brain is still subconscious and primal, a monkey mind if you will. All it wants to do is fuck, eat, sleep and play, and if you don't learn to somewhat control it, you'll end up obese on the couch with an opiate addiction, a wife who despises you and two kids who you probably haven't managed to teach anything, at least nothing positive.

Just like a dog, a cat or a girlfriend, it'll keep doing things as long as it gets away with them, and it's up to you to set boundaries and teach it some good habits to override its strong attraction to short term pleasure to its own detriment.

As for people like Weinstein, he has plenty of money, but I understand why he doesn't just buy hookers. As much as we like to tell ourselves (and we should) that women aren't prizes to be won, that is exactly what they are if you ask your monkey mind. And buying the golden 1st place trophy isn't any fun, is it? Weinstein wanted to feel like a winner, but anyone can take a look at him and see right away that he's not. No matter what kind of money or social status he has, his physical appearance just doesn't quite cut it.

So, what should Weinstein, or anyone else who's fat/sad/unconfident do? Fix it.

I read a thread here yesterday about how to handle Tinder and in a moment of inspiration, reinstalled the app. I knew I shouldn't have. It's part of a list of apps that I've decided to stop using because they fueled some bad habits of mine. Sure enough, an hour later I'm on the phone with some girl who has a boyfriend, jerking off, listening to her moaning and telling her all the things I'm going to do to her.

Afterwards, I immediately uninstalled the app and deleted her number. Why? Because I don't like how I look, and I shouldn't, I'm fucking 240 lbs and 25-30% bodyfat. I do get laid every now and then but I'd rather think "I had her panties soaked at 'hello' and she couldn't wait to jump me" than "I managed to convince her to have sex with me, and it felt good for both of us, but she wasn't physically attracted to me."

Imagine you're a banana salesman. Your bananas are small, stale and moldy. Every other salesman seems to have nicer bananas than you. But you pay for seminars to learn to sell, you read books about how sales work, how customers think and react and so on. Eventually you develop masterful salesman skills, now you can practically sell sand in a desert. You're selling bananas regularly and successfully with charm and guile alone, but at the end of the day, when you're alone in front of the mirror, you know you still have the shittiest bananas in town. Imagine how different things would be if people could see right away that your bananas are huge, juicy and deliciously fresh. You could still become a good salesman too. But you wouldn't have to try anywhere near as hard, and more importantly, you would be happy regardless of whether or not you currently have any customers, because your bananas are fucking awesome.

Moral of the story:
1. Fix your product
2. Practice your sales skills
Doing it the other way around is retarded.
Doing neither is even more retarded.
Weinstein is like a shitty salesman with disgusting bananas forcing them into the mouths of young women who are only hanging out with him because they know he has a lot of friends and contacts in the business.

3 upvotesHillarysdilddo_20162 years ago

This post is on point.

When I was younger I had to go out, I had to game, I had to pull tail, I had to fuck. If I didn't then I felt really low. Fucking a girl was a massive high. Why? Precisely for the reasons you mentioned. Ego validation.

Nowadays those things seem more like a chore. Why? Because I have other more important things that demand my attention. Those things add value to my life, and like you said... Looking for value deep inside a vagina is a loser mindset.

3 upvotesAnanonguy882 years ago

That's right but you can only get to this state when you've smashed enough.

14 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

When I am in an LTR or STR invariably the woman starts getting upset about my high n-count (even though subconsciously the fact turns her on and makes her feel valuable and chosen). I explain truthfully that to me my short term and one night flings were just the same as a nice wagyu steak, or a good bottle of pinot, it was something that I enjoyed, but it means nothing at all to me. It was an experience, not a goal or an emotional investment. It is just a commodity (that is why pussy is for sale world wide yet cock is free).

Now men and women are not the same, women get a flood of dopamine and oxytocin when they orgasm, men only get dopamine. Dopamine is the brain’s pleasure reward, oxytocin is for bonding or the love drug. Women get it when they breast feed. This is why a woman with the thousand cock stare is damaged goods and completely useless for any sort of parenting or LTR. So when thirsty beta men feel the need to love or conquer a woman, they are acting against their genetic makeup. When a woman listens to feminists who encourage her to ride the CC without the pressure of slut shaming, she is acting against her genetic makeup.

Feminists, leftards and the MSM want to encourage wimmin to act like men. Why do they utilise Mary Sue characters in movies and use masculine descriptors (brave, strong, independent) as the highest forms of female “empowerment” and something to look up to? The goal of androgyny dressed up as equality is an abomination to our billions of years of evolution, to our genes and to the reality that we are just smart mammals.

1 upvotessmith28142 years ago

"women get a flood of dopamine and oxytocin when they orgasm, men only get dopamine". This is not true.

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

From the Dr who authored the study:

  • “A key hormone released during sex is oxytocin, also known as the ‘cuddle hormone’. This lowers our defences and makes us trust people more, says Dr Arun Ghosh, a GP specialising in sexual health at the Spire Liverpool Hospital.

It’s also the key to bonding, as it increases levels of empathy. Women produce more of this hormone, although it’s not clear why, and this means they are more likely to let their guard down and fall in love with a man after sex.

However, the problem is that the body can’t distinguish whether the person we’re with is a casual fling or marriage material — oxytocin is released either way. So while it might help you bond with the love of your life, it’s also the reason you may feel so miserable when a short-term relationship ends.

Men, on the other hand, instead of getting a surge of bonding hormone receive a surge of simple pleasure.

‘The problem is that when a man has an orgasm, the main hormone released is dopamine — the pleasure hormone. And this surge can be addictive,’ says Dr Ghosh.

2 upvotesAlphaSerialDater2 years ago

Thanks for sharing, couldn't agree more.

One thing worth mentioning is how hard it is for most men to put the pussy off a pedestal. Even for powerful, rich alpha men. They all fall for it and never learn.

Also, the addiction is easy to occur and hard to get rid of, so make sure not to turn a commodity into a drug that will enslave you.

Consume the pussy when you want to, not when you need to.

2 upvotesCanuckinFL2 years ago

and of course, we have all completely ignored the lesson of Harvey's ATTRACTIVE wife who stood by him for years, likely knew some of it, ignored it completely, and now of course, as the story breaks, has filed for divorce.

He had pussy, he had a family, he had a career that completely engulfed his sense of self, where he was made to feel powerful. That power was apparently made manifest that he could act like an utter pig, and not suffer consequences.

OP's point about pussy being a commodity is 100% dead to rights.

Remember everything is about sex, except sex. Actual sex is about power.

2 upvotesMiaKhalifaBot2 years ago

A premium class whore costs about $500 an hour. Two at once cost $1000. Double that, hell, multiply it tenfold, and anyone who's a major player in Hollywood can afford as much of that action as he wants....So why, oh why, do men with that much money still act like thirsty losers?

Because men don't want to fuck sloppy seconds, thirds, or sloppy dozens as is likely to be the case with a whore. A struggling 18 yr old actress is likely to be pretty clean and likely not have fucked 8 different guys in the last 7 days, like a $500 whore is sure to have.

2 upvotesberryfarmer2 years ago

Poor analogy, everyone dies quickly without potatoes

(As a gentleman farmer I take offense, potatoes are fcking important)

1 upvotesBubbleGas2 years ago

Pussy isn't a yardstick. Pussy isn't a milestone. Pussy isn't an achievement.

Pussy is a commodity. Like potatoes. If you're hungry, you want a potato. If you're horny, you want pussy. You get as much as you want, of the kind you want, with the variety you want, then you fucking stop until the itch comes back.

The meaning of life will never be found inside a vagina. Self-respect will never be found inside a vagina. A sense of purpose and identity will never be found inside a vagina. Happiness will never be found inside a vagina. The only things you will find there are temporary pleasure, and temporary release from your sexual appetites.

More and more posts on this sub have MGTOW philosophy.

Nice to see this trend. All paths leads to MGTOW. It is the only way a man in this shitty world can be fulfilled.

3 upvotesabstractplebbit2 years ago


Vanguards detest that cuckoldry

1 upvotesHenryCurtmantle2 years ago

Downvote for starting with 'so'.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

it's not significant other though...

2 upvotesMisterRoid2 years ago

Happiness can't be found in a pussy? I beg to differ. I feel pretty damn happy when I have cummed deep inside a pussy. It's also a big turn-on to see the wet spots it leaves on the sheets afterwards.

1 upvotesinvisibleink652 years ago

Pussy is a Commodity

Capitalism in action lmaooooo

1 upvotesbeatdoc2 years ago

I would love to have this mindset...but I've not f*****a HB 8-10 yet so that's my goal amongst finding my mission in life (which is extremely hard).

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

exactly! his mindset is easy to have AFTER you have really fucked HB8-10 just by being like you are..

I have :) but before that, nobody could sell me his idea.. I would still lust for this experience...

1 upvotescherryCanSuckMyDick2 years ago

Thats a great point about Tiger Woods, the shift in perception of him from before cheatergate to after it was massive, mostly because he broke frame and indicated he thought he did something wrong. Almost overnight, he went from "one of the best in the world at his profession" to "pathetic loser".

1 upvotesIkWhatUDidLastSummer2 years ago

What is being said here is exactly what i tried to say with my post on pussy-chasing with the only difference that you worded it better. Thanks.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

"The meaning of life will never be found inside a vagina." I love you dude. How did came up with this way of articulating this piece of wisdom?

1 upvotesimabadasstrustme2 years ago

This is an amazing post. Honestly, this is one of the most amazing posts I've read on this site. I relate to it so much.

Just a few days ago I had this same realization, it slowly dawned on me and I think was part of just maturing and growing up: I don't give a shit about pussy. I couldn't understand why I would ever get married. Choose some random girl as my best friend and confidant, put all my trust into her and hope I don't get bored of her or she doesn't get bored of me.

This was such a big deal for me because growing up I would sustain my ego with my latest conquest, the newest girl I had would prop up my sense of worth. Then when I got into a relationship, the girl could sense my dependence on her, how I was using her to justify myself and would get disgusted by me as she had all the control in the relationship. Oddly enough I would ultimately dump her, even with her wearing the pants, because I needed more validation I needed a new surge of confidence to validate myself, I needed a new girl.

I just hooked up with a plate last night. Normally I drive to her, but I was so done with shit I made her drive to me. She was beautiful and a really unselfish lover but it just didn't do it for me. I think I'm going to friendzone her because its just not what I want right now, if anything its a distraction. I didn't feel bad about hooking up, I just felt "eh". Its because its just a commodity like a nice car, a nice meal or a video game. It's fun to do, but it can't fulfill you.

Sometimes I feel like guys want to be the girl, like they think they can own her and have her. Like it will make them more of a person if they can fuck her. No, she is her, you are you. All you can do is pretend to make babies and release some dopamine. That's it.

Little bit of a rant, but just wanted to put in writing my experiences for myself. Really appreciate the post man.

1 upvotesrmbarnes2 years ago

There's two things that men get from sex:

  • Busting a nut

  • An ego boost (a girl wanted to fuck me).

Fucking whores gets you your nut but not your ego boost, and many men just can't accept that despite getting the nut being so good. This is why before learning game I'd feel bad if I ever used a whore. Then I learned game and I'm close to 100 lays (with no cash involved).

At this point I no longer value the ego side as much due to a respectable lay count, but still love the nut. This means I use hookers a lot more often now (probably 5 whores for 1 legit new notch, as opposed to 1 whore for 5 new notches in the past). Paying for sex is a lot more time efficient.

I've found that wealthy men who have managed to bang a lot of women without paying for it are much more relaxed than the average beta about using whores. It's like for them it doesn't harm the ego. For me it puts a dent in my wallet though!

1 upvotesironjohnred2 years ago

This man know what he is talkin about!! Amen!

1 upvotesTheXandMk42 years ago

Is that not just the teensiest bit dehumanising to women? I mean, if you accept all of that then wouldn't cock be a commodity and we're just as shallow and predictable to them?

17 upvotesWhisper [OP]2 years ago

Is that not just the teensiest bit dehumanising to women?

No, it isn't.

It's a whole lot dehumanizing to women.

What's your point?

13 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

He has no point. Just a reflexive WhiteKnight spasm

1 upvotesTheXandMk42 years ago

Well I mean...does that sort of mindset really make you feel better about the world and yourself? You really just think of pussy as merely a commodity?

You're right in that self-worth shouldn't come from the bottom of a vagina, but viewing all vaginas as just some kind of resource sounds rather dehumanising and that kind of mentality would have you judging yourself by the same standards you set others. Just seems really self-destructive.

14 upvotesWhisper [OP]2 years ago

That was rather vague. Seems like you're a bit surprised that I didn't just curl up in shame and apologize. I'm not quite certain you know where you are.

Welcome to the Hallowed Halls of the Happy Misogynist Clan. We kinda started out as a pickup forum. Then at some point we discovered a very surprising thing... the less respect we treated women with, the more respect they treated us with.

I know. Messed up, right?

But also really interesting. So we poked at this idea a bit more, experimented, and the rabbit hole actually went pretty deep. It's helped us turn some unhappy, self-hating incels into pretty chill dudes.

So, no, I don't expect you to get it right away. It all kinda runs against most people's whole worldview. That's why we call it the red pill. If you're curious, start with the sidebar.

1 upvotesTheXandMk42 years ago

Hurm. No, I didn't expect you to just curl up in shame and apologise I wanted to hear what you had to say, and you answered in a courteous and informative manner. More curious for my own sake rather than some vain attempt to make you renounce your wicked ways and see the blessed light or somesuch bollocks. Your subreddit leaves me conflicted.

16 upvotesWhisper [OP]2 years ago

Your subreddit leaves me conflicted.

You're not the only one. There are entire reddits devoted to hating us, to debating our findings, to applying our ideas to all sorts of different stuff.

We started as a bunch of dudes in /r/seduction, just ordinary pickup stuff. And since the pickup stuff had no underlying philosophy (back then, dudes were just trying different things and reporting on how they worked), we just followed results by ignoring what women said, and responding to what they did.

A lot of people bailed out on the way there, horrified by what they had found and unwilling to face it. This is why we had to form a different reddit group.

That's because this trail led us to what seemed, at first, to be a very dark place. It seems women, not just broken women, not just party sluts with daddy issues, but women, looooved psychopaths. Loved selfish men who treated them like playthings. And despised men who showed them too much love and devotion.

The worse we treated women, the better they liked us.

Didn't take us long to figure it out, though. Turned out that women value things based mostly on the perceived value of the person giving it. And someone who acts more selfish, and less invested, must be more powerful, and have more options, and more value.

Turns out that all these beta male types with their romantic gestures were really just saying, in woman-speak... "I am weak, and I obsess over you because no other woman likes me".

Makes her skin crawl.

Then we realized lots of these other men, men who women shunned, despised, and actually sometimes hated simply because their instinctive revulsion was so strong... these guys weren't actually genetic failures, or lacking in courage, or in any other area. Then had simply been given bad information because it was socially and politically inoffensive to do so.

So we started training them to see women as children who never grow up.

It works.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Sounds about right tbh from my own past experiences. Last ex refused to commit to a proper relationship with me, even though the one she had before that was because she'd found out some junkie cunt was cheating on his girlfriend, so she decided to do the right thing and take one for the team (in her head at least) by offering up all her holes to him and another relationship to him. She even bailed on travelling Europe for him. Wound up moving in with him and paying his rent and drug money. I treated her like a fucking princess and didn't get even half the commitment. Or anal, which she'd happily let him do, so that was a pleasant reminder of how inadequate I was compared to some total fuckhead.

She did these weird mental gymnastics in her head to make it seem like she was some kind of hero, and basically doing the world a favour by going out with him so he'd not be inflicted on other girls or some shit. Brought up my qualms about it with her and she just said I should "think about how she felt and what she was going through" and that I was focusing on "what he got out of it". She refused to even be seen in town with me however in case anyone gasp saw us together, lied to her mum about me (proudly introduced him to her) and kept saying shit like "I'm glad we're not a in a relationship!" so cheerily.

Came to most of the same conclusions as you from my own observations, since women seem incapable of feeling guilt or shame or ever taking accountability for anything and merely think with their cunts. I mean, you say they love psychopaths but they're all damned sociopaths themselves. It's not an easy thing to accept however.

1 upvotesex_addict_bro2 years ago

does that sort of mindset really make you feel better about the world and yourself

Feelz before reals?

Edit. Whenever I see someone posting shit like you, I check their history and video games pop up. Just like in your case. Do you even lift bro?

12 upvotesex_addict_bro2 years ago

Women dehumanize themselves very well already. Trp just helps to pull that dehumanization into the daylight. It would help women to improve their behavior - of course if women only would be interested in improving their behavior, which they aren’t.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotesex_addict_bro2 years ago

Nope, I love that. Have fun while domineering women. This whole notion of white-knighting comes from a great misunderstanding of women. You think they're males with a pussy and once you give them dishwashers and washing machines and right to vote and free python courses they will be as good as men.

Nope, good sire. They're women. They're women for a reason.

Spergs, exceptions from the rule like Ada Lovelace and other bitches who probably got some of the Y chromosome in them thus high IQ do NOT count.

9 upvotesEzaar2 years ago

I feel this is more of a consideration towards the men’s mental health than a jab at a female.

I sensed that speaking in terms as it is, displays a concept that is appropriate to the circumstances and style of your goals fitting of the individual.

The woman can say no. But that’s not the point here. The point is that you need to find something that surpasses the “tang slayer 69 XXX” way of thought. That’s not contributing to yourself or treating yourself with respect. So your actions will bring misery to others as you will be a host for negative energy.

Don’t let yourself be cucked by yourself.

1 upvotesTheXandMk42 years ago

It's a very cynical and soul-destroying outlook to take. No, pussy is not an achievement and a man should indeed look elsewhere for self-fulfillment but it shouldn't be viewed as a mere commodity either. You start looking at others like a commodity and your entire viewpoint shifts, and that reflects back on yourself as you find yourself questioning how much you're worth as a person and judging yourself by the means you judge others.

1 upvotesEzaar2 years ago

If you’re arguing the word choice explicit to definition, then yes; your point stands. But if you allow yourself to expand past the explicate nature and to see why it makes sense to alter the perspective of “tang slayer 69 XXX” then maybe it would not appear to be as drastic.

I mean, realistically it does make sense if you’re removing emotion from the context. But once you introduce emotion it still stands as a reasonable consideration. But if you’re involving emotion, that comes with extra considerations as well; and they were addressed in the post.

3 upvotesyapel2 years ago

Yes, that’s exactly why a lot of guys end up here, for women we are merely that. Read the side bar.

1 upvotesTheXandMk42 years ago

Yeah, I know exactly why a lot of men end up here and I actually empathise quite strongly with them. The modern world is...conflicting and confusing, and to many men (myself inluded) it looks like women are having the time of their lives, happily sleeping around in whatever manner they see fit with zero consequences and no shame or guilt. To men with more romantic inclinations that can be crushing. I just don't think it's beneficial to the mental health of men to start viewing pussy as a mere commodity, because that world outlook reflects back poorly on men as they'd start judging themselves by the same standards they set others.

5 upvotesyapel2 years ago

Yeah I don’t think no one has it easy. But I think it’s nice to see pussy as just a commodity (because it is) and start valuing the rest of the human attached to it for other things.

8 upvoteswastelandchic2 years ago

Listen friend, with all due respect, I understand the motivation behind your post, but let me reintroduce a little reality into your well meaning but fatally flawed post.

  1. Women can and do sleep around if they choose, that much is true....but have you really assessed the caliber of douchebag they're typically bedding? Maybe I'm not the best judge of male desirability, but the women I know are fairly adamant in their assertions that fully 75-80% (and that's conservative according to some of them) of men are entirely unattractive. Less attractive women may come in a bit under that in their estimates but that's to be expected. My own honest estimate, if another man is to be trusted, are fairly in line with that number. Anecdotally, I was out running errands today and took this very question under consideration. It was actually pretty impressive how many Gumbies are out there and I'm in a rather high profile metro area. I witnessed plenty of slobs that have no clue how to dress themselves. Sizable guts. Little muscle tone and entirely unimpressive facial features. Given many of them were probably married/in relationships and looking for the sweet release of death or divorce, but the point is, there are a lot of women who may be getting "some" cock but rest assured it's not typically of the caliber they desire.

  2. Something else that is not often taken into consideration and should be is this: there are a pretty impressive number of borderline personality disordered women running around out there and a lot of them will literally fuck anyone with a pulse. They require constant attention, almost as if their lives depend on it, and will skew the numbers greatly because they are out doing a lot of damage after their latest relationships fail. And it's not just personality disordered women doing that. There are a shit ton of lesser "daddy issue" girls looking for validation and letting some guy with a .17 BAC unload in them will fit the bill often times. All in all, try and remember how you felt the morning after or during the act of taking down a solid 4. Was it something that left you feeling fulfilled? Again, the women I hear from most are usually pretty put off by the caliber of men around them and may be "sleeping around" far less than you imagine.

  3. Similarly, have you also taken an inventory of the caliber of women out there? Yes, there are some attractive women out there (far more proportionate to men but that's not saying much - see above) but from this guy's standpoint, there are still PLENTY of moderately to severely obese women with less than desirable facial features struggling to get attention - period. There are also tons of women whose bodies have been utterly destroyed by pregnancy and childbirth. There are plenty who possess any number of undesirable features like facial hair, acne, excessive cellulite, huge asses, sagging tits, thinning hair (yes, I see it), double chins, varicose veins and other blemishes. As an attractive to very attractive man (depending on whom you ask), I am often leered at by women who, based on their physicality alone, I would not give a second glance. I see women who are just plain ugly, to be quite vulgar, who are quite simply non starters for the vast majority of men and make ME feel "icky" when they make a clumsy pass. There are plenty of horny women out there who are not getting laid because they simply cannot and many others who are not because they simply WILL NOT.

Either way, your point about not viewing pussy as a commodity is understood but don't let your softer side get in the way of the very real realization that your checkbook is a commodity to most women. And while I agree that these positions reflect poorly on men and women alike, I'm merely commenting on the sad realities of today's "commodified" world. I applaud you for not treating pussy or women as a commodity (neither do I) but I damn sure want to know who I'm dealing with and most women are inherently narcissistic and self-absorbed and would likely admit, to varying degrees, that their "pussies" are in fact a commodity, but one that has an expiration date inherent.

6 upvotesex_addict_bro2 years ago

Get your bitty romantic inclinations to the gym.

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

It's only de-humanizing if you think these humans are some kind of romantic fairy tale princesses with golden rays of heaven juice flowing from their orifices.

Men already are a commodity. We're just a number on someone's balance sheet, military head count or the faceless source of alimony. We're the lungs that get black so she can have long hot sex showers with her Nth affair partner. We're the billions of lost years of life that go into making the economy effective and propagate the human race. We're the six sixes that have absolutely no feelings, rights or value beyond what we can provide (including alpha genes and "fun").

She wanted equality and now it's time for her to get down in the mud with the rest of us.

1 upvotesSpaceTimeinFlux2 years ago

Dehumanising? Please read the rules.

No concern trolling. No tone policing.

1 upvotesCeleritySteam2 years ago

They already do that. What do you think Alpha Fucks, Beta Bucks means? If you said anything other than women already use men for what's in their pockets or between them, BZZT!

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

WTF are you doing here neckbeard, go back to your video games.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Take it from me, cock can just be a commodity but unlike women, i don't have to give a fuck about being "used", it's actually kind of fun

1 upvotesTunedtoPerfection2 years ago

It's only dehumanizing to women who put their entire humanity in how much dick their pussy attracts, which is most women.

0 upvotesRustyJack822 years ago

A premium class whore costs about $500 an hour. Two at once cost $1000. Double that, hell, multiply it tenfold, and anyone who's a major player in Hollywood can afford as much of that action as he wants.

I'm not from the USA, so I have a question: Given that prostitution is still illegal in the USA, would Harvey have other legal (or public relations) troubles if he went down this route?

In other words, is it possible that he had considered prostitution, but decided that it was still less risky to trade fame for fanny?

5 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

To my understanding escort services are legal. Women "sell their time" and whatever happens during that time "is between consenting adults". So even though sex is implied, you are not buying sex, you are buying time, so technically not prostitution

2 upvotesjbchillenindc2 years ago

Unlikely. Prostitution is legal in Nevada. Nevada borders California.

1 upvotesRudeRussy2 years ago

in my opinion he just smashed in a load of fame hungry pig shit stupid women and they consented on that basis. The casting couch called to them, and they took the offer up. Now one of these celebrity airheads has complained about him, all the others are jumping on the bandwagon with dollar signs flashing in their eyes likewise many more who he didnt fuck are going to claim rape with the same incentive of money. This sums all women up and what men are to them.

-2 upvotesvictor_knight2 years ago

Ummm... most prostitutes these days actually have the right to refuse service to anyone they... shall we say... "don't like". And they do. There are always more johns for them to choose from and they only need to work as much as they want/need to anyway.

1 upvotesbiglaughingcock2 years ago

I don't ever pay for pussy, pussy pays for me.

2 upvotesRudeRussy2 years ago

you say that but, the fact you had to say it online and the way you said it - i'd put money on it that the below three things or a combination of them are true:- 1) you get no pussy. 2) you do get pussy and you do pay for it 3) you get no pussy because you cant afford to pay for it.

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