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"The future is female."

February 13, 2022

I've ranted about this awful slogan before here and felt like doing so again after I was grocery shopping earlier and saw a female customer wearing a pink shirt with this slogan all over it. Ugh. How this slogan is seen as socially acceptable and not blatantly misandrist and supremacist is beyond me when it's very clearly and obviously both of those things. Every bit as much as "the future is male" would be misogynistic. This slogan is no different at all from "white power" or "make America white again" in promoting supremacy over other groups. I despise and disapprove of it every bit as much as those. It sends such an awful message to boys and girls alike, and it's worrying with the widespread, socially acceptable misandry of the past several years how young boys see slogans like this and feel like they're worthless because they're male and they have no future. It blows my mind when I see this slogan being defended as promoting equality and empowerment when it's neither of those things whatsoever. Supremacy, exclusion, favoritism and bigotry are what it promotes and none of those things count as equality or empowerment at all in my book. And let's not forget it's genocidal origins with how the person who coined it advocated for most of the world's male population to be reduced to 10%. So when this slogan is being used, it doesn't just promote female supremacy and misandry, it also pretty much promotes male genocide. Of all the feminist sayings, this is one of the absolute worst and most blatantly hateful.

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