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Female acquaintance "breaks up" so that her bf will chase her. He does not. She OBSESSES.

by on /r/TheRedPill
26 July 2017 06:50 PM UTC

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A distant acquaintance of mine has recently broken up with her boyfriend, intending for him to chase her. She expected to have him begging for her back so that she could feel justified in having some fun before returning to him. Now, this guy is no slouch. He was active combat in the military for a few years, he puts my deadlifts to shame, he likely doesn't have time for this bullshit, so he's not exactly what I'd call beta. His response to her "I think we need to be done," was basically "OK, bye."

Cue the hamster. I've never witnessed this much hamstering first hand. She is absolutely obsessing over him, saying she loved him so much, apologizing over text, yelling about him ignoring her... It's quite the show. Here's a sampling of the hamstering gold I overheard from this girl during a big group hang out the other day:

"Well, obviously, we're going to get back together. He totally misses me." "Does he look like his eyes are red in that picture? Do you think he was crying last night?" "Did he fucking block me? Why won't he respond to my texts!?" "I just, like, need to have a threesome or something really crazy." (Then, 5 minutes later:) "I don't think I'm gonna have sex for a while. I probably won't even masturbate." "I dunno. I think I'm just going to move on." "I think we are supposed to be together but we just jumped in too soon so, like, we're on break." "Well, [some military guy she Facebook stalks] is pretty hot so maybe I'll date him instead." "Well, [beta orbiter] is nice and all but he's just... I dunno, he's just kind of gay. He sounds so gay. He'd be gay in another life." "I think I need to go back to my home town for a few weeks and find myself." "Why the fuck is he on Tinder!?"

Some of her friends, who I know better than I, confirm that he is all she can think about, and the only thing she talks about. She's always texting someone about him, or checking her social networks, or somehow obsessing... this guy consumes her thoughts.

You'd think, after all this time, I would stop being amazed at how true all this TRP shit is. But it always ends up being so goddamn true.

TL;DR: Girl breaks up with boyfriend. Boyfriend says "OK, bye" instead of fighting for her. Her world is suddenly consumed by him. TRP is real.

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Title Female acquaintance "breaks up" so that her bf will chase her. He does not. She OBSESSES.
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1 upvotesReformed652 years ago

"Why the fuck is he on Tinder!?"

Why the fuck is she on Tinder then!?

290 upvotesCactusiousMaximus2 years ago

Surely it's only to make sure he isn't sleeping around...

Yeah I couldn't write that with a straight face

66 upvotesOneInAZillion2 years ago

That, or one of her friends found him on there and told her.

More likely you're right though lol.

45 upvotesmtskin2 years ago

after she banged him once or twice. you know, for science

18 upvotesM7A1-RI0T2 years ago

My sisters friend banged 4 tinder guys in one weekend two days after she was dumped. That's not even the sad part.

8 of us are having dinner that Tuesday and she drunkenly tells the whole table like its her life accomplishment. Pathetic. Every guy at the table immediately made eye contact w each other and walked to the bar. I have never lost the little amount of respect and empathy I had for someone so quickly. Fast forward a year, she is now her exes side piece and thinks they're getting married whenever he "gets bored" of the other girl

1 upvotesUseForThrowAwayStuff2 years ago

one concern of mine for being in an LTR and investing in a girl:

6 upvotesM7A1-RI0T2 years ago

Don't be in a ltr. Ever. I have not once even had a gf go on vacation and not cheat. They are whores. Treat them as such or you will have your heart broken until you learn

3 upvotesAnistrophic2 years ago


"It only cost you 20$ to get rid of him. He's never gonna bother you again, he's never gonna ask you for more money, he's out of your life for 20$, you got it off cheap, forget it"

I think this scene is genius portrayal of the the attitude one should have in life. Sure, it might feel like you spent so much time and money for the girl only to dump it all, but think of it other way around - what if she didn't do it now, but 5 years later? 10 years, a marriage and two kids later? Would that be better? You got off cheap, man.

One should be glad if the girl does stupid shit and you can get rid of her from your life. It's a gift! You only fucked her a few times, bought her cinema tickets and a few drinks, and you're off now! No matter how much you spent, you could have spent more.

And ultimately, a girl is not an investment. It's like crying about TV breaking down - "Aw man, I've invested so much time in watching all these shows!" - again it's not an investment. People who "Invest in women" are probably the same guys who "invest in cars" or some other stupid shit like that. It's a luxury / pleasure / hobby, not an investment. Invest in yourself, and treat women in your life as an expensive hobby. You will have to pay, one way or another, so just haggle the price or don't buy it, and don't go in with unrealistic expectations.

21 upvotesthedude2132 years ago

It surely has nothing to do with the 8 tons of strange dick she's about to take in an effort to make him jealous.

25 upvotesrefusewool2 years ago

Don't forget she might just be "looking for friends only. No hook ups."

Until she matches with any male she finds attractive, of course...

1 upvotesDontDoH2 years ago

When I read that line I translate it to:

"If we don't hook up on the first date I will lose interest"

So it basically means if you match and go out escalate hard.

91 upvotesmpga479m2 years ago

everyone knows girls get on tinder to get free food

35 upvotes30fretibanezguy2 years ago

"I have tinder but I would never actually meet someone off tinder"

Then get the fuck off Tinder?

15 upvotesrefusewool2 years ago

Don't try and use reason to understand the hamster wheel. Let it spin.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

it's not meeting someone if you only get free foods and/or drinks and/or brunch and/or weekend at their crib by the ocean and/or 48 hours sex marathon n dump

am I good at female hamstering? brb I need a house in Montauk

1 upvotesNewbosterone2 years ago

Why? She's getting all the validation she needs even if it's true she never meets up with anyone.

205 upvotespointguard25342 years ago

The best negotiating tool is being able to walk away and mean it.

39 upvotesAncientDragons2 years ago

This made me smile. So true! And such a good base to operate from. Being with someone because you WANT to, and because the relationship SERVES you, rather than because you think you NEED to.

34 upvotesrefusewool2 years ago

Whoever cares less holds the power.

5 upvotesEmes912 years ago

And this is why you never marry.

3 upvotesfarendsofcontrast2 years ago

I have seen the power of this in its full effect

2 upvotesbrainhack3r2 years ago


In negotiation theory, the best alternative to a negotiated agreement or BATNA is the most advantageous alternative course of action a party can take if negotiations fail and an agreement cannot be reached. BATNA is the key focus and the driving force behind a successful negotiator. A party should generally not accept a worse resolution than its BATNA. Care should be taken, however, to ensure that deals are accurately valued, taking into account all considerations, such as relationship value, time value of money and the likelihood that the other party will live up to their side of the bargain. These other considerations are often difficult to value, since they are frequently based on uncertain or qualitative considerations, rather than easily measurable and quantifiable factors.

325 upvotesgrewapair2 years ago

I had a gf do this to me. I had started my first business and it took off, so I couldn't do what was basically everything for the two of us, like I had been, and looked to her to do 50%. She walked out, expecting me to beg her to come back.

"Why?", I thought. "If I'm doing everything already, it's certainly not harder for me if you stay or go."

A year later she begged me to come back, but funny thing, I hadn't missed her lazy ass, and told her no.

She found some other beta to do everything for her, who married her one year later. I was happy she was someone else's problem. She tried to contact me on facebook after she started getting the 7 year itch (and having gained 50 lbs), but I just blocked her.

Men are the prize.

27 upvotesCurthurley2 years ago

I have a few very similiar stories. Glad to see im not alone!

127 upvotesbestmaleperformance2 years ago

I was the opposite, many years ago I was broke but I had the charisma and idgaf personality to get girls, they'd just always bail 3-9 months later in search of me with money.

Long story short, got into sales, killed it, decided to start my own company, grew it to a few million a year by the time I was 26, and in the last 10 years, literally EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM has tried desperately to be with me, showing up at places my friends post we are at, etc. This includes every high school girl that ignored me who now pretends we were best friends back then.

That was what made me see the true nature of women and despise it, then I learned to be happy just having my fun and on to the next one.

18 upvotesLordThunderbolt2 years ago

What sales job did you get into?

77 upvotesbestmaleperformance2 years ago

I sold online advertising services to small businesses, manage your adwords budget, SEO, all kinds of overpriced bullshit. It was high commission which is the only sales to get into imo because it can give you mid six figures if you put the effort in and it forces you to sink or swim.

I sucked the first few months, digested and then field tested every best selling sales book of all time, refined my pitch, learned how to speak to different types of people and the desires different types of people have and how to exploit them, etc.

I made 165k my first year, and the first 3 months I sucked I probably cleared $800 total. By mid second year I raked in 340k and then promptly quit realizing I was making them over a million and a half that they spent just $30,000 billing out to overseas people after they cut me my commission.

Simple math, I could keep my commission, keep their essentially 80% and then bill out the actual work on job sites at the time like getafreelancer.com, all I needed was a nice website an LLC and my newly developed silver tongue.

That's how all business works obviously, you are being paid pennies to make the company dollars, find companies that don't have a ton of overhead to duplicate, create your own. With sales, you are often the only asset, the product is generally cheap and or shitty.

23 upvotesmintman722 years ago

I make the company a dollar, and they pay me a dime. That's why I always take my shits on company time!

9 upvotesJuanGutierrezManagua2 years ago

What books would you recommend for sales?

8 upvotesbestmaleperformance2 years ago

Pick any of the top selling on amazon all time. 50,000 books have been written from a few core concepts.

Learn to be a chameleon, make a hundred phone calls a day, fail fast, refine your pitch.

The best of the best have around 4 variations of their pitch to serve different types of people, the conservative buyer, the deal seeker, the narcissist, the church lady, etc.

Different people need to hear different things, this includes your tone, your slang or lack there of.

Scripts are for actors, most telesales scripts are absolute fucking trash, if you ever get into high commission sales, throw their script in the trash and speak like a human.

People spend months sounding like a robot asshole and wondering why they get hung up on before they finish saying "good morning mr so and so, this is dick penis from dewey cheatem and howe, how are you this fine day?"

3 upvotesMefic_vest2 years ago

field tested every best selling sales book of all time

A list of these books would be golden.

2 upvotesMachismo012 years ago

Please share the sales book. I'd love to know. Don't do sales, but is useful to understand it.

2 upvotesBigBrotherZiggy2 years ago

How long did it take you to digest the books' knowledge and acquire a "silver tongue"?

3 upvotesbestmaleperformance2 years ago

I don't believe in reading infinite books on a subject, it's mental masturbation. Pick 1-3 of the all time best, read and then do. I force myself to read a tip or concept and then go apply it.

If I read a chapter in a Tom Hopkins book about selling, the next morning I'd be using it on calls and trying to get better.

It took me a few months of 12 hour days to start making consistent sales and about six months before I was really pulling down big numbers.

The key isn't the time, it's the work ethic. For some people it might have taken them three years, because most people are more worried about lunch breaks and beating traffic. I got in at 6 am to make calls to leads across the pond, I stayed past 7 many nights to talk to people on the west coast.

The more at bats, the more hits, simple math.

1 upvotesKevThaFrenchMF2 years ago

Any educational qualifications needed?

5 upvotesbestmaleperformance2 years ago

The less the better, you don't even need to have a high school diploma to get into boiler room sales, you can be a convicted felon.

There's an old joke "There's two jobs for convicted felons, show business and sales"

1 upvotesINTJokes2 years ago

Hey I've actually been interested in this type of business for a while. Could you tell me more about how you get clients and write up a contract for them? Any advice will be helpful, thanks very much.

Also what exactly do you call your job title when you approach clients? Consultant?

And what exactly do you promise SEO-wise? Or what do you guarantee in general

4 upvotesNakedAndBehindYou2 years ago

I feel like I've read this exact comment word-for-word before in this subreddit.

4 upvoteskasper1382 years ago

It's the same thing with looks, but money tends to keep them around longer. If you go from fat to fit or even fit to fat you can see first hand exactly why you never go by what a woman says, only what she does.

14 upvotesOneInAZillion2 years ago

I hope you at least gave her an "Lmao" before you blocked her.

59 upvotesgrewapair2 years ago

No, the worst thing you can do to a girl is to ignore her.

-5 upvotesRedPillSpartan2 years ago

But why would you try to do the worst thing to a girl?

49 upvotesKisstafer12 years ago

When life's good, you don't bother being spiteful, you actually don't give a single fuck. Why be mean at that point, and kick someone while they're down.

9 upvotesOneInAZillion2 years ago

There's something to be said for that, but I for one would have written it anyway just as a "you can't be serious" kind of thing.

To each their own though

3 upvotesProphets_Prey2 years ago

I see the humour in it. Gave me a good chuckle.

8 upvotesBluepillProfessor2 years ago

True, I prefer to stomp when they are down.

Hypergamy is real. So long as she dumped and cheated she was happy because she thought she could do better. When he said ok bye she suddenly realized HE knew could do better. If he can do better then it means she might not be able to do better.

Cue the alpha widow obsession.

The man is not being spiteful cutting off the hypergamous, traiterous lying whore.

Playing her would have been much more cruel and satisfying. Treat her like she treats her orbiters dangling out commitment (instead of sex). He should do a messy ass to mouth of he really wants to put a bad taste in her mouth.

2 upvotesKisstafer12 years ago

But like, when multiple years to by, and you've completely moved on, you probably wouldn't even bother, no? Maybe if it was a multi year relationship or something that was a truly significant % of your lifespan, like a marriage or something. I have a hard time picturing myself caring enough to even say anything. I'd probably just be polite / distant like how you would expect a stranger to act. I think being overly aggressive betrays that you're still holding onto something.

0 upvoteskasper1382 years ago

The opposite of anything is apathy.

4 upvotestropzumuch2 years ago

That's not true, YOU are the prize. Not Bono Beta.... not all men are prizes. Don't say 'Men are the prize'

Edit: I'm sorry you're right... if there's a prize, it's a man.

2 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

Same here. Some girl was alpha widowed by some guy. Thought she had found a beta in me. Wanted to take out all her rage on me. Said some horrible shit and broke it off. Expect me to beg and stalk her like her first boyfriend did. Did the exact opposite, she was shocked. Stalked me instead for half a year until I deleted her from everything.

I'm expecting a notification any time now and I can only pray to Zeus that she won't.

87 upvotesWestyWorld2 years ago

Showing you don't care is always the answer when confronted with a breakup situation, regardless of what outcome you are looking to achieve.

Usually she does a full 180 the same day, or the next, because you're basically indicating that you have other options and your SMV is perhaps not as low as she thinks.

However it always works better if your SMV actually is higher than hers. If you've been dropping the ball lately and your SMV has gone down, she might actually stick to her decision, especially if there's another guy currently on her platter.

1 upvotesPaulMurrayCbr2 years ago

Usually she does a full 180 the same day, or the next

Nothing that women do makes sense until you remember that their emotions and thoughts run on a monthly cycle.

1 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

Your right about that. When this happened to me the girl did attempt to "meet up" but she wasn't exactly jumping either. I declined and ironically I grew up to have the highest SMV around while she's with some beta cuck. But because my SMV was quite average and bordering on low when I was younger, she stuck to it.

They actually have to meet me in real life some how. Everytime I run into a girl from my past years later I get the sudden change of heart. It's horrible because none are like the girls I get with nowadays. Yet they somehow think I would be interested because I used to be. I've had to block multiple girls this way. Even considered reporting one to the cops for harassment. Which is weird since they can all see my pictures on social media etc, so I don't get why they are only surprised once they see mee for real.

218 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

good job on your buddy ascending. make sure he don't take her slut ass back.

66 upvotestruecrisis2 years ago

Except the dude is not his buddy, pal

41 upvotesLontar472 years ago

The dude is not his pal, guy.

26 upvotesUltraMittens2 years ago

He should become his guy, friend

17 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Not if he talks like a friend, breh

7 upvotesUsername564252 years ago

u some fucked up brehs, homies

3 upvotesswenson902 years ago

not as fucked up as you, esse

121 upvotesLyeka2 years ago

Congratulations, she played herself.

She should know better than to try and predict an outcome positively when there's a chance of downside. Hilarious honestly, hopefully she learned something.

48 upvotesmomomotorboat2 years ago

Congratulations, she played herself.

That is likely the most appropriate use of that quote ever.

34 upvotesJohnFitzWeaver2 years ago

"Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."

8 upvotesPhilletto2 years ago

Clearly didn't know who she was fucking with.

1 upvotes-ATLAS-_2 years ago

She was probably cheered off the cliff by her friends.

45 upvotesTimmyTurnersNuts2 years ago

I'm telling you, STOIC(IN FRONT OF THEM ATLEAST) Is the fucking way to go. My exact reaction to female bullshit is usually a chuckle, maybe a scoff and then ok. They aren't worth the time when you're on a mission. Good on him honestly.

1 upvoteskabhi232 years ago

What about misbehaves? If she misbehaves i usually think giving a little talk (akin to talking to a child). Can't always soft next in an LTR over every little bits right.

4 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

When i'm mentally not cool with it I simply next or demote. Usually I demote without saying so and watch her implode herself. I can't accept girls misbehaving on me. If I want to bother to be with a girl for more than sex I need to care for her. And I can't look at a girl knowing she fucked me over in some vile way. No.

2 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

Sometimes it also works to start shit and play their drama game. I found that a girl will be twice as receptive if you have regular arguments and fights. Being to stoic won't give them the emotional high and lows. It's a good tool to use occasionally.

146 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

"I just, like, need to have a threesome or something really crazy."

Yep, you go gyrl. Life isn't complete without getting railed by multiple guys at once.

13 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

Apparently girls have this high up their bucket list nowadays. Since they are all stronk and independent womyn now. They must be very bored if this completes their life.

5 upvotesBigBrotherZiggy2 years ago

It completes their life until a big, fat, beautiful wall approaches. Then they spend the remaining majority of their life spiteful

2 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

Even then. I would have guessed their mind would be more occupied with finding that hot stud Chad. Getting his commitment. Having children. Fucking hell anything.

If they want a second thing up their ass or pussy they can just buy a dildo and include it during sex. I find it very hard to believe that women don't realize this kills their chances with any self respecting guy,


5 upvotes-ATLAS-_2 years ago

The breakup probably started with hearing stories like this from her friends and feeling jealous. They'll cheer each other into breaking up, hooking up, partying, using men, and doing drugs. Girls will cheer each off the cliff.

-62 upvotessexygnome2 years ago

Like you haven't thought about two chicks at once?

88 upvotescreepyThrowawayP2 years ago

Implying it's the same thing.

38 upvoteselectricspresident2 years ago

I swear it must take a special kind of retard to curb his natural instinct of recoiling in disgust upon hearing of a women who does dp ... like a pure natural instinct is being shut down like all religions all cultures all over the world this was common amongst betas and alphas alike. Learning of the acitvities of a whore was, is and should always be disgusting

7 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

Exactly. How could you ever be emotionally turned on for a girl that has been railed like that? Girls don't get it when I say that I would be open to do it with a fuckbuddy but not a girl I was dating. It boggles my mind. How can they not understand that the very idea of any form of threesome/gangbangs/orgies whatever emotionally disgusts me.

Remember, it's the opposite of how women think. Women don't mind being emotional toward a beta man, they just won't fuck with him. Men don't mind fucking a beta slut, they just won't get emotional with her.

And recently I noticed that more and more girls are thinking about shit like DP, gangbangs etc. It must be porn or something. Well, good luck finding a boyfriend.

1 upvotesUseForThrowAwayStuff2 years ago

they could just not tell their future boyfriend. some sluts i've been with try desperately to hide that when I already know about their past

3 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

The beauty is that they can't evade natures law. They will always give off red flags, perhaps not those that directly indicate what they have done, but the signs will be there. To an Alpha (the man they truly want) this is obvious, so he dumps her when he's done. But to the Beta (because they have no experience with women) this is not and he will sincerely enter a relationship. These girls unknowingly filter themselves from Alpha presence.

And you actually prove this in your very comment. You the red pill man will know their past without having to hear it. But the beta don't know better. They are the very cause of their own misery just like the pea-cocking faux Alpha who so desperately tries to AMOG everyone and be manly but falls flat because it comes from a deep sense of insecurity. And so quality women will know without having to shit test him. They see it in his body language.

Nature is beautiful that way, everything is balanced and there is no escaping this.

5 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

Literally not the same thing. When a guy has a threesome with two girls this implies his higher value. If one of those two girls ends up in a committed relationship she can rest assured he's desired. She saw it first hand.

But when a girl has a threesome with two guys. Any of the two guys who sticks around just runs the risk of being cucked. It's a 50% chance that he's gonna raise the kid of the other guy.

How people can not understand this that beta disgust and slut disgust are the same things. Men can be turned off to.

78 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

He dropped her like a boss. True Alpha move--no whining, no bargaining, no stress, just "Ok, bye." Fucking badass.

54 upvotesEPArt2 years ago

haha needed a good laugh women the makers of their own downfall

39 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

It's interesting how this reminds me of a short story written about 3500 years ago by men who shared your delight. It's called the story Genesis 2:4-3:24 in the Bible, the story of Adam and Eve. How Adam had a really sweet situation going for him, and how Eve ruined everything, for everyone. The moral of the story is that you have to keep women on a tight leash, or else they will take what is good and ruin it, and take what is terrible and make it 10 times worse. The Bible, the original Redpill. Book 1 paragraph one verse 1. Bitches be crazy keep them on a tight leash.

19 upvotesp3n1x2 years ago

Or, don't "keep" them at all. Fuck the exhausting work of a leash. Let the bitch go. Get a new one.

5 upvotesGoomich2 years ago

That's what Adam did.

2 upvotesEPArt2 years ago

Yeah Its weird i always think about the multitude of stories i was told at sunday school featuring women and how devious or malicious they are often causing disastrous situations for many. How can the biblical stories not be real after so much of this checks out I just never suspected the ones around me as I used to think those time's had passed.

16 upvotesXedtheRed2 years ago

The first "relationship" I ever applied rp tactics to was going smoothly and at a steady pace i was comfortable with.

Then the girl just up and says "I think we should break up" I was in the middle of fixing a friends car and was in a very bad position(Hugging a transfer case), so not having a free hand I pointed with my foot at the door and said "Well if you don't want to be here there's the door" I wasn't where i could see her face but the way my friend tells me it was the most epic thing he had ever seen that didn't involve a dirtbike.

She says "That's it? That's all your going to say after we have been through SO MUCH together?" (We had only been dating for a few months). She starts crying and heads to the door.

WAIT I say...friend groans Before you go can you hand me that 10mm flex wrench sitting on top of the tool box?

Now that face i saw...Probably wasn't as good as the first one, though, bro was laughing his ass to tears.

She stormed out and that is the last i saw of her.

34 upvotesbrinkleybuzz2 years ago

This is why you ghost a bitch who fucks up, to not give her the satisfaction of closure. Now the memory of this guy will haunt her forever. I feel sorry for the next fella who ends up with this alpha widowed chick.

22 upvotesLordThunderbolt2 years ago

Leave a gaping hole in her soul that no amount of cock can ever fill.

5 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

Never give closure. Kill closure mercilessly. Don't get her that mental sanity. Ever.

17 upvotesFive_Decades2 years ago

The person who cares the least has all the power in a relationship.

32 upvotes0kool742 years ago

You'd think, after all this time, I would stop being amazed at how true all this TRP shit is. But it always ends up being so goddamn true.

Nothing......and I mean absolutely NOTHING.......will freight train yo ass like the truth! I've been RedPilled since early 2013. It no longer amazes me or surprises me anymore. Now it only humors me and makes me laugh.

"Oh what's that? Your guy beat the crap out of you? You'd think you would have learned your lesson after the last guy used you as a MMA/Friday Night Fight prop." "Oh what's that? Your guy cheated on you and gave you an STD? Now you're really getting the "gina tingles" aren't you." "Oh what's that? You cheated on your boyfriend and got pregnant? Well if he's smart he'll get a DNA test before you pop that womb filth out!"

I know we'll never again see the day where women.....ESPECIALLY American women......have value above and beyond that of mere entertainment. But, every now and then, you get a kick out of watching comedy in action :-)

45 upvotesredpillrobby2 years ago

It also works for married women when they threaten to dump you for cheating. Act like that's just fine with you, and they go nowhere. Not even with all the money they could get by leaving. If you don't care, it takes all the fun out of it for them.

9 upvotesCovertCalvert2 years ago

Alright TRP, lend me some advice. I stumbled across this post randomly just now. But I had a similar situation happen to me almost exactly a year ago. This girl and I had been dating for 6 months, everything was perfectly fine. It was a 2 hour long distance thing, and the previous weekend we had a really good time; possibly the best one of our relationship thus far. The following Friday, she texts me "hey we need to talk". I'm like "okay, everything fine"? She says "not exactly....". Anyway, I call her and she just tells me to call her when I get off work, so I do. Basically she tells me she woke up that morning and realized it just wouldn't work between us, and breaks up with me. I honestly was just like "okay, that's fine. If you don't think it'll work then I'm not going to disagree". Well like the next day or so she is blowing me up, saying she made a mistake, that she made a rash decision, maybe it could work after all, etc etc. Well I was in the process of moving and some other shit at the time, so I kind of blew her off, telling her I really had more important things I HAD to take care of. Finally I give her a call a few days later once I've finished moving and everything, and she is very remorseful, saying she didn't give it a real chance and stuff. Let me say here that we had two fundamental differences, she was catholic and I'm just not religious. I just don't care about it, but if someone else is, that's perfectly fine with me. The other thing is she wanted kids for sure, and I don't think I do. Like I said earlier, we had only dated for 6 months so this stuff really hadn't come up but maybe 1-2 times max. Anyway, she starts saying things like what if she is infertile, we could work out the religious differences etc, and I basically just told her no, if it wasn't going to work for her before it wouldn't work for her moving forward.

That was that for the time being. I honestly didn't care that we had broken up. Sure, we got along great and really had complimentary personalities, but I was more relieved than anything that I wasn't the one who had to end things. Fast forward a few weeks, and she is posting pictures with some new guy. I'll be honest, it fucking hurt, for the first time. I went from not giving a care, to feeling a huge slap in the face. Anyway, since then, I've been holding this grudge. I feel like it was a shit test and I failed blindly. I don't want her back (truly, i think our differences were a deal breaker for us both), but it pisses me off that if it were a shit test, that I didn't see it for what it was, and that I've let it effect me for so long now.

I don't know the rules of this sub, I literally just subscribed a few minutes ago when I stumbled across this post. But I want some feedback. Was it a shit test? Did I fail? What could/should I have done? Honestly I don't think I'll ever see or talk to her again which is fine. I just don't want to be the one coming out of this the loser. Throw me some advice.

1 upvotesabcocktail2 years ago

You didn't fail. What you're feeling is your ego. If breaking up was the right move at the time then it was the right move.

4 upvotesCovertCalvert2 years ago

It was the right move then, and still is. I think you're right, it is my ego. Didn't end on my terms and I think that's what has kept me hung up on it. Thanks.

3 upvotesgrumpy_0ld_man2 years ago

Not on your terms and not in your time frame. You may have felt that you don't have any control over it, never had. Anyway, move on. She did ;) good luck

6 upvotesingenjor2 years ago

You didn't fail. You bailed before her concerns became too annoying to deal with. If you had tried to continue you would've had to deal with constant talk about commitment, kids, religion etc.

That said, that feeling when seeing your girl with another guy is powerful but normal. Also was probably the strongest feeling I've felt my whole life when I saw my ex with another dude. Almost incapacitating, but it'll pass with time and more experience.

3 upvotessadomasochrist2 years ago

What you're feeling is what you were to a woman, and what we are to women in relationships. Replaceable. What you felt was a visceral reaction to your own disposability.

That's why the systemic mirror to female dating strategy, is to treat them as disposable as well (plates).

25 upvotesDmva1002 years ago

This describes pretty much exactly what just happened with my last rotation. I had 3 plates that were strictly booty calls, and 2 other girls, 1 was top LTR candidate (Girl A) and the other was a casual FWB (Girl B). Everyone in this situation knew about each other so there is no lying or BS. Girl B pushes so hard for committment and is extremely jealous of Girl A. Amidst all of this, she is stupid enough to do the 'breakup shit test' and said she wanted some time away. Queue 2 weeks later of NC, she sees a pic of me and Girl A (way hotter HB9) online and her status says in a relationship. Girl B flips the fuck out and proceeds to stalk my apartment and every venue in town literally following me and Girl A around. She would even call her work and make up stories that I was still talking to her and that I was cheating and shit. All her friends who wanted to fuck me before get on tinder and POF and shit and try to get me to meet out at hotels or when one saw me in the gym she tries to get me to leave with her just to fuck things up for girl A. It's been going on for 7 MONTHS now and she still calls our phones from restricted numbers it's ridiculous.

26 upvotessqerl2 years ago

Short version:
Had a plate with no boundaries. Finally had enough and walked away. Months later, met new girl while out with large group of mutual friends. Old plate proceeded to trash talk me, behind my back, to the potential new girl. Blocked old plate across social media, txt'ing, and phone. Told new potential girl, "you can choose to hang with her, but it was nice knowing you." New girl blocked old plate and never looked back.

Lesson learned: chicks don't care who you're fucking. If your SMV is high enough, they will compete for you - and they're viscous about it.

9 upvotesFrigzy2 years ago

If your SMV is high enough, they will compete for you - and they're viscous about it.

I'm usually pretty down to earth and not into pointless drama, but this sure does sound like a ton of (malicious) fun. Witnessing the full force of social feminine viciousness is surely a sight to behold.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Seriously, you let your plates know about each other on an individual level? Sure, I always let my plates know that I am seeing other girls but the idea that I would let plate 2 know specific and personal details about plate 4 is not for me. That is just looking for trouble, and you found it.

4 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Restraining order and sue her civilly for libel/slander/defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress

7 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

I just, like, need to have a threesome or something really crazy.

Nice, this is how modern women are. "Let me do something that would really emotionally turn off the guy im trying to get to like me". It's the beta male equivalent of stalking and begging a girl to get with you.

I for the life of me can't understand why women don't understand that ratchet shit like this is close to SMV kill. Threesomes with guys, gangbangs, orgies. All kinds of shit where you reduce yourself to cheap fuckmeat. And they openly think about it and some even act on it. What guy would get serious with a girl like that? I even dump chicks that browse gangbang porn. And this girl wants to actually do it. Women seem to be deadset to be as physically and emotionally unattractive as possible it seems.

Someone explain this shit to me.

5 upvotes-ATLAS-_2 years ago

With the rise of online dating and tinder and social media (even just Facebook and Instagram likes to be honest), you have guys who in the past wouldn't have approached girls because they didn't know how or the natural fear of approaching turned them away, but essentially the amount of attention women are getting from guys has become literally 100x more than what it used to be. Like any market, that means guys have become disposable.

Women get jealous of their friends no matter what it is they brag about and reward each other with attention about. If all her friends are in relationships, suddenly it's that she can't find a good relationship. But right now it's all about hookup culture and guys being disposable. Things like threesomes and gangbangs are things that there are literally advice columns out there saying that every girl has to try during their 20's. And if one girl in a friend group does it, the chances of others doing it goes way up. Same with drugs and partying. It's normal now to smoke weed, be on meds for anxiety or depression, and try drugs recreationally, and your more likely to be shamed if you aren't (so, yes, it's ok to shame someone for being healthy because they're triggering/shaming you by being healthy...the word conscience isn't going to be anywhere, that word doesn't really exist anymore and has turned into "being shamed").

So in the end, you have all these girls cheering each other off the cliff to all be a part of the same crowd. It's literally looked down on in some groups if you are happily married and working towards something together, literally girls will scorn public displays of affection more than they'll "shame" destructive behavior like a girl sleeping around when she clearly has low self esteem or partying or doing drugs that fuck with their brain. Let that sink in...it's literally more shameful to show affection in public to someone more than it is to sleep around and fuck up your body. This is the culture being promoted in pop-culture for women right now.

Even crazier is that not one soul is telling them that not having a family is one of the single biggest regrets in women as they get older. Instead you'll find plenty of articles encouraging women to have threesomes and a period where they go wild. Just go read any popular women's sites and you'll find the ratio is pretty crazy, probably the same ratio you'll find for women displaying each of those behaviors.

3 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

women are getting from guys has become literally 100x more than what it used to be. Like any market, that means guys have become disposable.

This is something that has been noted more and more on TRP and it should. Tinder is killing the market. But it's artificially inflating it, women in actuality don't have a higher quality guy on tap. Simply more off the same.

Things like threesomes and gangbangs are things that there are literally advice columns out there saying that every girl has to try during their 20's.

If you have any links to these I'm seriously curious about reading them. Especially gangbangs, what kind of moron would allow people to advertise that shit. Who in his/her right mind won't foresee the consequences.

And if one girl in a friend group does it, the chances of others doing it goes way up. Same with drugs and partying. It's normal now to smoke weed, be on meds for anxiety or depression, and try drugs recreationally

True though those are the easy cases. There are also groups of girls who either hide this very well or where only one has these degenerate tendencies

So in the end, you have all these girls cheering each other off the cliff to all be a part of the same crowd. It's literally looked down on in some groups if you are happily married and working towards something together

Sounds like crab bucket mentality for girls. I remain a believer that like guys, girls can also learn to 'win' in the sexual market in an A-type fashion. And that winning isn't predated on having had a gangbang or not. The opposite in fact.

This is the culture being promoted in pop-culture for women right now.

It's all intentional and I know this and yet I just can't let this go. I've had many struggles with how women are nowadays and even their nature, although I understood this naturally. But the way normal average girls seem to be living the lifestyle of a stripper, cranking up the cockcount, getting group fucked and whatever. Emotionally im as dry as a desert when I find this out. Hell I don't even like the idea of a girl i'm dating that watches group sex videos like that.

Even crazier is that not one soul is telling them that not having a family is one of the single biggest regrets in women as they get older. Instead you'll find plenty of articles encouraging women to have threesomes and a period where they go wild. Just go read any popular women's sites and you'll find the ratio is pretty crazy, probably the same ratio you'll find for women displaying each of those behaviors.

It seems as if they are oblivious to the consequences. Literally Chad, the guy who they want so bad, they would scare away with this shit. I can't even think of a guy who would openly date a girl like that. Hiding it won't help either, every experienced guy knows this shit and will slut test it out of her. I think you are absolutely right with your observation that online social platforms like Tinder and Instagram has inflated the quantity of options women have. And that the combination of this, the culture and the availability of threesome/gangbang porn that causes this epidemic of skankness.

You put in all this effort to be a great guy, to win, to have high smv, to have game and charm, having the alpha mindset. And what is your reward? A piece of washed up cardboard that's been chewed at by every fish in the ocean. There has to be a consequence to this for women. I can't imagine that generations upon generations of guys will accept this as their reward and commit to girls who secretly deserve no such thing.

Right now guys are blissfully unaware, but the moment that this changes no healthy guy would ever commit again.

2 upvotes-ATLAS-_2 years ago

I don't think I can link to outside links, but honestly it's pretty easy, just look it up, you'll get hits from vogue, elite daily, Cosmo, huff post, Marie Claire, Jezebel, and on and on. Clicking on any one of those and reading what section it's tagged in usually takes your right down the horrible 20 somethings advice. Literally the first article I found was a girl encouraging it, and clicked on her profile and her most recent article was talking about the horror of being single in her 30's and how all the things she thought she would have and be haven't happened. I wish I could make this stuff up, but it just is what it is.

Even worse is that there is a reaction already happening from guys. Way more guys are dropping out of college or advanced education and turning to backing out of society. Plus think about how ridiculous turning to porn and video games has become among the male population. The divide is happening. The biggest difference is that towards the end of their life, it is a much higher regret for women to not have a family, so at some point we are going to see a huge reaction happen, and my guess is it doesn't come from the male side, but from the childless women trying to change a society, but perhaps that's what we're already witnessing, I'm not sure. Discontent is a pervasive and destructive thing, so we're bound to find out how far this thing is gonna go, because it had no signs of slowing down.

My honest opinion though is the oldest advice possible. You can't do the stuff for someone else. You can't do it for the approval of anyone. You have to really know what kind of life you want and do everything possible to go and take it, not just wait for it to happen. Thinking you want something and being pissed off enough to take it are very different. You have to know actively exactly what you want to be content in life and go for it at all costs. There is significant evidence that any money after $60,000 doesn't actively add on to a persons happiness, there is evidence that a family adds to it, there's evidence that being healthy and active add to it, and there's evidence that being happy at your job is a big contributor towards every other part in your life. To be honest though, none of that matters if it doesn't matter to you. The woman isn't the prize. The money isn't the prize. The admiration of others isn't the prize. Self respect and contentedness as you age is the prize, and it's something people can only get by focusing on doing the best for them self every day. That's about as far as I've gotten though, and there's no one right answer, and it for sure isn't going to come from a girl or some other person approving of you.

2 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

in her 30's and how all the things she thought she would have and be haven't happened. I wish I could make this stuff up, but it just is what it is.

The problem is our 'experience' culture. People are only going for experience this and experience that. The old timely boring life is a dreadful future to most people. They think they live in a perfect world and to not experience every degenerate thing seems a sin to them. But then they also want the house and the children so basically they are adolescent kids who want to eat an ice cream in a rollercoaster. Once I realized what kind of world we have here I found the idea of a quiet and peaceful live a beautiful reward. But I guess other people want a cock in every hole before they die.

Even worse is that there is a reaction already happening from guys. Way more guys are dropping out of college or advanced education and turning to backing out of society. Plus think about how ridiculous turning to porn and video games has become among the male population. The divide is happening. The biggest difference is that towards the end of their life, it is a much higher regret for women to not have a family,

What I predict happening is that once women cross the threshold and start to openly do shit like this and to do AF/BB that's when guys will quiet committing. Both alpha and beta men. Men can always get a family much later and I think allot of guys will figure it ain't worth the heartache vs being a free man who can fuck at any time. So they opt out, some will become incels yes. But men who are sexually active with keep their friends and social circles and just plate women. Women who suck at making friends and maintaining these relationships will find themselves either alone or with other embittered women. Meanwhile guys will always have another girl on tap ready to hang out with them. We don't miss commitment like they do.

Thinking you want something and being pissed off enough to take it are very different. You have to know actively exactly what you want to be content in life and go for it at all costs. There is significant evidence that any money after $60,000 doesn't actively add on to a persons happiness, there is evidence that a family adds to it

No surprise that a big pile of money doesn't keep good company on a quiet sunday night. I wish people and women understood this.

That's about as far as I've gotten though, and there's no one right answer, and it for sure isn't going to come from a girl or some other person approving of you.

I always viewed relationships as a fun surprise. Something that could potentially compliment my life for a while. I know fully well that they aren't forever and I understand this. But it seems as if every girl I meet either has done something fucked up or is actively thinking about it. I just can't look past that. It's like a beta breaking frame for a woman. When a woman breaks I lose all interest. I can't look at her knowing she's like that and desire to spend my time and attention on her. So my only conclusion is that I am stuck. I've unlocked the free pussy machine and every single one is like the last.

1 upvotes-ATLAS-_2 years ago

If you really want your mind blown, go read Nancy Friday's "My Secret Garden". It's a book from a woman that ran an advice column back in the 70's and goes over all the common things that were women's fantasies and groups them together. I grew up in a pretty small town with church going family and sex was viewed harshly, this book opened my eyes up more than even porn or the Internet did. It's literally just letters from women writing about their fantasies. It sounds so simple, but gets so insane the further you read.

Men get the label for being the sexual ones, but honestly it's women hands down. Men absolutely take insane risks in order to have sex, but that's exactly what testosterone is, it makes you more comfortable with risk. But even with more testosterone or less, no man moans loudly and screams while he's having sex. I think women absolutely enjoy sex more. So honestly I don't mind being with a woman who's into crazy things, I just don't want her to ever view it as something that makes people disposable or it changes my view of her right there and makes me think a relationship with her wouldn't work.

It's the same as if I found out a guy was rich. Would I respect him more if he did it with one or two partners and they broke through some crazy times and crisis together, or would I have any respect if he did it on his own and it was based on hiring and firing mass amounts of people to get what he needed from them and treated them as disposable. Even further, which one would I want to work with? That's why I think advice about the past being past as a way of making it ok to lie to your partner is such garbage, but somehow it's the common advice given every time over in the relationships subreddit. It really is crazy how many women just completely view men as disposable, so I'll do everything I can to avoid that problem since it just carries such a huge penalty vs payoff. Nothing can ruin a man quite like being disposed (males commit 4 out of 5 suicides a significant number occur after being in the military, breakups, and job loss, so it's clear being disposed is absolutely brutal on a man's psyche).

Also, you absolutely nailed it on the experience culture. But that's an argument going all the way back to Stoicism vs Epicureanism. One says joy comes from experience, so it's good to experience, and one says joy comes from being, and everything else gets in the way. I'm a stoic fan myself and it's awesome to see its picked up a lot more steam around here and other places in the last 2 years.

22 upvotescaP1taL1sm2 years ago

Dude I'm seeing the same thing.

My best buddy was dating this chick for a year, he was her first real boyfriend, and he got bored of her and broke up with her. I became friends with her because she's filthy rich -- like I come from a privileged background, not gonna lie, but she's upper-east-side doesn't-pay-for-anything her dad pulls in millions a year rich. So I am happily in the friend zone and milking her for her money shamelessly.

And she's so obsessed with him, it's hilarious. She constantly says "Oh Chad texted me again" as if that is some sort of conversation piece between us and then she's constantly going back and forth between being over him and wanting him back.

Women are insanely controlled by their sex drive, it's nuts

EDIT: I guess my point was by being her "beta orbiter" she tells me how obsessed she is as an alpha-widow. She's constantly texting me (and like double and triple texting me when I don't respond lol) about Chad and what he did or didn't do, how mad she is at him and how she's never getting back with him. It's hilarious to see the hampster in action, and frankly just an interesting academic experience to be in a position to see the psychological effects first hand.

She's also, and I'm not trying to be racist here, a hardcore Jew who is only using me to contact my best friend anyway, so my conscious is clear since she's just using me.

24 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Stop beta orbiting this stupid bitch

17 upvotescaP1taL1sm2 years ago

She's ugly bro and I have a girlfriend, don't worry I have no desire to fuck her... I mean that being said I am the kind of guy who would marry a girl for her money, which this definitely qualifies as.

I agree, in general you should not beta orbit women, just next them. This girl makes my pee-pee shrink

18 upvotesno_face2 years ago

I have a girlfriend, don't worry I have no desire to fuck her This girl makes my pee-pee shrink

I am the kind of guy who would marry a girl for her money

Looks like you found your beta bucks. AWALT AMALT

2 upvotescaP1taL1sm2 years ago

Ahahahah dude I have no qualms with it. Anything to get ahead in life, they do it, no reason we can't do it too. Same way women can act as an alpha male in certain capacities.

1 upvotesJ_H_Thundercock2 years ago

How exactly are you using her money? Just curios in what circumstances would her money benefit you significantly?

-8 upvotescaP1taL1sm2 years ago

Here's a fantastic example:

I invited her to come to a Yankees game with me since I had 4 tickets from my mom's doctor's office that are spectacular seats. This was around the time when they were finally breaking up for real this time and so things were a bit messy, but I didn't really care, I told her we can still be friends but if she feels uncomfortable going to the Yankees game, don't cancel on me last minute or else I'll have wasted a ticket.

So what does she do? She finds out I told my buddy she's ugly or some drama shit, and cancels on me last minute. I "maintain frame" in this situation and say you're a fucking idiot you wasted my ticket.

Guess what this bitch does! She refunds me the cost of my ticket, and more, when in reality I paid zilch for it! So I got a free $125 and didn't have to deal with her annoying presence all in one go!

Her parents are multi-million dollar rich so she just has money to spend man. She basically wanted to buy my friendship, that's how pathetic she is.

1 upvotes--TakeThePill2 years ago

You seem to have sociopathic tendencies. You use this person purely for your own gain and insult her viciously, albeit anonymously online, and justify the behavior using very weak arguments.

You say you don't mind using her, because she's using you. But the thing is, she's likely just on autopilot letting her instincts and emotions dictate her actions. You're choosing to do what you're doing. You're fully aware of the dynamic and yet stay in it, for monetary gain... Chump change, really. That's arguably much worse.

I would suggest not hanging out with her anymore. You'll be better off in terms of wealth flipping burgers. And in terms of just overall stability, probably not a great idea to be around a person you seem to dislike so much.

Finally, and this is purely a gut feeling, but I get the vibe that you resent her because she's not obsessing over you. You insult her incessantly, for doing what is actually a rational thing for her to do - obsess over the highest value man she's ever been with. I can think of no other reason why you would ever be around her if she's not fucking you. The money bit has to be bullshit if you're telling the truth about being privileged.

-6 upvotescaP1taL1sm2 years ago

Dude you need to get off this subreddit and interact with people IRL. You read like you don't actually talk to humans on a day to day basis.

Ever heard of the concept of projecting? Yeah, starting out calling me a sociopath only really shows everyone one thing...

17 upvotesREAL_TALK_YA_CUNT2 years ago

Don't you think your pride is worth more then $125 or is that a lot of money to you?

1 upvotesCarnivOre932 years ago

Exactly what I was thinking. He must be under 20 years old. This shit is way too much effort for that amount of money.

1 upvotescaP1taL1sm2 years ago

What the fuck is pride lol you think pride gets you in the door of Goldman Sachs? I scoff at your notion that pride means anything.

Success above all. Do you have pride that you didn't sleep with a chick for XYZ reason? That's you rationalizing failure.

And yeah, $125 is a lot of money to me. If it's not to you, go ahead and venmo me/paypal that money to show me how much of a rich wall street baller you are.

Oh wait, I actually live on fucking wall street.

1 upvotesJ_H_Thundercock2 years ago

Thanks for the response! So did you know that she was gonna flake and refund you?

1 upvotescaP1taL1sm2 years ago

Not whatasoever. I mean I coulda bet she would flake for some womanly reason, but not that she would refund me for tickets I didn't even "purchase" in the first place.

Point being is girls are just obsessed with dudes, you and everyone just need to work on being that dude who has a woman obsessing over him.

1 upvotesBelmont_Trevor2 years ago

don't try to lie you already admitted to being a beta orbiter and you obviously are obsessed with her and in the friendzone. act manly to her, tell her to shut up about chad, she'll come around.

3 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

Women are insanely controlled by their sex drive, it's nuts

You have to remember that it's not the same as it is with us. When we see an insanely hot girl or watch a porn clip with one all we think off is fucking. Our thoughts end there and probably race to another hot bitch within the day or week. Women obsess over one Chad at a time. And it's not just about sex but the whole fantasy of being with him. They fantasize about the hot fucking and the following pillow talk, the getting out of bed to get food from the fridge half naked, how it would be to fall asleep together yadda yadda yadda.

That's why they take it so personal when they get pumped and dumped.

5 upvotestallwheel2 years ago

She tried to use nuclear dread on him, but had not accurately assessed the power balance in the relationship.

4 upvoteshyugafan2 years ago

This would be hilarious if it wasn't so realistic.

1 upvotes-ATLAS-_2 years ago

Right down to the "do something sexually crazy to reinforce my plummeting self-esteem" part...

5 upvotesmaningreenshirt2 years ago

My last girlfriend left me hoping I would chase her.

I didn't. In fact, I made out with someone else that same night.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Classic female move to reestablish the relationships frame to her advantage. Sometimes she wants room to fall on new dick and sometimes she just wants to inject drama and flex her pussy power over the guy and see how he reacts.

Your friend handled it textbook. Post unplugging I have experienced the same thing where women brush me off and then see how i dont care and then her vagina explodes in a tizzy if tingles for the Cad who doesn't need her.

Interesting that one plate does this to me semiannually as she must thrive on the experience. Its like she cant help it anymore than you guys cant help but stare at sideboob on a little black cocktail dress. Her vag buzzes like a hornets nest when I handle her disappearing act with grace.

Anyway, my go to for dumpings looks something like this

"I cant see you anymore, you are an asshole or I met someone else or my marriage needs work etc etc etc"

"I totally understand. I had fun with you and wish you all the best. Hit me up if you ever change your mind"

Then be a ghost. nothing on social media, nothing by text, never ever reach out again until she inevitably reaches out to you.

Thats when you quickly escalate to meet and plan the logistics for a fuck. dont be too excited and dont be emotionally punishing her for abandoning you.

The sex is a lock to be very good. Dont tell her you missed her but its fine to tell her you missed her pussy. remind her its your pussy and you will be fucking it whenever you want.

Congrats, this plate is yours to spin in your frame until it falls. Which it will.....

4 upvotesFrojuice2 years ago

Sounds like a WSB DD and everything went wrong for her. She won't have anything going to the moon or be getting traveling by yacht.

1 upvotesFedor_Gavnyukov2 years ago

even here i can't get a break from that sub haha

1 upvotesLordThunderbolt2 years ago

It's my favorite sub on Reddit. Just quality degeneracy in there.

4 upvotesBarvazon2 years ago

It reminds me a girl I've had in my apartment, saying "K, it's late - I've gotta go". I pointed at the door. Her jaw dropped, and she did not leave.

4 upvotesLateralanouncer2 years ago

"I need to go to my home town and discover my self" translation fill my cup with cock.

2 upvotesPantsonFire12342 years ago

Women's only real occupancy in life is to get with men. It's not as if she's going to her home town to find out how to cure cancer or to learn the metaphysical machinations of the universe. Everything girls say in code can be translated to "I'm gonna find X guy to fix Z problem for me".

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Sounds immature anyways.

Value them when they deserve it, but attachment is the root of suffering, so never put them on a pedestal. You can always get a new one.

3 upvotesCompeliminator2 years ago

im embarrassed to admit i chased the hell out of the last two women who did this to me like some kind of super pussy. i knew how to act but i failed.

6 upvotes • [deleted] • 2 years ago

Actually this happened to this girl who asked me out, kinoed me first (hug + head on my shoulder) she told me she likes and wants to be in a relationship with me. This was really rare in my life and that was like 3 years ago when my laycount was close to zero, so I accepted to see where it goes. I mean, what can go wrong? Oh, how naive I was, but still on my path.

I give her not enough attention because she been hanging out with a lot of beta dudes who constantly text her, give her appraisal, etc. I texted her maximum like 10 messages a day...most of them coming from her. She fake "broke up" with me to gain control of the relationship after almost a month or so, which didn't bother me at all, since I have fucked her multiple times and my attraction started to plummet, I just said, "Ok. Cool. Good talk. " Then didn't say much for 2 weeks, which was a time frame when she was texting me couple times a week to see if I am "okay"...She would say stuff like, "I am sorry this happened between us." Then I will text her, "No worries, I gotta go. See ya." I was attending school at that time, getting like 5 hours a sleep everyday, so yeah, didn't really mess up with my academic pursuits.

Turns out she reverse branch swung back to her ex that she dated for 2 years, which I didn't see him as a threat because she said that they broke up 1 year ago, but it was actually 1~3months ago, and fucked him the day after she broke up with me.

Girls will do this a lot, but I truly believe that if your man has potential and he hasn't done major things wrong, I mean the relationship will not be fucking perfect, you have to talk it out and try to see what you can improve on, not go from 0 to 100 and try to break up to gain control.

So now I look back, she probably wanted to be with me even though her ex was chasing her, but I didn't break my frame, so she lost the validation, went back to her ex, used him as a emotional cushion, and last thing I heard was that they are not together right now. It's crazy how she would be texting me to see if I am doing ok when she is fucking her ex. That was a huge epiphany I had back then, now it's pretty irrelevant.

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"I just, like, need to have a threesome or something really crazy."

And they say womyn are strong. Strong indeed.

A trpman will find this gay as fck.

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I'd sooner date a girl with a high cock count than I would ever get with a girl who aspires or has done anything like that. No fucking way.

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His response to her "I think we need to be done," was basically "OK, bye."

This is why I come here. The gloriousness of a man not giving two shits, recognizing abundance and going his own way. The epic meltdown of a woman not getting what she wants. The warrgarbl she ends up descending into.

It’s a thing of beauty. Thanks for sharing, OP.

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Are you the beta orbiter in the story?

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Let me guess, she is about 30 & hitting the wall looking for 'validation'

Whores make me laugh. They keep going down in value while I keep going up. Thanks education!

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Women are occupying the middle. The top men are going up, and the bottom is the ridiculous amount of men completely pulling out of society and doing nothing.

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Don't waste this opportunity, ask yourself:

What would Machiavelli do?

  • Nico would certainly console her
  • Tell her she is beautiful and he doesn't deserve her
  • Let her know you want to help her anyway she wants
  • Suggest that you two should pretend to be together
  • So he will get jealous and beg her to go back together
  • Instead get her drunk and fuck her so hard you break her hips
  • Throw her away like trash and when she start begging you
  • ... to get back together... toss her to your next friend... ad infinitum
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Best thing to ever happen to him with her line of thinking.

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Reading between the lines, your friend dodged a bullet. This woman has an agenda, and just like every loser in Vegas she thinks she can do better. Well, it backfired, and instead of admitting she was wrong - it's easier to find a new guy - hopefully she can lock down a guy before the wall.

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This sounds like someone who would explode if he said "sup"

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Yeah but bitches move on after some violent hamstering. The beta acts all high and mighty for a short time but then crawls back to her. It's max beta level from there on. She will own him more than ever.

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Doubtful. In this case I don't think that's likely.

Statistically I would agree.

3 upvotesstoicsoul872 years ago

Good for him if he doesn't go back. My comment was about what generally happens in such cases

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Alpha-widows never do. They just find a way to deal with it, like a alcoholic on the wagon. However, the craving never goes away and it alters their lifestyles in sometimes unpleasant ways (the AW, not the alcoholic).

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Seriously have one right now who has become an alcoholic due to her being a dumb whore. She left her beta thinking id take her back. Ive ghosted her and now she is using other people to contact me.

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"I just, like, need to have a threesome or something really crazy."

I actually know a girl that had a threesome after a breakup It's like the need of the cock is just too overwhelming one would not suffice

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The only explanation I can think off is that it validates them double or tripple when they have multiple guys lusting after them. Being the center of attention. Honestly even when I try I don't get it. They just reduced themselves to pornstar levels of worthlessness.

Couple days ago I talked to a 17 year old virgin. I asked some slut test questions out of interests. Couple things came out. One of them being that she watches gangbang porn. Delightful, even virgins who've never had cock.

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Right on, mate. That dude is BOSS. My favourite reply for a break up text is "Ok, cool"

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