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"Educate your son."

February 9, 2022

I saw this graphic on social media just earlier and remember how it was trending after Sarah Everard's awful murder, which had the words "Protect your daughter" crossed out and beneath that "Educate your son." I hate blatantly sexist campaigns like this which are nothing but male-bashing and again enforcing harmful stereotypes (usually peddled by feminists) about men being harmful to women and women's worst enemies, and playing into disgusting stereotypes about men constantly preying on women. Both sons and daughters should be educated and protected, and stupid campaigns and slogans like this overlook the issues at hand. Again conveniently overlooking the fact many women also engage in extremely inappropriate and toxic behavior against men and giving them a pass for it. I had awful female bullies in school and my third grade female teacher was incredibly abusive and would often encourage bullying against me. Obviously nobody took the time to educate them to be kind and not treat people like dirt. This reminds me of the stupid Gillette ad which only targeted men and completely ignored the fact women can be very toxic too, just as much as men, and that it isn't a gender issue. Campaigns like this very much make it so. Whether you're male, female, non-binary, trans, etc. toxicity can and does exist in every group, don't just hold one accountable and say they need to be educated and in the process give a free pass to the others.

I recently posted this in the lounge topic. This article doesn't refer to what this woman did as rape even though it blatantly is. How about teaching her to do better and to educate her about not harming people?

Edit - I also remember reading this equally disgusting and sickening crime years ago and how much it enraged me when I read about it. Obviously nobody thought to educate this girl to not do the beyond repugnant crime she committed.

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