I am currently in the process of divorce from my extremely narcissistic wife. Who for over a year straight belittled me, made fun of me (would even make fun of me for crying) and one night when I threatened suicide due to how she made me feel, instead of having an epiphany and feeling empathetic for once in her life, pretty much made fun of me for that as well, her exact words were "you can't say your going to do that and not follow through" as if she was almost upset I didn't actually carry out my own suicide.

Why didn't I leave? Well I foolishly still loved her and thought she would get better, but in fact she got worse. Therapy made everything worse because her therapist was a female (male therapists are non-existent where I lived) and always took her side on everything, rather than finding equal footing or middle ground.

One night, pretty much out of nowhere she blew up at me. Despite being very sick (wound up having a blocked bile duct due to a 1 inch gallstone, as well as having a very bad cold) I did the dishes but apparently her "trigger" was the fact I put something back in the wrong spot.

She screamed at me and threw this item at me, luckily it missed me but I snapped and slapped her once. Not very hard, didn't even leave a mark.

I'm not excusing the fact I hit her. I felt fucking awful after the fact, and was crying so hard when I was arrested that I was put into solitary confinement (I wasn't depressed or made any comments about self-harm). Of course once I was released on bail and had my gall bladder out, the first thing she did was text my mother asking for "her car" back, not a peep about how the surgery went. Of course it was not her car but our car as both names were on the loan and the title.

But of course, anytime I've tired getting advice about the divorce on reddit, apparently the fact I slapped her once outweighs the year I had to endure of her near constant emotional abuse.

Men apparently also cannot be raped either. Anytime a male teacher has sex with an underage student, it's put in the newspaper as rape, sexual assault, etc. Anytime a female teacher has sex with an underage student, it's "inappropriate relations" or some other phrasing that makes the crime look as light as possible. I see this all the fucking time and it completely pisses me off.

It's probably no wonder why men's mental health is not taken as seriously as women's. Men are somehow supposed to be emotionally devoid beings that cannot express sadness, be depressed, cry, etc.

Women, like men, can be tough, but apparently unlike women, cannot be weak.

I saw the same thing during the Depp v. Heard trial. Was Depp a perfect man? Of course not. But I saw droves of people coming to Amber's defense despite her nastiness because apparently women can be nasty to men without consequence, but the second he defends himself, he's automatically in the wrong.

It's completely fucking absurd to think men can just take weeks, months or years of emotional abuse from their spouse, not show any weakness, not appear depressed, cry, etc, and then people wonder why their mental health is so bad.