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This is a supplementary guide following on from my TRP Field Toolkit. While commanding is used as part of game when you're out in the field trying to ...
Red Pill TheoryNightwingTRP/r/TheRedPill26/03/17 12:52 PM

I was thinking the other day about the various hypocrisies of feminism and how they want feminine supremacy, but also want to be dominated in the bedr...
Red Pill TheoryNightwingTRP/r/TheRedPill11/11/15 01:27 PM

TL:DR - A compilation of the basic tools you need in the field to handle the vast majority of situations which could arise. The way I explain everythi...
Red Pill TheoryNightwingTRP/r/TheRedPill28/04/15 04:34 PM

TL:DR - There is no TL:DR of this. Poor role understanding within the sub has caused the mods to have to post about the leadership and direction of th...
Red Pill TheoryNightwingTRP/r/TheRedPill09/09/15 02:22 PM

This post has been thrown together quickly, so I make no apologies for the quality level. Decide for yourself. For the EC weekend I wanted to discuss ...
Red Pill TheoryNightwingTRP/r/TheRedPill09/10/16 07:51 PM

Just a quick reminder that Red Pill examples are all around us and that the blue pill women have got it wrong. During my lunchtime browsing and keepin...
Blue Pill ExampleNightwingTRP/r/TheRedPill06/01/16 01:18 PM

TL:DR - This is the TRP Field Toolkit. A more detailed guide to all the basics used in the field that will allow you to deal with the vast majority of...
Red Pill TheoryNightwingTRP/r/TheRedPill29/04/15 10:47 PM

Prompted by the recent piece by /u/IllimitableMan on how to be happy, the below is an attempt of mine to address the depression phase. The realisation...
Red Pill TheoryNightwingTRP/r/TheRedPill26/10/15 06:15 PM

TL:DR - This is the TRP Field Toolkit. A more detailed guide to all the basics used in the field that will allow you to deal with the vast majority of...
Red Pill TheoryNightwingTRP/r/TheRedPill30/04/15 05:13 PM

TL:DR - This is the TRP Field Toolkit. A more detailed guide to all the basics used in the field that will allow you to deal with the vast majority of...
Red Pill TheoryNightwingTRP/r/TheRedPill01/05/15 03:34 PM

So it's been a while since my last FR... I actually wrote this one a while back, months ago, and then forgot about it. I stumbled across it when check...
Field ReportNightwingTRP/r/TheRedPill05/11/15 02:23 PM

You'll already be aware of the "Academic Grievance studies scandal" which, to anybody who has been paying attention to mainstream culture in the past ...
ScienceNightwingTRP/r/TheRedPill03/10/18 12:17 PM

Summary: Firstly, this is a very long read. (More than twice the length of an essay.) The topic attempts to give you an overview of how argumentation ...
Red Pill TheoryNightwingTRP/r/TheRedPill30/11/15 06:27 PM

TL:DR - Learning requires failure and correction. Adopt the correct role as the student and the appropriate attitude. If you don't, the teacher will l...
Rant/VentingNightwingTRP/r/TheRedPill18/09/15 02:28 PM

As I became more Red Pill, I've tended to read less of the manosphere. It repeats things I already know, have learned and have enacted in my life. It'...
Red Pill TheoryNightwingTRP/r/TheRedPill14/10/15 03:15 PM

During my lunchtime news browsing, I came across this piece on The Independent newspaper website. While obviously the tale of the violence he suffered...
Men's RightsNightwingTRP/r/TheRedPill13/03/15 12:47 PM

So I typically run experiments with some of the chicks I meet. This is out of a combination of curiosity and boredom. It's all good experience. This l...
Field ReportNightwingTRP/r/TheRedPill24/04/15 10:32 AM

Upon returning home, I had a quick flick through my previous comments to remind myself what I said I'd do. After noticing a couple of comments sitting...
Red Pill TheoryNightwingTRP/r/TheRedPill21/11/15 08:52 PM

It's been a while since I've posted anything on here. I have been writing things, but I've been holding them back for a blog because I'm fucking busy ...
Red Pill TheoryNightwingTRP/r/TheRedPill04/08/16 02:55 PM

TL:DR - A "dating coach" - and I use the term loosely - attacks the red pill attitude and suggests it will not bring success with women. Even when we ...
Red Pill TheoryNightwingTRP/r/TheRedPill27/08/15 01:02 PM

This is a repost of a piece I wrote a year ago. We've just had somebody bitching at the mods for banning someone who called a post dumb and the mod wa...
Red Pill TheoryNightwingTRP/r/TheRedPill15/10/16 08:34 PM

One of the things I've noticed from the dramatic change I've been making to my life, is how difficult it is for some of us. The simple fact is that fo...
Rant/VentingNightwingTRP/r/TheRedPill07/12/14 03:47 PM

One of the major things which underlines red pill philosophy towards life is constantly bettering yourself. It's something I easily relate to because ...
Red Pill ExampleNightwingTRP/r/TheRedPill20/12/14 10:57 AM

Being the smartest guy in the room offers you great confidence, quick wit and respect from the social group. But how did that guy become the smartest ...
Red Pill TheoryNightwingTRP/r/TheRedPill25/01/15 05:46 PM

Welcome to your daily dose of mainstream insanity, designed to remind you just how retarded the things we are allowed to say can be - just so long as ...
Blue Pill ExampleNightwingTRP/r/TheRedPill24/08/15 12:40 PM

For those of you who aren't aware, there was recently an hour long documentary put together in the UK on the manosphere. I recently watched this and h...
Men's RightsNightwingTRP/r/TheRedPill16/12/15 09:44 PM

Why the Bruce Lee principle must always apply to Red Pill Theory. "Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own...
MetaNightwingTRP/r/TheRedPill16/12/14 01:07 PM

Hello gentlemen. I come seeking a little advice from those who know the MGTOW community much better than I do. I should provide a little context first...
NightwingTRP/r/MGTOW16/09/15 05:05 PM

I was quite intrigued when I saw Donovan Sharpe post today on the topic of "White women who only date black men" I don't normally read Return of Kings...
DiscussionNightwingTRP/r/PurplePillDebate16/09/15 11:26 PM
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