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Woman attacks man for flying drone. Cops arrive, woman claims man assaulted her. ALWAYS be ready to provide evidence. A mans guilt is ALWAYS assumed.

by obama_loves_nsa on /r/TheRedPill
23 August 2016 02:36 PM UTC

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  • Young male flies drone for some beach photography
  • Unstable female approaches and quickly assaults
  • SHE calls cops
  • Cops arrive to assess the situation
  • She claims he assaulted her and was being a peeping tom to beach goers
  • He is only released when he shows video evidence that SHE assaulted HIM



It's true. All of it. The red pill must be swallowed to survive in this world of madness currently ruled by fascists who only allow victim status groups to stay alive and prosper. Women (a current set of victimized groups) are not to be dealt with under any circumstance where you cannot prove your innocence.

You probably want to laugh this off and go 'oh this would never happen to me, I'm a pretty laid back and calm guy, no one would ever do this to me' 'This guy flying a stupid drone around probably was being a moron and annoying the shit out of her and begging to get his ass kicked'

Still don't believe me? Just watch this


  1. The guy was calm as a cucumber

  2. He was well within his rights.

  3. He was obeying every law. (Drones >5 miles from an air strip are legal as long as you stay below 400feet)

Final Conclusion: Keep witnesses near you. Keep video evidence around you constantly. Do not be passive.

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Title Woman attacks man for flying drone. Cops arrive, woman claims man assaulted her. ALWAYS be ready to provide evidence. A mans guilt is ALWAYS assumed.
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352 upvotesReddittFeist3 years ago

The result of her assault case is described here:


Probably the only reason she got charged at all is because she was legally an adult (23) and the guy she started pounding on was a minor (17.)

She got off with 2 years probation with her criminal record being expunged if she finishes probation with no violations.

The double standard at work.

Can you imagine what would have happened to a 23 year old guy if he were to do the same thing to a 17 year old girl?

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

141 upvotesjaimewarlock3 years ago

And forced to register as a sex offender when he got out.

43 upvotesnuesuh3 years ago

Prison is a fun time, especially when you're a teenager sitting there for "sexual crimes".

22 upvotesjzekyllandhyde3 years ago

If only prisoners understood the world has changed since they were first incarcerated.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotesLordThunderbolt3 years ago

Pulled right out of your ass. Most prisoners are in for assaults or robberies or trafficking.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

84 upvotesBattle-Scars3 years ago

If that was my kid I would read a victim statement in front of the court asking the judge if he/she would have given the same sentence if the gender rolls were reversed. I would also sue her in civil court for property damage (shirt) and emotional damage. A bit frivolous but dragging this entitled cunt into as many court appearances as possible might just get through to her that the world does not revolve around her.

29 upvotesvagbutters3 years ago

just get through to her that the world does not revolve around her.

She won't care, dude. There are millions of solipsistic bimbos like her out there. She got a slap on the wrist now, she'll get carried throughout her life by beta males/orbiting losers, and she'll keep living on merrily. Such is the society that feminism has created-- women do not face adequate consequences for their actions (criminal, promiscuity, or just about everything else)

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago


What is this?

4 upvotesvagbutters3 years ago

160k people is nothing when it comes to a major movement. Whatever the RP-network does online won't matter nearly as much as the so-called "misandry bubble" that is building up, where men who are divorce raped, sexless due to being BP losers, etc. become aware of what a disaster the feminist climate is. That's when you start rallying millions to some common causes to fight back the feminist shitstorm in the past few decades.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago


What is this?

2 upvotesvagbutters3 years ago

While the feminist movement has been going on for a while, it didn't become the purulent shitstorm it is today until the past few decades, mostly thanks to baby-boomers.

7 upvoteschances_are_ur_a_fag3 years ago

not frivolous at all. that's exactly what i would do as well. in this day and age you have to fight for yours and take when the giving is good. fuck all that. take her (or anyone else for that matter) for everything you can if they fuck you.

2 upvotesTryDoingSomethingNew3 years ago

Great comment and great points.

I can see doing that, and judging by comments I see regularly (not here) about similar situations, the average person would acknowledged the double standards that are ALWAYS at play

31 upvotesrossiFan3 years ago

There's a sub called "pussypass".

16 upvotesTFWnoLTR3 years ago

This was all posted there back when it was happening. Pretty sure this incident was one of the earliest posts on that sub and part of the reason people saw fit to create it.

14 upvotesnuesuh3 years ago

Archived link:


Haughwout said he believed that if a man had assaulted a woman, the court penalty would have been more severe, “If a guy assaults a girl, he’d be sitting in jail waiting for his court date.”

2 upvotesNanameowmeow3 years ago

That guy was arrested for child porn.

5 upvotesTheRealist993 years ago

Since he is 17 I'm sure they pegged him on some nudes of someone his age. It's a bullshit and outdated law that needs to be addressed.

5 upvotesThengine3 years ago

It's a little more serious than that. He also got stopped by police for a non-drone related event last July. When he came to the police station to answer the charge, he got into an altercation with police.

He was recording them on his cell phone (smart move). They took it in for evidence (they were going to delete the evidence or at least change their narrative to fit what they found.) He had child porn or at least what the cops could say was child porn on his phone.

The moral of the story is to hire an attorney (I know, expensive), lock your cell phone from intrusion, and that contempt of cop is always the real crime.

3 upvotesStoicThePariah3 years ago

He had child porn or at least what the cops could say was child porn on his phone.

Did they give evidence or not is the question. They could have just claimed that because he had some anime pics or just to burn him.

1 upvotesVasiliyZaitzev3 years ago

If he had not recorded the altercation, he would have been hauled off to jail. Sort of stupid of her not to realize that a guy flying a drone and recording video would probably also be recording their conversation turned altercation.

1 upvotesMardGeer3 years ago

Wish I could shoot people who try this without getting charged, this stuff happening to kids, no matter how well they handle it, is fucked

0 upvotesAfroFogey3 years ago

A male would not have gotten time for this CT. My best friend got into a fight with a girl he was 19 and her 16. He got 1 yr probation and his record cleared for finishing an accelerated rehabilitation program( anger management class)

-2 upvotesmangus893 years ago

Obviously it would be a much bigger deal if a 23 year old guy smashed a 17 year old girl because most men could easily kill a woman of that age, whereas most women couldn't do much to a man. I agree that she should've been charged with much more than what she did, but at the same time a man beating a woman WOULD be a much bigger deal because men are physically superior.

1 upvotesORP73 years ago



I think we need to look at the size of each individual to determine who is physically superior.

1 upvotesrattamahatta3 years ago

It's the same crime, though.

118 upvotesTokeru3 years ago

This really speaks volumes. She knew that she could get him arrested under normal circumstances if she initiated a physical altercation, and he retaliated.

61 upvotescasemodsalt3 years ago

This makes me irritated. Really irritated.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

57 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Not possible unless all of the men around you have the highest respect for you. Otherwise you'll just get beaten by multiple white knights. You have to be someone like Dr. Dre to get away with it.

15 upvotesvagbutters3 years ago

Men will just start murdering women quietly at this rate, all jokes aside. Why would a man risk losing all his shit in a divorce, or risk jailtime because of a bimbo? Sadly, the legal system is making murder an easy "out" for many men who don't want to get royally fucked in the courts.

4 upvotesEcclesia_Andune3 years ago

This is what Patrice said in one of his standups about black guys and white guys.

The long and short of it was white guys end up murdering their wives because every day the white women say and do little things that just erode at the dudes soul, safe in their comfortable position until the dude just fucking snaps

It's a hilarious bit, look up Elephant in the Room if you haven't watched it.

2 upvotesTryDoingSomethingNew3 years ago

I didn't know Patrice said that, I missed it, never heard him say it on Opie & Anthony.

A great comment, and I think I agree! Makes sense!

2 upvotesdazed1113 years ago

When a woman gets murdered the husband is always the first suspect

2 upvotesORP73 years ago

A dead man doesn't make a very good suspect for the prosecution.

6 upvotesenfier3 years ago

BJJ is pretty good for this sort of thing. Not throwing a punch makes you look less aggressive and more defensive to the untrained, plus there's a lot of focus on controlling the situation. Fighting an untrained woman like this guy was doing isn't even much of a challenge and he could have made it look like he was losing to a bystander. All he really had to do was lay on his back, hold her wrists and use his legs to maintain distance and wait for her to tire herself out. An example of how harmless it looks: https://youtu.be/qnWWqZ0uk4A?t=126

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

How dare you try to rape her

2 upvotessd4c3 years ago

No. She will bite you repeatedly, and she will never tire herself out. She will pretend to convincingly, or fake an injury. Then as soon as you let her go, will resume the assault

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

16 upvotesX_Cody3 years ago

Chris Brown would be a better metaphor than Dre

12 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

"Be smart, don't be a retard, why you about to take advice from someone who slapped Dee Barnes"

4 upvoteskireol3 years ago

You are right.

However, that was back in 91. Most people in this sub werent born yet, let alone old enough when it happened to remember it.

3 upvotesTryDoingSomethingNew3 years ago

I agree. You had better be bigger, stronger, and able to really fight if you plan to put a woman in her place.

The world is filled with beta bitch-ass "men" who will retaliate against you in the name of "honor" and white-knighting. Better be able strong and able to put them down, else it will not end well.

10 upvotescasemodsalt3 years ago

Never. Always will be beta's.

14 upvoteschances_are_ur_a_fag3 years ago

women take advantage of sole fact that society forgives them just because they're women. i've seen so much shit happen in the past where women acted specifically terrible because they knew they could without any major repercussions. one time a girl told me that she can do whatever she wants to me physically and i can't do shit because she's a girl.. she actually got knocked out by a female friend of mine about 2 minutes later. that was good.

63 upvotesJamesSkepp3 years ago

Stop oppressing women with remote controlled drones!

20 upvoteskireol3 years ago

I need feminism so that I can assault a minor boy and blame it on him when the cops come.

112 upvotesnonthaki3 years ago

That girl isn't dumb . She knows very well the cops would believe her if she said the guy assaulted her . Atleast subconsciously , most women plan this kind of shit way before the conversation begins .

And MOST importantly , dont be fooled by their looks . Even the most beautiful woman might be fucked up crazy . Dont get into troublesome situations with them in the 1st place . Be alert when in public .

75 upvotescasemodsalt3 years ago

I usually ignore super hot chicks from the start. All those betas complimenting her all the time really fucks them up and their lack of actual self control and emotional stability make it even worse.

I go for average with good personality.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

32 upvotescasemodsalt3 years ago

I asked a girl to buy me a drink at a bar and she got offended. Bye bitch

21 upvotesjmg833 years ago

It could have gone the other way, and you'd have had an awesome girl.

13 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Too bad she wasn't awesome.

18 upvotesHjalmbere3 years ago

Why don't you try 'No, but that guy looks like he could buy you a drink', and then point at some bona fide overweight loser? Wait for the reaction.....

21 upvotesjmg833 years ago

Because where I work, there's bound to be some thirsty guy who'd do it. It wouldn't matter.

8 upvotesboredepression3 years ago

I think the point was to wait for her grossed out reaction the the overweight beta...

12 upvotesvagbutters3 years ago

Very hot women have no shame-- they will literally walk up to overweight/scrawny losers and have them buy her a drink, only to walk away a minute later. I've seen it at least half a dozen times, personally.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Ah, I see. I wouldn't want to do that to some poor bastard. The sad thing is, where I worked, drinks were cheap as hell. £2.50 for a Pepsi and a shitty whisky/vodka/rum. Anyone who can't afford to get drunk there has problems.

7 upvotesDiebytheSword6663 years ago

The next time an entitled girls asks for a free drink, say, "You need a free drink? Why? Is your shrink that expensive?"

3 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

The look of shock on her face would be priceless.

2 upvotesKingspot3 years ago

ask her if she goes to the grocery store and begs for food. no "cocky smile" bullshit. deadpan.

or "Are you poor?" with honest concern on your face.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I've never thought of that.

20 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

The Ol' Treat a princess like a pig and a pig like a princess.

5 upvotescasemodsalt3 years ago

Which is a good thing to do I assume?

16 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Good, bad, eh. It works, or can work. Hot women hate it when you look at them with an expression on your face like "I bet you are shitty at sucking dick" or any other kind of disinterest or disappointment. Average women 6+, I'd give looks of "there's something more to you that others don't see." I'm lazy now that I'm married. My girlfriend has turned nuclear on me and I'm fucked on how I'm going to peacefully and tactfully be rid of her. 19, desperately in love with me, and is falling apart.

7 upvotescasemodsalt3 years ago

I remember staring at some 6/10's with good body, cute shoes (a big thing for me) and nice legs. They stared back. Didn't know what to do back then but I could have got a number or 2

12 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Always approach. Smile at a girl, she smiles back, you approach. If she smiles looks down with her eyes till open and looks back, meets your eyes again and her smile gets bigger and/or her she's smiling and showing teeth, definetly approach. Your opener is up to you but I got a lot mileage out of "nice shoes, want to fuck?" Followed by "no, I'm not that bad, I promise."

12 upvotesyoucantdenythat3 years ago

Unfortunately "average" chicks often have low self esteem issues which cause even worse chaos.

12 upvotescasemodsalt3 years ago

Sigh...this is also true. Even if you think they are good enough for you, them not getting Chad makes them self conscious.

13 upvoteslnTheRearWithTheGear3 years ago

Or if Chad gets thirsty and wants an easy lay... who are you again?

11 upvotesrossiFan3 years ago

I like when you don't ogle the super hot chick and she gets all mad. It's good for a laugh every time.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

He literally tried to ignore her in the video.

13 upvotesdkcs3 years ago

I can guarantee you this isn't her first rodeo pulling some kind of shit like this. She has spent her whole life playing this game and knew as a female that she could get away with it. She just wasn't taking the iPhone into account.

Actually, she's pretty lucky that the guy was only 17 and was probably intimidated by her. I wouldn't have taken being assaulted like that but thankfully because of my size most people never make the attempt.

3 upvotesgtypoDD223 years ago

Women dont care about your size. If you hit a girl 20X men are going to attack you.

It happens every weeked were i'm from.

2 upvotessuperfoot3 years ago

The kid played it smart. He used enough force to keep himself safe and that's it. You might think your justified using more

5 upvotesdkcs3 years ago

The point is he should not have had to use any force at all, the person who attacked him only did so because they knew they could get away with it because of their gender which she pretty much did.

When someone is physically attacking you how do you know they don't have the intent or ability to do further harm to you? If she was willing to initiate physical contact with him he should be justified in defending himself to the point of preventing any further physical harm.

4 upvotesMagnum2563 years ago

He was still at risk of being hurt there I mean she had him in some weak grapple or something and he just sat for awhile. Would you tolerate a random dude off the street holding you down like that and then saying "well I just did enough to keep myself safe" ?

I mean if it was a dude I think most of us would knock him the fuck out if he tried grabbing us like that, and I don't see why it should be any different if it's a woman.

It's almost like she was attempting some "citizens arrest" type shit there but without cause. Even if he was peeping or whatever that's what, a misdemeanor at best, you don't have the right to physically restrain someone for it. The 17 year old should have broke her face if she didn't let him go.

3 upvotesjck733 years ago

Agreed. He played it VERY smart. Had he defended himself with any sort of strikes, this would have played out differently.

She hits him > He blocks > He counters > She takes it in the face > He's behind bars.

This is where wrist locks come into play.

18 upvotesaanarchist3 years ago

what's her problem though, it's like don't you have shit to do ya crazy bitch. she just wants attention from the media.

29 upvotesnonthaki3 years ago

She saw a weak guy playing with his drone helicopter and she believed there was a chance that he is snooping . Personally , I dont think she butted into the situation without any warrant . I think she honestly believed the guy was doing some sort of wrong thing .

However the difference was that the guy was a weak skinny guy (beta) in her eyes . If he was muscular and strong , she would have thought twice about attacking him , or would be fearful about making wrong accusations of snooping to the police (cause he could be a thug or high SMV guy with a big social circle of guys who could do her damage without getting caught if they really wanted to ) .

36 upvotesaanarchist3 years ago

it was a kid playing with his toy. also no, there's been recorded incidents of women assaulting men who were like 6 foot tall, with some getting socked in the head for it.

fempowerment has gotten to a point where women just have random moods and take it out on strangers like they would have on their kids or husband once upon a time. she's married to the country, considering that the country pays for her and takes responsibility for her.

16 upvotesHjalmbere3 years ago

fempowerment, is that the fantasy world where skinny girls like Laura Croft beats the crap out of a grizzly bear with her bare hands?

4 upvotesvagbutters3 years ago

The key word here is fantasy. In reality, the grizzly bear tears Laura Croft's throat out.

The reality of feminism is that it is producing damaged women who will suffer the rest of their lives from their promiscuity. They can only be carried by the government and cucks in society so far before they hit the wall.

9 upvotesaanarchist3 years ago

it's the fantasy world where tifa will kick asses but is loyal to the end for cloud. feminism forgot that second part of the equation.

13 upvotesRedPillAccount693 years ago

She also wouldn't have minded if she thought the guy who was filming her was attractive.

14 upvotesplenkton3 years ago

If he was muscular and strong , she would have thought twice about attacking him

If he was muscular and strong, she would have been dtf.

9 upvotesFrameWalker3 years ago

I disagree. She bought into the narrative that men are disgusting lowly creatures who dont have rights and are useless and women are perfect angels who can do no wrong.

4 upvotesPaperStreetVilla3 years ago

Pretty stupid though. Drones are watchful cameras.

3 upvotesEcclesia_Andune3 years ago

Honestly this sort of thing is making me want to wear a body mic and some sort of camera at ALL times.

Women can literally just fuck my life up at any point whatsoever by making a bullshit accusation.

2 upvotes5t3fan03 years ago

Even the most beautiful woman might be fucked up crazy

i always assume that crazy-chances are proportional to hotness... an hotter bitch requires higher alert level than an ugly one

0 upvotesj0c1f3r3 years ago

Pull her into a hidden area and beat the living fuck out of her...If youre harsh enough, she wont wanna tell anyone about the incident....

47 upvotesMattyAnon3 years ago

Yup. Been attacked by women twice. Both times they threatened to call the cops.

Women see cops and the system as something that will protect them against you, regardless of the facts, truth or morality of the situation.

(Don't worry folks - no major consequences to MattyAnon, these women were fucking retarded and easily outwitted.)

26 upvotesReddittFeist3 years ago

Hate to say it, @MattyAnon, but it goes even deeper than that.

There are women now who regard the cops and the biased court system as weapons to use against men.

Never had women dare to try it against me, but one guy I know had his ass saved by recording a woman trying to set him up for a cop call .

Another guy I know, thoroughly beta, did nothing to protect himself and his soon-to-be-ex got him jailed while her lawyer filed in family court to get an order prohibiting him from seeing his children. The cops were trying to trick him into waiving legal representation and were telling him he wouldn't get released until he had an interview with them by himself. I was only his dad finding out about this and heading down to the cop shop with a lawyer that saved his ass.

43 upvotesStraydog10183 years ago

If you think that one is bad, look at this video. It will make your fucking blood boil. In this one, a guy crashes his drone and a woman who is a good few hundred feet away steals it and tries to walk away. When she is confronted, she makes up this ridiculous story and calls the cops and lies to their faces to try to get the guys in trouble.


14 upvotesBoringNormalGuy3 years ago

It's gotta be so hard to keep calm in these situations, you were right my blood is boiling.

26 upvotesELLEN_POO3 years ago

This video is why humankind needs assassins like dexter to kill off these disgusting pigs (husband included)

16 upvotesjzekyllandhyde3 years ago

Good point, women like this turn their husbands into extensions of themselves.

9 upvotesvagbutters3 years ago

Weak beta bitches never had much of a personality to begin with-- they bend over to the whims of their slutty wives.

3 upvotesAutisticusMaximus3 years ago

I understand people trying to steal stuff, but getting confronted by the owner, and ending up calling the cops herself. What.

3 upvotesSnufek3 years ago

In our country we have a law that says you're justified to protect your property - aka when you see someone stealing your stuff you can use your fists to stop them.

But anyway... since redpill I have a hard time trusting the laws.

1 upvoteschompmonk3 years ago

Where are you from? In Italy if someone breaks into your house to steal and somehow gets injured while inside your property, you have to pay them to get treated.

1 upvotesSnufek3 years ago

One of the great slavic countries in the East.

20 upvotesmarkyLEpirate3 years ago

Fuck this pisses me the fuck off. I feel like I would not be able to control myself in the same situation and would have bit her finger when she had it in my mouth

16 upvotesmerkucjo3 years ago

So happy I don't live in us

13 upvotesfull_package3 years ago

Actually, unlike in other countries, in US there's no limits to photography in public places.

5 upvotesthe_red_scimitar3 years ago

Very wrong. In fact, in some states it's illegal to photograph crops or farmland. Why? Because activists were documenting shady practices.

7 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

[permanently deleted]

4 upvotesReddittFeist3 years ago

LOL- look up divorce rape in the UK

16 upvotesredpill_odyssey3 years ago

I actually know this kid's older brother. His brother told me he won the case because of the fact that he was recording with his phone, and he got a decent monetary compensation for this "adult" assaulting him at the beach in broad daylight.

If it was me, I'd be in jail for having clocked that bitch in the face for assaulting me. Don't care if it's a man or woman, if they intend to hurt me, I will fight back.

3 upvotesned_harriman3 years ago

This guy is smart but is going to end up fucked if he doesn't unplug. Normally we don't actively unplug anyone but do you think perhaps this might be a situation where intervening would be kind? Just point him to Rational Male or something? Honestly he will get smashed for being a creep. It makes me sad that an otherwise intelligent and creative guy might end up a blue pill pervert.

1 upvotesredpill_odyssey3 years ago

Rule #1 - don't talk about fight club

Edit here: His older brother and him are the stereotypical genius. They're extremely smart, but have the typical nerd personality and appearance. They don't usually give a shit about the rest of the world, as long as they don't get in the way of whatever they're trying to do.

The truth is red pilling someone is very hard to do because they will reject it. If you look through asktrp or trp you'll find posts of people having regretted taking the red pill because it destroys their current world. Current blue pilled men are living a fantasy with the help of the blinders placed on their heads by the fem centric society, and red pilling them will make then depressed over having learned that they were living a fantasy.

Another comparison would be the great Oz, the giant head (feminism) telling people what to do or giving "wisdom". People get shocked when they learn it's just a person behind a curtain running the place.

The fact is, as Rollo states in The Rational Male, that once you unplug, no matter how hard you try to plug back into the matrix, you will always be aware of the truth.

Last year I experimented by trying to spoon feed the pill to the most beta friend I have, and even then he spat it out. Even in the extremely subtle and small doses. He is currently in an Ltr with a crazy girl who "blesses him" with one weekly date. He holds one day a week specifically in the hopes of seeing her. Hell, I've even asked about the status of his ltr and have commented that it doesn't sound like a good relationship, and he still rejected it.

Edit2: His gf was spotted on tinder too, and he is still with her even after someone else told him that his gf was on tinder.

99% of men will not accept the pill until they hit rock bottom and accidentally red pill themselves. I was shown trp by a friend three years ago while just being generally depressed from medical issues, and ended up partially swallowing it until this year. Partially because I never went out to game and prove the reality presented by trp.

1 upvotessd4c3 years ago

And lose your job. And pay heavy fines. And face long-term unemployment. Resulting in losing your place to live, possibly your car. Lose access to your children if you have any. Possibly get forcibly raped in jail. Possibly prison if the charges are serious enough (you could easily get agg assault for punching someone out if you hit hard, attempted murder if you use jiujitsu and choke them out).

If a woman assaults you, utilize the minimum of force necessary to protect your face, genitals, and cellphone from damage, while recording and while walking away. If she assaults you with a weapon, use the minimum force necessary to preserve your life

If you have children and she assaults them, use the maximum force available to you at that time, such as a monster truck, Vietnam-era flamethrower, or if possible: alien technology

2 upvotesredpill_odyssey3 years ago

I agree, minimum force necessary to get out is best. Just make an accurate threat assessment before taking action.

Thing is, I can get angry fast. really fast. I'm still learning to control it well enough to suppress it, and thankfully I have not lost control yet.

1 upvotessd4c3 years ago

Anger is still preferable to passivity. What is difficult to suppress, is the raw frustration from having the primal urge to retaliate, but not being able to because she's a protected class. Even if she gets arrested, it's very, VERY frustrating to take a hit and walk away.

I'm hoping in a few years technology will solve this for us. Right now wearables are too conspicuous. But someday your watch could be quietly recording video 24/7 and uploading it to the cloud. False rape and DV charges would diminish, and there'd be a golden age of a few months where lying scumbags, oblivious to the tech, would be going to jail instead of sending male victims there.

15 upvotesnuesuh3 years ago

If this occurred in 1986 he would have slapped her back to her senses..

Doing that in 2016 is a shortcut to prison. You're basically left to taking the beating, while recording yourself and politely requesting that she stops assaulting you.

He did exactly what he should have done in that situation.

4 upvotesarul203 years ago

A lot of "tough guys" talking shit here when this is the correct response. Bitch is already claiming he's a pervert and if she had a black eye he would be in handcuffs before he can say anything.

2 upvotesnuesuh3 years ago

Yeah I wouldn't recommend being violent unless it's to protect yourself or people you care about from real bodily harm. Goes for both men and women, but especially against women.

1 upvotesThe1WhoCsAll3 years ago

He needs to put in paperwork for a civil suit if he wants to teach her a lesson. Im thinking $10,000 should do it.

15 upvotesredpillbanana3 years ago

Ah, the summer of 2014 - it was memorable both for drone woman and for these two women who assaulted a guy because he dared politely call them out for trying to steal his beach gear.

EDIT: Looks like they later sued Fox News for showing the video and claiming that they were portrayed as thieves.

2 upvotesStarcruiser283 years ago

Uh yeah they were attempting to steal his stuff. So they were thieves.

27 upvotesDetectiveDing-Daaahh3 years ago

I read somewhere that she was actually trying to unzip his pants in an effort to make him look like some sick deviant.

20 upvotesredditdobro3 years ago

I don't know if he's actually a pussy or the smartest man in earth. I would have had her tied up waiting for the police, and it wouldn't havr been smart. Also yesterday at the club i saw a girl slapping in the face a black guy who hurt her feelings and he was likely to retaliate if some white knight didn't stop him from doing so. Now there could have been so many consequences: Black guy kicking the shit out of him or worse stabbing him Security or police mistaking him for one of the assaulters and prosecuting him etc. It was in London and it ended well, but now RP savy i would never have defended the girl from anything, in my mind she physically confronted a black guy who wasn't even shouting at her and she deserved all the shit on earth.

25 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I took a beating from a woman years ago, let her sock me good a number of times, ended up bleeding. Her boyfriend tried to take my phone while I was talking to 911. I got some cash out of it and both got hit with criminal charges. A woman attacks you with her bare hands, you are going to have to take a beating in Florida (U.S.). She comes at you with a weapon, you best be prepared to kill her quickly (living witnesses are the worst witnesses), and know not to say anything other than "she had a weapon, she was threatening to kill me, I feared for my life, I want to speak to an attorney." And then shut up till your attorney speaks with you.

20 upvoteswanderer7793 years ago

You can cut out all the words other than 'attorney' and it's.even better

11 upvotesCypherWolf213 years ago

This. Never talk to the cops. "I wish to remain silent, I want my lawyer" All interrogation must stop until your lawyer is present.

9 upvotesBattle-Scars3 years ago

I hope she was arrested and spent the weekend in jail.

20 upvotesReddittFeist3 years ago

That happens to guys, not girls.

26 upvotesWhiskeyAndCondoms3 years ago

This to some degree also shows the importance of physical fitness and appearance.
I doubt the bitch would've attacked him if he was 200lbs at <15% bodyfat and even if she did, he would've had a much easier time defending himself.

69 upvotes___Jamie___3 years ago

Harambe was 440lb and got taken down by a baby. Stay alert.

18 upvotesjzekyllandhyde3 years ago

Cincinnati Zoo: "please, stop"

18 upvotesDetectiveDing-Daaahh3 years ago

She wouldn't have labeled him as some creepy pervert at that point.

25 upvotesBattle-Scars3 years ago

She would have asked for his number so they could talk about drone stuff over a drink at his place...

2 upvotesLildoc_9113 years ago

But he was 17. Hell I'm 30 and that's extremely out of my frame. I'm not big but 200 lbs is pretty fucking massive mate.

I het what youbare saying though. Being in shape helps.

-7 upvotesobama_loves_nsa [OP]3 years ago

OP here, this was my exact first thought as well :^ )

Hell if the girl wasn't such a fat-ass whale herself I would have even attempted to turn it into a pick up and pump-n-dumped her and never given her my real name. Then let her figure out a way to take care of the abortion I shot inside her while I'm out there the next day flying my drone and picking up even more girlies : )

-23 upvotesaanarchist3 years ago

fuck off with that bullshit kid.

22 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

A wild faggot has appeared!

7 upvotesalclarkey3 years ago

Do you know how to get your camera rolling on your smartphone quickly? If you don't now is the time to learn.

13 upvotesCopidosoma3 years ago

And, of course if the guy gave her a kick in the head to stop the assault he would be in jail now.

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

[permanently deleted]

8 upvotesCopidosoma3 years ago

Fair enough.

And, of course, if the guy had done anything physical to stop the assault (short of running away) he would be in jail now.

Edit: Just to clarify. I watch this video and put myself in that guy's shoes (I'm a photographer and sometimes work in public, not with a drone on a beach but close enough). If someone has me on the ground like that they had better be wearing a badge. Otherwise, my instinct is to put a boot shaped dent n them somewhere. And I'm typically a conflict avoiding sort of guy. But just knowing that in that situation I'd almost certainly go from a 'victim' of assault to a perpetrator based entirely on my gender is infuriating.

Edit II: I up-voted you :)

8 upvotesjzekyllandhyde3 years ago

Tell that to thugs in the ghetto it's the most common method

3 upvotesLildoc_9113 years ago

Downvoted for escalating to lethal force lol...

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotesLildoc_9113 years ago

That is what I'm saying. Probably should have said it better.

You are getting downvoted for calling out the bad idea of escalating to deadly force.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

[permanently deleted]

2 upvotesLildoc_9113 years ago

Nah, I understood you. Wasn't the one downvoting you.

5 upvotesfusrodalek3 years ago

Have no clue why you were downvoted. It doesn't make you any less alpha not to kick someone in the fucking head and potentially end their life. If anything, walking away is the more honorable thing to do in most fights after the other person is down.

7 upvotesMasterGoshinki3 years ago

yep, happened to me too. ive said this story many, many times on here;

wife hit me, not tbe first time, i was sick of it and called the police for an intermediary. they came to her rescue even though she had no marks on her and i had a fat, bleeding lip

10 upvotesMustaka3 years ago

This is classic r pussypassdenied

12 upvotesxx69bootyhunter69xx3 years ago

Damn. This is so fucked up I almost wish there was a continent where only men were allowed.

22 upvotestrpthroway1233 years ago

Ever hear of the middle east?

Quite a few places where women can't leave the house unless the man escorts them.

4 upvotesNoirgheos3 years ago

Yes, but its much too hot there.

9 upvotesarul203 years ago

Don't worry .. middle east is coming to a west near you :D

5 upvotesComments_Alot3 years ago

I wish there was more to the video...I wanna see that bitch get what she deserves.

5 upvotesGeeseLivesMatter3 years ago

and this is why you should always carry a weapon on your person to kill or maim anyone who assaults you. Or invite geese to accompany you.

5 upvotesgtypoDD223 years ago

Women know they have this power, yet they still think they are oppressed. This sort of delusion is legitimately intolerable.

And If someone did something like this to me I would have to remove them from this earth. I cannot stand injustice.

10 upvotesdkcs3 years ago

Typical SJW bitch. Maybe we (men) need to start wearing body cams like the cops. This poor guy would have been charged with assault and would have cost him who knows what in legal fee's, lost time and potential other losses.

3 upvotes7SM3 years ago

That kid should sue for tons.

3 upvotesRogodin3 years ago

I've had guys come up to me and want to fight because they thought that I was recording their women at a pool (that is in our condo complex we own). There wasn't a camera mounted on it (I was flying LOS). If I wasn't big and scary they'd have tried to beat my ass. (I'm 6'7" of solid muscle). This kid is a wimp.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

6 upvotesVanityKings3 years ago

What you do in this situation is beat her so fucking bad that women will think twice before pulling this sort of shit.
Make it so Big daddy government won't be able to save her in time

1 upvotesORP73 years ago

Why would you want to go to prison?

1 upvotesVanityKings3 years ago

If you're going to get punished regardless (which is the case for 99% of men who get accused of bullshit) you might as well do what you're accused of

2 upvotesHjalmbere3 years ago

Probably, but maybe, just maybe, one of them would pause for thought in which case they might learn something.

2 upvoteschances_are_ur_a_fag3 years ago

i don't know what i would do in that situation if i was him.. actually i do know, i'd send her to eat sand.. however that probably wouldn't work out in my best interest. the last time i laid a girl out was about 14 years ago when out of the blue a random chick ran up to me and started swinging for no reason. knocked her out cold and just went about my business. this was at a festival.

2 upvotesTeaBagginTammy3 years ago

Her name is Andrea Mears and she's a feisty cunt.

2 upvotesbbmc7gm6fm3 years ago

The guy's actions were quite intelligent; that bitch should go to jail instead of the beach!

1 upvotescameroneill3 years ago

Fun fact: The victim of that assault has had some 'interesting' run-ins with the police. (That doesn't change the truth of your post.)

3 upvotesobama_loves_nsa [OP]3 years ago

Holy Shit! Well I'll be damned. I guess I'm a feminist now. /s

No seriously though, what a dumb ass. But in context of the drone only, the girl had no business attacking him then threatening to tell the cops he assaulted her.

2 upvotesarul203 years ago

"Child porn" was found after the phone had been in police custody for a really long time. Bear that in mind. Seems like there is a campaign to crucify this guy.

1 upvotesgrachuss3 years ago

Yes the double standard is real, but god damn what a fucking pussy. He could have just fought back, then booked it.

1 upvotesKarmaKingKong3 years ago

How would you record yourself at all times?

2 upvotesobama_loves_nsa [OP]3 years ago

Literally track yourself with a drone hovering above you. No, just a couple simple things like:

  • Have a phone ready near your hands.
  • Stay in lit public areas when around people.
  • Be around other people(witnesses).
  • Never be alone with a woman you obviously don't trust like this bitch
1 upvotesAceBenedict233 years ago

This makes my blood fucking boil...I would have lost it. Nothing and no one could have stopped me from inflicting some gender equality on that psychotic bitch. People like that deserve to die period.

1 upvotesTryDoingSomethingNew3 years ago

I don't know why exactly but I'm getting better and better at seeing patterns in people's behavior, and common factors.

Notice anything in the majority of these cases?

Common factors:

  • White woman
  • Middle class
  • Behavior implies a life without struggle or discipline
  • Narcissism traits
  • Liar
  • Victim is male, and one who is beta/perceived as passive, weak
  • Looks not to avoid conflict, but seems to almost seek it out

It gives a lot of clues as a woman's sense of entitlement, personality disorder(s), and underlying lack of empathy for other human beings.

Not always white women, but seems to be a significant number of women who are "troublemakers" are. In other words, raised to be real, honest bitches in the worst sense of the word and are toxic.

1 upvotesMentORPHEUS3 years ago

The kid showed incredible restraint. I'd have bitten her finger in two when she fish-hooked my mouth.

I loved the way he cried "Please stop assaulting me!" in a victim-y voice, but made a wry smile at the camera where she couldn't see.

When being assaulted by a woman, it's helpful to collect defensive wounds- scratches on your forearms for example.

1 upvotesherewegoaga1n3 years ago

Some guy died in jail because the (false) accusation was so heinous he ended up getting beaten to death with consent of the guards. These bitches will kill you.

1 upvotesmightythickdick3 years ago

She needn't have worried. The only people observing her would be marine biologists curious as to why she left her pod and beached herself.

1 upvotestman4133 years ago

SCOOOTER BOYYYYY this dude is a legend on CCSU campus lmao

1 upvotesben0wn4g33 years ago

Women are do fucking crazy that if you beat a girl and said she was fucking crazy most men would actually believe you because... Women are fucking crazy and that's far more likely.

0 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Why doesn't he restrain her? He acted really weak here.

20 upvotesReddittFeist3 years ago

Unfortunately, if the cops or witnesses see you, the guy, hitting a girl in self defense, or even just holding her down to stop her hitting you you will be the one arrested

If you get assaulted by a woman, start recording with your smartphone, and just get out of there if you can.

Do not ever retaliate.

Take a look at this article about a woman who got a man arrested by lying about him spitting on her. But he had recorded the incident, and his recording showed she had spit on him.


24 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I bench far in excess of 315 pounds, i curl 80 lb bells doing bell curls. Trust me, I'm a lawyer in Florida, I am not fighting back, I am not restraining her unless she puts me in a position to fear for my life or some serious harm. She wants to sit on me and restrain me, and I know I have video rolling. I'm going to tell her to stop repeatedly and express the pain and torment she's causing (complete BS but you have to make it look good for the camera for the follow-up lawsuit). If I resist and her weak body is injured by my resistance, guess who's going to jail bro? My ass. Because the cops are going to look at me, someone who gets accused of using roids regularly, and her, and decide that I'm somehow the aggressor. Or even if I wasn't the aggressor, I caused her more harm than she caused me and thus why I should be going to jail. If you can't legally kill your attacker, you are in a tough spot unless you have video footage and witnesses on your side. If you can legally kill your attacker, then fucking kill your attacker, show no mercy, so it's your word against a dead person. That's who justice often works.

6 upvotesNotMyBestEffort3 years ago

Just curious... how much is "far in excess of 315 pounds" ?

2 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I've been lifting since I was fourteen, I'm 31. It's immense and no one believes it till they see it.

5 upvotesofficerkondo3 years ago

I'm a Florida lawyer, too. I'll see and believe. Or, just tell us the number.

1 upvotesplenkton3 years ago

High school football players often lift ~290.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

I was on the wrestling team (varsity) as well as the weight lifting team.

1 upvotesplenkton3 years ago

What I'm saying is that your bench better for 405+ to seem impressive- which is quite far from 315.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

It is, I do reverse benching on a squat rack and high volume lifts on decline, flat, and incline. Sometimes using smith presses, sometimes just straight free weigh.

1 upvotes • [deleted] • 3 years ago

Maybe linemen who are going D1 or D2

4 upvotesdkcs3 years ago

He was just a 17 y.o. kid. This was an adult assaulting a child (under law). Hell, even at 17 I knew women could get away with murder and through years of brainwashing that a man never hits a woman he probably didn't know what else to do.

-1 upvotestallwheel3 years ago

I remember this. Why is there a new post about this old-ass video? There was probably a post in this subreddit about it when this was actually a newly viral video that was going around. If there wasn't, then we really look super-late to the party on this one.

Seriously, why is this garbage post upvoted here? This is better fodder for pussypass or maybe mensrights or MGTOW .... when it was actually a new thing.

(I know I'm going to be downvoted for being a negative nancy, but someone needed to say it. This material is too old and too already known to be acting like it is a new thing people haven't seen already.)

-18 upvotesp00pey3 years ago

MGTOW sub called, they want their schtick back!

0 upvotesobama_loves_nsa [OP]3 years ago

Definitely not a MGTOW post. Even though this particular chump might go mgtow unless he grows up and starts lifting soon.

I would have been more open about it and given her a tour of my 'drone' and she'd be asking if she could fly my 'drone' back at her condo over a drink. :^ ) (well not this particular girl. a bit too chunky for my taste)

-18 upvotesReddittFeist3 years ago

Unfortunately, the drone and privacy issue isn't black & white.

Looking at it from the perspective of women, a perennial issue on the beach is creepers with cameras going around photographing women, in particular trying to get crotch shots. I've seen them, but don't do any vigilantism. Report it to the lifeguards. If the lifeguards can't get the guy to stop they call in the cops.

I can see why women could get antsy about a guy with a drone over the beach, no matter how legal what he's doing is.

From the drone footage the guy had, though, it was clear he kept it at high altitude doing scenery and wasn't causing a nusiance flying it low around the beach grabbing bikini shots.

Sometimes a creeper really is using the drone to perve on chicks in bikinis, though.

A judge in Kentucky dismissed charges against a guy who shot down a drone that came in to get a view of his underage daughter sunbathing in the back yard.


Note though, that the dad specifically waited until the drone came onto his property before he took action. Different from the chick on the beach's vigilantism.

17 upvotesfingerboxes3 years ago

If you are in public (In the US, at least), you have no reasonable expectation of privacy.

I'm reasonably (though not 100%) certain that 'perving' and 'creeping' is not actually a crime unless it is done in a context where the subject has the reasonable expectation of privacy.

The specific example you mentioned was an incident that occurred on public property, which is different (though arguably, you don't actually own the airspace rights to your property in most cases, so...)

11 upvotesgetbackdownhere3 years ago

Actually, you got fooled by the media and the shooter's lies about his daughter.

The owner of the drone shot down in kentucky recovered both flight video and GPS telemetry logs that proved he was passing by the house at 100 feet up when it was shot.

The female judge refused to consider this evidence when she was swayed by the "my daughter in a bikini" argument.

2 upvotesReddittFeist3 years ago

Actually, in this case I wasn't fooled at all. I looked up the guy's posts about the incident, and the aggression is palpable even in his writing. He's a hostile bully, who as far as I can tell will go to great lengths to cow people into submitting to his will. Him showing up with 3 other guys to threaten the dad was just the start of this guy's aggression.

He's also socially uncalibrated. Seems to be completely oblivious to the fact that people are going to resent being videorecorded from above in their back yards. Keeps yammering on about height, FDA rules, laws about damaging property, without getting that being a creeper is going to draw a reaction from people.

He was probably the worst witness the prosecution could have had to make their case, if he displayed the same nasty attitude in court that he did online. Judges hate having morons like this appear in front of them.

The daughter and a neighbor both testified that the kid was outside sunbathing, that the drone was below the treeline. There was no chain of custody maintained on the bully's drone data.

Also, this guy Boggs first claimed his drone was more than 200' above Meridenth's property, then changed it to 193', but the damage to the drone from the shotgun was inconsistent with it being that far away.

I don't believe the guy, and the judge was right not to either.

1 upvotesgetbackdownhere3 years ago

So, let me see if I understand your reasoning.

A quadcopter pilot is asked by his friend to take photo / video of friend's home. Said pilot launches his quadcopter from an empty lot across the street and as he is approaching his destination, a wild redneck appears and blasts the quadcopter out of the sky with his shotgun.

The pilot, who has just been the victim of a crime, and is staring at his $1500 quadcopter in pieces on the ground, calls the police only to have the wild redneck lie about what happened, accuse the pilot of being a perv, and the story makes national news.

And your reasoning is that since the pilot is upset about this situation, he's obviously a creeper.

Oh, and he must have faked the video, too. And the matching telemetry logs.

Damn you are definitely the mainstream media's target demographic.

1 upvotesReddittFeist3 years ago

'And your reasoning is that since the pilot is upset about this situation, he's obviously a creeper.'

Nah, my reasoning is that since the guy acts like a raving bully, and seems to be unable to "get" that flying a drone over people's back yards with a camera will upset them, he's a creeper.

To paraphrase Tom Hanks "creepy is as creepy does"

0 upvotesGolden_Dawn3 years ago

Still, you don't fly a drone over other peoples property unless you're looking for a severe ass kicking. And to lose your drone.

5 upvotesdkcs3 years ago

Unfortunately, the drone and privacy issue isn't black & white.

Yes it is. It was not up to her to decide if what he was doing was illegal or perverted or whatever. If she didn't feel comfortable with him there filming then her option was to call the cops who would have come talked to the kid. As simple as that...

3 upvotesstawek3 years ago

If you come out on the beach and wear a bikini you consent to people looking at you.

Does not matter whether they are a model or a neckbeard creep.

-12 upvotesonmyownpath3 years ago

If you notice at about 2:10 his zipper is down! I bet he was flying the drone with his hand in his pants beating off LOL

First he was beating himself, then she helped him.

Still doesn't justify the double standard.

0 upvotesonmyownpath3 years ago

What kind of mother fuckers downvote me into oblivion for noticing his zipper is down? Fags.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

5 upvotestallwheel3 years ago

That's a pretty ironic comment considering the linked video. This is about a woman who attacked a man without good reason, and then played the victim. And you're here to tell us that we are playing victim by talking about it? I think you need your head adjusted.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

1 upvotestallwheel3 years ago

Well, in the case of this video, the beginning of the problem was a woman who thought men were out to get her. That's pretty representative of the whole issue IMO. We didn't start the war. Feminists convinced women that men were all out to get them, and those women begged the "good men" to protect them. Now, thanks to all that, men do have to be careful not to anger the wrong woman who will summon white knights to her defense. A guy can seriously have his life fucked up by these people.

upvotes50 years ago

[permanently deleted]

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